Minimalism in interior decor has become a coveted trend. Everyone wants to embrace a minimalist lifestyle but most people tend to go about it the wrong way–particularly when it comes to infusing minimalism characteristics in your home. For an inspiring collection of minimalism ideas for Indian houses, keep reading.

1. Keep Your Living Room Simple and Elegant

Instead of having bulky sofas and a huge centre table, take inspiration from the idea shown here. You’ve got a comfortable low-seating area with a sleek coffee table that gives this living room an airy vibe. The addition of green plants adds vibrancy and freshness while the use of cane and jute wall hangings gives it an ‘au-naturel’ look. The overall aesthetics are pleasing to the eye and adds layers of character to the space.

keep living room simple

2. The Minimal Ethnic Look for a Modern Home

If you’re someone who loves all things traditional and ethnic, consider the interior design idea shown above. The use of a gorgeous antique swing and chair instantly transports the person into an era of grandeur and subtle opulence. This is a classic example of a Sakheda-style furniture, which is wildly popular in Gujarat. Traditionally, coloured in bright shades of maroon and gold, this furniture is now being adopted to shades of black (as shown above), blue, copper, silver, green, ivory, and burgundy. For a minimal look in your home, this furniture style is ideal.

ethnic look for modern home

3. Quirky Decor Pieces for the Win

Another hack that works wonderfully well with minimalism is using statement decor accents and pieces to add style to your living room. Consider this bright gold chair with mustard yellow velour pillows and a golden bird sculpture, which adds tons of modern character to this otherwise basic living room. The strategic use of velour pillows and a colourful, boho-inspired ethno vase with fresh greens is a perfect example of elegance personified. When it comes to injecting minimalism into space, the right kind of simple decor accents can completely transform the space (as we can see above).

quirky decor pieces

4. A Black and White Color Combination Is Ideal for Creating a Minimalism Vibe

If you’re someone who loves monotones or dual tones, consider this living room in black and white shades. Nearly, every element you see here is in the white and black tone and goes perfectly well with the grey sofa and pouf. The decor items are sleek and simple, giving off an industrial vibe. The real beauty lies in the attention to detail. For instance, the marcamé hangings make the wall look complete. Other items worth noticing include the wire baskets, coat hangers, and bookshelves, which make the space inviting and ‘cool.’

black and white

5. Abstract Art Pieces and Vases Make the Perfect Minimalism Combo

If you’re looking to create a minimalist concept of home decor with as little effort as possible, the image shown above can come in handy. The abstract painting on the wall and the circular ceramic vase on the table are eye-catching objects that exude elegance and sophistication. To add a ‘natural’ element to this look, a rattan chair has been ingeniously used. This example is an ideal blend of Japanese and Indian elements used in great moderation.

abstract art pieces

6. Multi-Purpose Furniture is the Basics of Minimalism

Minimalism demands you to think outside the box and reuse items of furniture in various ways. For instance, a simple block of wooden cube furniture becomes a side table for your living room. The same piece can also turn into a pouf if you place comfortable and appropriately sized floor cushions on top. To align with the room’s minimal look, you can use fresh, in-season flowers in a transparent vase, abstract sculptures, comfortable throw pillows, and a snuggly blanket. The use of industrial-style black pendant light with Edison bulbs completes the look.

multi purpose furniture

7. Boho-Inspired Rooms Are Warm, Inviting, and Celebrate Everyday Items with Great Joy

Personally, we love this boho-themed bedroom interior concept. After all, what’s not to love? You’ve got the textured wooden bedrest, the cane chairs, the jute planters with green plants on wheels, and a bench at the foot of the bed, instantly transporting you to the streets of Bali. The use of beige and off-white furnishings gives this room a summery vibe and creates the perfect cosy minimalism set-up for any home. You can add customized items of choice to give this room a personal touch and let it reflect your personality and taste in every nook and corner.

boho inspired

Adopting minimalism in your home interiors can be tricky. There’s a very fine line between going overboard or creating an underwhelming space. To help you get started on the right note, it makes sense to speak to an interior design specialist. Book a consultation with HomeLane and let’s get the conversation going.

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