Terrace decor is seldom a priority when it comes to home decor. It’s something you plan to decorate in the unforeseeable future. All you see is your laundry on a wire. Sigh. You paid extra to get your hands on this terraced property.

Terrace cover ideas are important for your home for many reasons. After all, your terrace is a great refuge when you want some ‘me-time.’ It’s also a stylish place to host parties for your friends. So, how to cover open terraces in India? There are quite a few interesting ways to amp up the look of your open terrace. Let’s take a walk through some of these great ideas.

A Gazebo for an Exotic Vibe

A gazebo is one of the best open terrace roof ideas to add charm to this space.

The top will give you enough protection from the elements, while the open sides will allow a scenic view of the skies and the area beyond.

Once you elevate your little nook, you can add a few couches and cushions for a comfortable retreat from the activity inside your home. A few fairy lights will do the rest.

gazebo open terrace

Wooden Slats for a Semi-shaded Area

Wooden slat roofing is definitely an idea you might want to consider when pondering how to cover open terraces in India.

This covered terrace idea creates a cosy area that’s ideal for your barbeque parties, your Sunday morning coffee, or just lazing around with a can of beer at the end of a tiring day.

A few hanging baskets, some potted plants, and a few bird feeders can also bring the joy of nature to your doorstep.

wooden slats for a semi-shaded area

Glass Roofing

If you’re surrounded by incredible views, why not get a glass roof terrace in India? Plus, a tempered glass roof is perfect if you want openness and protection from the rain.

Support the glass roofing with wooden beams and slats for a natural vibe. Some cane furniture, slate or cotta stone flooring, and tall plants can add style and charm to your terrace.

glass roofing

Let the Theme of Your Home Decor Seep into Your Terrace

Space is a precious commodity, and the best way to add extra space to your living room is by letting your covered terrace mimic your home’s decor.

You can use wooden slats to cover the top. Let the wooden paneling run down the sidewall of your terrace for continuity. A few couches and chairs will complete your look.

If you have frequent live-in guests, a diwan is a great solution for this space. What’s more romantic than sleeping with the magnificent view of a star-lit sky?

When deciding how to cover open terraces in India, one of the simplest solutions is to add an umbrella to the mix.

You can opt for a centre rod attachment or go the cantilever way. The advantage of the cantilever contraption is that you get to cover a lot more area.

A few comfortable chairs and a table will give your terrace the right touch.

wooden paneling open tarrace

Go Rustic

Rattan, bamboo, or wood are a great way to give your terrace a rustic vibe. You can add bamboo furniture, wicker, or wrought iron plant holders to the mix for your rustic decor. String fairy lights on your beams for a surreal feel.

Black metal poles are the perfect combination for this gorgeous look.rustic terrace

Do It with Beams

One of the best modern designs to consider when contemplating how to cover open terraces in India are heavy-duty railway sleepers.

These make for magnificent open terrace covering ideas. You can let the sun stream in or cover the top with bamboo or rattan. The impact is magical when you let these wooden beams run their course down the sides.

You can pair this look with wooden or stone flooring for a unified decor. Deck it up with many tall plants to add to the look.terrace covering idea

Do It with Corrugated Sheets or Plastic

A plastic sheet stretched over a wooden structure can help keep the rain at bay. A few cosy sofas and a centre table will add charm to your terrace. Introduce lots of plants to the mix, and add some fancy light fixtures.

A few recliners would be great if you want to look at the starry sky when you’re bit by the romantic bug.plastic sheet stretched

Try Out Shade Sails

Shade sails make for a reliable terrace cover design. By installing them to cover your terrace, you can enjoy nature’s beauty and make great use of your terrace without being bothered by the summer heat or rain.

Shade sails come in three designs – triangular, rectangular, and square. So, while installing them with sturdy supporting poles, you can go for either the same design throughout or a combination of the three designs for your terrace.

A tip for when you’re contemplating how to cover open terraces in India: Opt for multicoloured shade sails that match or contrast your terrace decor – these will make your space look lively and attractive!

covered terrace ideas

Awnings Are Great Too

Still perplexed about how to cover open terraces in India? Retractable awnings are a great choice when all else fails.

You can retract them when you wish or leave them. A breakfast table would work well in this scenario. Or you can set up a few recliners for lazy Sunday mornings.

Ceramic tiles are perfect for this style. You can try terracotta tiles or even wooden flooring for a rustic look. Don’t forget to add plenty of plants to the mix!

open terrace roof ideas


If you have a roomy terrace, you’re probably excited about decking up your space in style. However, if these terrace covering ideas are not to your liking, you can check with homelane.com for more tips and tricks.


1. How Do You Cover an Open Terrace?

You can choose from numerous terrace covering ideas, including canopying it with a gazebo, awning, wooden slats, glass roofing, umbrella, shade sails, corrugated sheets, or beams.

You can install an awning, glass roofing, etc., with the help of wooden or metal pillars or poles. All these give your terrace a modern look, and some even protect it from inclement weather.

2. How Do You Protect an Open Terrace from Rain?

Rain can be a huge problem when you have an open terrace. Rainwater can accumulate and ruin your furniture, besides preventing you from relaxing and enjoying the view of nature.

This is especially the case when you live somewhere that experiences torrential monsoons. If you’re worried about how to cover terraces from rain in India, start by installing a gazebo, plastic sheets, glass roofing, etc., supported by beams or slats. In addition, you can use a textile cover to protect your terrace and plants from heavy rain.

3. How Do You Close an Open Balcony?

The most common way to close an open balcony is by using wooden shutters. This way, you can choose when to let the natural heat and light enter your balcony.

Another way is to install frosted glass panels to cover your balcony, the kind through which you can see outside, but people outside your home can’t see its interiors.

Besides these two, you can install an elongated canopy, wall-mounted awnings, metallic sheaths, high railings, etc., to close your open balcony.

4. How Do You Cover a Balcony for Safety?

Safety is crucial whenever it comes to covering a balcony. Fortunately, there are many accident-proof balcony designs to choose from to protect your balcony.

Some of these options include installing wire mesh, grills, plexiglass, plastic shields, and high railings with gaps of not more than 4 inches.

In case your balcony railings have a gap of more than 4 inches, you can install additional spindles and slats to cover your balcony for safety.

5. How Do You Cover a Wind/Windy Balcony?

To cover a windy balcony, you can install a bamboo windscreen, reed fences, glass walls, potted plants, roller shades, etc. All these protect from wind and bad weather without compromising the exteriors of your home.

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