There’s a lovely new home décor trend that’s making the rounds of Instagram and Pinterest right now, and it’s one that we’re sure you will love! How about a resort-style home upgrade that will make your feel like you’re on vacation all year long? Your relaxing holiday never has to end, if you incorporate a touch of the luxe life in your own home or apartment.

We’ve curated some Pinterest-worthy ideas to inspire you to transform your home into a property that’s right up there with the best resort in town! And these lovely ideas don’t require you to break the bank, either.

Go Bold with Wall Murals and Oversized Paintings

Most resorts use large paintings or wall murals as a focal point in every space, and plan the rest of the room around it. Put up an oversized piece of artwork, a mural or a photograph in your bedroom or living room, to create a pivotal point around which the rest of the room décor evolves. Choose impactful pieces that express your tastes and your personality. Here, the giant-sized leaf print is all the more striking, since it’s in muted black and white.

Incorporate Lush Greens Everywhere!

Even if you’re bang in the middle of the city with nary a tree in sight, incorporating lush, leafy plants in large pots will help to usher in the jungle feel. Make sure to keep large plants in a sunny spot, as moving them outside for a spot of sun would be a back-breaking task! Look for medium-sized palms, Monstera or Clumping Bamboo, and cluster them together to create the feel of a tropical oasis.

Upgrade the Bedroom

One of the loveliest things about going on holiday is the comfy mattress and crisp white sheets, with the bed made to perfection (by someone else) every day! Are your sheets and mattress crying out for a refresh? Invest in the finest crisp, white bedlinen that money can buy, and upgrade to a new, supportive mattress as well. Clear out all the clutter in your bedroom, hang up some lovely artwork, and leave table tops as bare as possible. Add indoor plants in pretty pots, and place a large vase of fresh cut blooms on your bedside table for a pop of colour.

Use Wickerwork Furniture

For the ultimate resort experience, swap out your furniture with airy, sun-kissed pieces in rattan, bamboo and wickerwork. Replace your curtains with lightweight white sheers that let the sunshine stream into your room. Don’t forget to add plenty of indoor greens, all in the prettiest raffia pots that you can lay your hands on. Take the look further with natural handloom fibres, jute rugs, macrame and reclaimed wood, and sit back to admire the trendy vacation vibe in your bedroom!

Invest in a Canopy Bed

A canopy bed with airy white curtains is all it takes to transport you to that exotic island resort you’ve always dreamed of! You can always tie the curtains back if you don’t like the hemmed-in feel at night. Shut out the stress of the outside world, and get some peaceful shut-eye in this gorgeous bedroom that’s all done up in pastels.

Use a Tropical Palette of Colours

Recreate your beach holiday by using a tropical colour palette—draw inspiration from the blue skies, aqua ocean and golden sandy beaches, and redo your living room in these vacation shades for a light, breezy look. Experiment with shades of taupe, pale gold, copper and emerald which blend well with your primary colours for an elegant aesthetic.

Use Jungle-Style Wallpaper

There’s no easier way to (literally!) put yourself in the middle of a rainforest, than by covering your walls with jungle-themed wallpaper. Think oversized leaves and endless jungles, ‘Avatar’ movie-style! If too much drama is not your thing, even a large biophilic print over the bed, or a mural in your living room, will serve to bring in the ambience without getting overwhelming.

Get the Mood Going, with Just the Right Lighting!

As any interior designer will tell you, your choice of lighting can make or break your home décor. Lighting can create a magical ambience —whether it’s in the way the shadows dance on the floor, or just how it fills a space with a lovely warm glow. Use soft, textured light fixtures that flatter your décor for a relaxed holiday vibe.

Set Up a Hammock

There’s nothing that screams ‘vacation’ quite as much as taking an afternoon nap on a hammock. And you don’t have to travel miles to get there, if you have your own hammock right at home! If you have a shady backyard, that’s great, but even a corner of your balcony or bedroom can be transformed into your private siesta corner.

Carve Out Space for a Mini-Bar

If you can find the time to relax at home with a long, cook drink in hand, you’re half the way to a holiday mood already! And you can make that happen by setting up your own mini bar right at home. If you don’t have the space for a full bar, even a bar cart or a fold-away bar will do.

Dine Out!

An alfresco dining nook is a must-have, if you are seeking the perfect staycation experience. Convert the terrace or deck into a cosy outdoor dining area with an all-weather dining table and weatherproof chairs. String up some fairy lights, set the music to low, and enjoy your own private romantic dine-out!

A tropical staycation is one of the best ways to inject a dose of fun into your humdrum life. We’re all in favour of a resort-style upgrade that helps to channel vacation vibes home, the whole year long! If you’re thinking a décor overhaul is just too much of trouble, it really isn’t—not when you have the HomeLane team by your side. Give us a call today.

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