There is nothing quite like an old-world charm when you are thinking of decorating your bedroom. Antique bedroom furniture can transport your back in time, with its charming vintage look, the jacquard prints, and the quaint mirror frames. Choosing the right pieces for your room can be an exciting journey, once you get the hang of it. The most exhilarating part of this amazing ride is that you need not buy matching pieces to add to your collection. A mismatched piece can add a quirky twist to your decorating story!

Feeling nostalgic? Let’s look at some of the quaint ideas you can use to decorate that special space.

Getting Started!

Getting the right furniture is not difficult, if you know where to look. Authentic vintage bedroom furniture can be very expensive, but second-hand furniture stores and furniture scrap merchants may have interesting pieces if you know what you are looking for. With a bit of sprucing, your piece will look as good as new!

Choosing the Perfect Bed!

The focal point of a bedroom is always the bed, and that is where you should start. There are many styles to choose from; you can opt for metal frames, carved headboards, or the majestic four-poster. Four-posters can overwhelm a small space, so avoid them unless you have a large room. If you possess the yen for a four-poster look, opt for a bed with tall bedposts. Once you have the bed in place, you can work around it and add side tables and accessories.

A large bed will take up a lot of room and may not allow freedom of movement; so, before you make your selection, it’s best to measure the area so you know what size will fit your room.

Go for the Unexpected; When Selecting Side Tables!

Indulge your whimsy! Unlike the contemporary look, where there is symmetry, a vintage look gives you the liberty to do the unexpected; a quirky treasure chest or an antiquated drum as side-tables are some radical ideas. Other options for a side-table are a chest of drawers, a small bookcase or even a desk!

Symmetry can ruin a good look. So, if you have a desk on one side of your bed, opt for a unique side-table with a lamp on the other side.

A Dresser Need Not be Conventional

Antiquated dressers can differ in style and design, depending on the period they come from. In the olden days, a chest of drawers with a gilded mirror frame on top sufficed. Dressers with three-way mirrors caught the imagination in the early 1900s as they showed the sides of the body as well. You can opt for a dresser with drawers, or a standalone mirror with a gilded frame, to up your game.

You Need Not Take it All the Way

Sometimes, you can overdo your décor with too many antique furniture pieces. A modern piece added to the mix can be intriguing. A printed throw on your contemporary bed will complement the antique side tables perfectly. Once you add a vintage mirror and a few dated items to the room, you will get the desired look without spending a bomb.

Repurposing Existing Furniture

If your budget strings are tight, have no fear. You can repurpose your existing furniture to get the desired look, without breaking the bank. Unbelievable? Here’s how to go about it!

  • A headboard, made of applique work quilts, framed embroidered samplers, or store-bought printed cloth will give your modern bed a vintage appeal.
  • Cut a piece of strawboard or heavy cardboard in the desired shape and cover it with patterned wallpaper to make a headboard that will be the envy of the neighbourhood!
  • Old metal trunks, painted in complementary colours are perfect as side tables. To make it more interesting, stack one on top of the other.
  • A few lacy throw pillows on your bed will add vintage charm to your room.
  • Patterned wallpaper can transform your room in a matter of hours! Using the print all over can get overwhelming, so stick to the accent wall.
  • Sometimes, a splash of bright tones adds just the right touch for a vintage ambiance. However, use it sparingly, so as not to overpower the room.

Your Bedroom Need Not have a Feminine Look

Talking of prints and lace can be daunting for men who are hunting for the right pieces for their room. However, you can rest assured, a vintage look need not look feminine. Go for a gender-neutral appeal with shades of moss green, soft tan, or teal. A rustic headboard gives the room the right touch, without making it overpoweringly feminine. Throw cushions that have checkered patterns work well in this setup. Yes, you can safely add a bit of floral print to the room!

Not getting into the groove? In-house designers at Homelane will be happy to guide you through your exciting journey with their vintage bedroom furniture designs. With their expertise, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands!

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