Your bedroom is the one place where you’re bound to spend time–be it at night or during the day. Depending on the natural light streaming in, you may need a mix and match of lights to cater to your needs–whether it is for reading, sleeping in, or just enjoying some much-needed downtime. In this blog, we will deep dive into understanding how you can incorporate layered lighting in your room using accentambient, and task lighting options.

Idea 1: Led Lights for Rooms Are Never a Bad Idea!

Take a look at this bedroom in a luxury loft apartment. The atmosphere is super chill, all thanks to the strategic use of the blue LED lights placed all around the room. If you like low-key lighting within your bedroom, go for this kind of set-up. It is easy to execute and is a cost-friendly alternative as well. You’ll benefit from energy savings, and the bedroom will always give off a cool, sombre vibe!

Idea 2: A Cosy Bedroom With Ambient Lighting Can Never Go Wrong

Fairy lights in any bedroom interior are always a winning hack, particularly during winter. You can always accentuate different parts of the bedroom with fair lights used in various forms. For instance, take a look at the image above. The use of fairy lights on the ladder instantly lights up that corner. Plus, adding a side lamp on the other end of the room and a hanging lamp on top gives this bedroom a super comfy and cosy vibe.

Idea 3: A Modern Lighting Set Up for a Big Bedroom

This master bedroom is truly inspirational for the different kinds of lighting used. The spotlights on top lend enough light during the night. The master stroke is installing a light at the bottom of the bed. It creates a soothing vibe, perfect for a chill night in or late-night party with your close friends. You can always experiment with the bulb’s colour and brightness to create a varied look.

Idea 4: Neon Bedroom Lights for a Hipster Vibe!

If you are looking for a slightly more youngish, hipster vibe, take a look at the image above. This bedroom looks like a scene straight from the new “Stranger Things” episode. The use of purple and pink neon lights gives it warmth and makes the space look inviting. Even though the designer goes for a subdued and fancier form of lighting, the room is well-lit, functional, and creates a restful environment.

Idea 5: Layered Lighting in a Modern Bedroom

Here’s another excellent example of layered general lighting, particularly if you have a modern master bedroom interior. The wall on top of the bed doubles up as a statement corner for the bedroom. It lays the foundation for essential lighting within your room. The addition of a contemporary style chandelier perfectly complements the spotlights and lights up this room beautifully. Note that the lighting that is achieved through artificial fixtures on the ceiling (think: chandeliers, pendant lights, etc.) are all forms of ambient lighting.

Idea 6: Warm Yellow Lights for a Comfy Vibe

The Edison light bulbs you see on this exposed wall are an example of artificial lighting that’s used to build a specific kind of ambience within the bedroom (an environment of comfort and cosiness in this case). Instead of going all out on light fixtures for your ceiling, it makes sense to use ambient floor lighting such as portable floor lamps. If you do not need bright and focused light for your bedroom, this layered lighting is the way to go.

Idea 7: A Cocktail of Lights for Diverse Lighting Needs

This modern bedroom in a luxury loft apartment gets many things right–the use of a stone pine bed with red led lighting and wall lamps build a laid-back yet party vibe. Using task lights on either side of the bed allows you to do activities that need focused lighting, such as reading books, working, etc. The use of red lighting under the bed is a form of ambient lighting that makes this bedroom feel casual and relaxed–all at the same time.

Idea 8: Luxurious Lighting for an Antique Look and Feel

Another fantastic example of the proper use of lighting is shown above. This luxurious room in an old antique building uses task, accent, and ambient lighting in equal measure. The floor lamp lights up that cosy corner. The spotlights (aka task lights) right next to the pillow allow you to engage in relaxing nighttime reading. The accent light below the bedside table draws attention, lights up the space, and gives off a pleasant glow.

There you go. With a little creative thinking, the right use of lighting options, and the flick of a switch, you can set the right mood for your room. The goal should be to create a healthy balance–too much lighting can become excessive and headache-inducing, and too little of it can strain your eyes. For more valuable tips on lighting and home decor, visit HomeLane.

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