Here’s a question: What does your bedroom mean to you?

Tough question, right?

We all know that it’s important to get the bedroom décor just right. After all, this is an environment for rest, sleep and relaxation. That’s why the best bedroom interiors are comfortable as well as functional.

In India, there are many bedroom design choices, from traditional to minimal. We’ve put together 20 of the best tips and ideas for you to create the bedroom of your dreams.

1. Let the Light In

To help you rest, bedrooms should be dimly-lit and quiet at night. During the day, however, you shouldn’t ignore the need for natural light. Keep windows unobstructed and position furniture accordingly. Naturally, you also need proper curtains for the times you need some shade.

Natural light in bedroom

2. Make the Bed a Style Statement

A bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, and it’s also a great way to add style. While you can select from platform beds to traditional four-posters, keep in mind that the size, shape, and material should match the rest of the room.

Four-poster bed

3. Don’t Forget Storage

Many Indian bedrooms need to optimise for size; otherwise, they will look cluttered and messy. Think of easy space-saving solutions such as built-in cupboards, recessed shelves, and custom-built drawers. Other solutions are floating shelves and beds with storage options.

Under bed storage

4. Covers and Cushions

A bedroom’s colour scheme can be as soothing or dramatic as you like. It’s not just the walls: bedcovers and cushions go a long way in providing colour accents. For best results, choose a combination with a dominant shade for the walls, and match your bed linen to this.

Cushions and pillows to add colour

5. Keeping It Simple

Good interiors are never cluttered. This is especially important when it comes to restful places such as bedrooms. You should be ruthless in removing anything that belongs elsewhere. After that, daily-use items can be organised in bowls, baskets and small chests.

Organised interiors

6. Dressing Table Ideas

Why settle for conventional dressing tables when you can make a choice depending on the space and your vision? You can go for strategically-placed cabinets, built-in tables with statement chairs, or even carved wooden tables for a Victorian vibe.Dressing table ideas

7. Add Some Drama

Your bedroom can be as dramatic and stylish as you like. An accent wall adds mood and mystery, and black walls with wall hangings make a bohemian statement. Even small touches like gilded mirrors and unusual patterns will stand out.

Add drama in bedroom interiors

8. Let Furniture Do More than One Job

When space is at a premium, it’s a good idea to think of multi-function furniture. A bedside table can be a small cabinet, or a bookcase can have a fold-out table, for example.

Multipurpose furniture

9. Create Space with Mirrors

Carefully-placed mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space. They magnify natural light, break visual clutter, and expand walls. You can even group together a series of small mirrors on a wall to create an aesthetically-pleasing effect.

Create space with mirrors

10. Welcome Nature Indoors

Plants make any bedroom green and fresh. They can be placed outside windows or in decorative pots on floors and tables. Some Indian plants that are perfect for bedrooms are lilies, lavender and ferns.

Add indoor plants

11. Headboard Ideas

Many beds already come with headboards, and you can even add one to a simple bed. This is a great way to introduce a touch of class. Depending on the décor, headboards could be sleek and chic, metallic, or even covered with velvet.

Headboard designs

12. Add Style with Rugs

Rugs will make your bedroom soothing and comfortable. They can be geometric, plain or traditionally Indian, but they should not be too large because they are best positioned around the bed.

Rugs for bedrooms

13. Ceilings Don’t Have to Be Boring

When lying in bed, the ceiling you’re gazing at can be fashionable, too. For example, you can go for ultra-glossy finishes, ceilings with gypsum boards, and false ceilings with decorative moulds and recessed lights.

Ceiling ideas

14. Art and Photographs

Framed photographs and paintings turn your bedroom into a truly personal space. This will turn an entire wall, or a part of it, into an arresting sight. You can also place small statuettes and other objets d’art in discreet corners.

Add art to your bedroom

15. Use Traditional Elements

You can introduce a traditional look into your bedroom with materials such as rattan, jute, or raw silk. These can be used for rugs and curtains, as well as tables and wall hangings.

Add natural materials to your bedroom

16. Seating Options

You shouldn’t neglect places to sit in the bedroom. Why not create cosy sitting areas with accent chairs? Or, place a recliner and stools to make the bedroom a place you’ll never want to leave.

Accent chairs for bedroom

17. The Rule of Three

In interior décor, the rule of three refers to the principle that objects arranged in odd numbers look more appealing. In your bedroom, put this into effect with flower pots, framed photographs or even cushions.

Rule of three in decor

18. Introduce a Little Luxury

Even the simplest bedrooms can be made more luxurious with small touches. For example, you could use soft throw pillows, stylish drapes or a bold statement piece such as a study table or floor lamp.

Throws or stylish drapes for bedroom

19. Shelves That Make Sense

It’s important to make the best use of shelves, especially in smaller bedrooms. This will look sleek as well as increase storage space. Make use of corners and alcoves as well as the spaces adjoining the bed. Narrow book towers and corner bookcases are great ways to store reading material.

Shelves in bedroom

20. Make It Easy to Read

If you like to read in bed, don’t ignore reading lights that create the right environment. Wall sconces above the bed will look chic and save space. There also are a variety of bedside table lamps that can enhance any décor.

Bedside table lamp

For more ideas on how to create the perfect bedroom, we urge you to book a free design session with the interior decor experts at HomeLane. Whether it’s your bedroom or any other room in your house, we’ll show you ways to make your dream interiors come to life.

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