Cooking up a storm in the kitchen has its downsides. The splatter of the tadka, the haldi and spice stains, not to mention the greasy cabinet handles, can all mar the beauty of any kitchen.  

But let’s face it. We can’t do without our oils and spices. Plus, the accumulated grime can attract bacteria and pests. So, what can you do? Don’t worry; Homelane has compiled a how-to-clean kitchen laminates list for you to follow. Let’s begin!Kitchen laminates clean process

The Right Cleaning Agents are Essential 

Cleaning agents need not necessarily come from a grocery store. Household products such as vinegar, baking soda, microfibre towels and cleaning gloves are all you need to clean your kitchen laminates. Also, one glove doesn’t fit all, so identify the surface you want to clean before you begin. Each surface may need a different type of cleaning agent to become sparkling clean. 

products for cleaning your kitchen laminate

Regular Clean-Up Sessions are Important

Cleaning routines get simpler when you regularly address stains and grease on your kitchen laminates. This doesn’t mean you start scouring your kitchen laminates once a day. However, a wipe-down with a multi-purpose cleanser every week is ideal.

After spraying the kitchen laminates, wipe off the area with a microfibre cloth. This helps ward off the buildup of grime and dirt. You can carry out your in-depth seasonal cleaning twice a year. For that, you need to do the following:

  • Empty the kitchen cabinets. This can be done piecemeal or in one go, as emptying the cabinets and putting everything back is daunting if you don’t have help.

  • Next, dab your cleaning cloth into a mild cleaning solution and wring off excess water.

  • Wipe off the insides of the cabinet first. While they are drying, you can attack the outside kitchen laminates, where there may be staining.

  • A toothbrush is a handy tool to tackle the corners and crevices of your kitchen cabinets.

cleaning stains and grease on kitchen laminate

How to Clean Different Types Of Stains 

Are stains on your kitchen laminates bothering you? Various materials can stain your kitchen laminates, the most common being grease, fingerprints and food. Let’s take a look at how to tackle each of these:

Water stains: Hard water stains can be annoying to remove from kitchen laminates. To clean these stains, try distilled water. Mix equal parts of olive oil and vinegar for wooden cabinets in your L-shaped modular kitchen. Apply this mixture to the stain using a cloth. Wipe off by following the wood grains until it’s clean.

 Fingerprints: A 50:50 solution of vinegar and water is the perfect way to get rid of fingerprints on kitchen laminates. Buff clean using a soft cloth.

Food stains: The best thing to do is tackle food stains immediately after they occur before they become set on your kitchen laminates. You can wipe off these stains using a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, apply a paste of baking soda and water to the stain. Now polish the area clean with a soft cloth.

Grease stains: Worried about grease stains on your kitchen laminates? Use diluted vinegar. You may need to repeat this step if the stains are stubborn. types of stains on kitchen laminate

Cleaning Painted Kitchen Laminate Cabinets

So, how to clean your painted laminate cabinets in your straight modular kitchen?

Mix two parts of baking soda with one part of water. Dab a bit of this paste on the stains and let it sit for a while; wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. Diluted ammonia solution with microfibre cloth works too.   

cleaning painted kitchen laminate cabinets

Cleaning Laminated Surfaces 

Kitchen laminates are one of the easiest surfaces to clean. They require very little maintenance and can be wiped off weekly to keep them pristine. You can use diluted vinegar or an all-purpose cleaning solution for your in-depth cleaning. Avoid scratching the kitchen laminates with knives or abrasive scrub pads.

A pencil eraser will do the trick for shoe scuff marks at the bottom of kitchen cabinets. cleaning laminated surfaces


Buying new kitchen laminates for your u-shaped modular kitchen isn’t as easy as buying a few cooking pots. So the next best thing is to wipe your kitchen laminates down every few days to keep them looking as good as new. If you still long for new cabinetry, try HomeLane for some interesting ideas. Read more such interesting articles on kitchen laminates on the HomeLane blog today!


1. How do you clean gloss laminate kitchen cabinets?

Take a microfibre cloth and wipe off fingerprints. For deep cleaning, use a soft cloth and water to wipe off the surface. Avoid chemical cleaners.

2. How do you remove grease from laminate cabinets?

Diluted vinegar should do the job. If the stains are stubborn, repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

3. Which liquid is used to clean kitchen laminates?

You can use all-purpose cleaning fluids, or better yet, try diluted vinegar to do the job.

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