The inventor of under bed storage is nothing short of a magician. You can store a wide variety of things–from toys and extra clothes to shoes and bedding, you name it. If you are looking to maximise your bedspace, without compromising on the aesthetics or style, this guide is for you.

Idea 1: Wooden Drawers for the Win!

One of the best uses of a bed is having rolling wooden drawers beneath, as shown here. You can use this ‘free’ space to store useful things that take up a lot of extra space, such as your bedsheets, extra pillow covers, seasonal clothes, and so on.

Idea 2: Wicker Baskets Always Come in Handy

Depending on the kind of space you have under your bed, you can buy beautiful wicker baskets and place them under your bed, as shown above. These baskets don’t occupy too much space and yet can readily store a variety of paraphernalia and everyday items.

Keep in mind that this style works well if your under bed storage space is visible at a glance. This means that the storage organisers or bins you choose should be polished and aesthetically pleasing, or you’ll risk spoiling the overall look and feel of your room.

Idea 3: Storage Organisers for Your Toddler’s Room

This idea is one for the ages. Every crib, undeniably, has ‘unused’ space, which can be used to store your baby’s toys, clothes, etc.

Idea 4: Go for Mattresses That Lift Up!

Another popular hack for under bed storage is opting for beds where you can lift up the mattress and reveal a ‘secret’ space for storing items. From extra linens to pillows, you’ll be able to store anything, without wasting any space.

Idea 5: A Bed with Multiple Compartments

When it comes to storage, you can always experiment with ideas. Take a look at the image above. You’ll find storage options on the headrest as well as under the bed. This type of bed offers plenty of options to leverage for storing essential items. You can play with the shelf width and shapes to give your bed a unique look.

Idea 6: Cosy Rooms Call for Creative Storage Ideas!

Compact and cosy rooms hardly offer any storage space or don’t they? Take a look at the image above. Despite the small space around, the homeowner gets plenty of space under the bed to store valuables and belongings. This type of design style is common in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, etc., where the apartment costs are sky-high and the storage space is minimal.

Idea 7: Wired Metal Baskets Can Be Tucked Away Anywhere

If you’ve seen “The Home Edit” on Netflix, you know the importance of using the right kind of sleek and sophisticated storage containers. One option that never goes out of style is using metal storage organisers like the ones shown above. These designs can seamlessly blend into your home interiors and elevate your room’s functional quotient.

Idea 8: Wicker Boxes Next to the Bed Is a Timeless Choice

Granted that this bed storage idea is not strictly an ‘under bed’ option, it deserves a worthy mention on this list. If you happen to have a decent amount of space next to your foot of the bed, consider placing the kind of jute wicker boxes shown above. This boho-inspired bedroom is a treat for sore eyes, particularly after a long day at work. You can store useful items within these boxes and give your bedroom a clean look and feel.

Idea 9: Colour Coordinated Storage Drawers Elevate Your Bedroom’s Style

If you have a bedroom with a unique colour palette (as shown here), you can give your room a cohesive aesthetic feel by painting the under bed storage drawers as well as the cabinets within the room in the same shade. This type of design adds a sense of harmony to the space and makes your bedroom look whole (quite literally).

Idea 10: The Kids Storage Trunk


Last but not least, even if you have a single bed in your child’s room, consider having an under bed storage like the one shown here. By giving your bed a little bit of extra height, your storage drawers can get more space. You can use this extra space to store useful items of choice.

Having under bed storage is a smart decision every homeowner must take. It makes the space look beautiful while allowing you to store essential items without breaking a sweat. If you’re unsure about how or where to begin, our experts at HomeLane are here for you. Connect with us and let’s give your bedroom the makeover it deserves!

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