Without a doubt, your sofa is the single most crucial piece of furniture in your living room. It’s where you read the newspaper with your morning cuppa, where family and friends sit down to chat, where granny does her knitting while your cat curls up for a nap, and perhaps where you watch the evening news on TV. So when you’re choosing your sofa designs, take your time and explore all the options available. We’ve put together an article that makes it easier for you.

Modern Talking Sofa

Simple, sleek and sophisticated, this comfortable wooden sofa uses large comfy cushions that you can sink deep into. Add throw cushions in a contrasting colour for extra back support. The tiny coffee table comes with matching legs. This sofa design gives your interior a modern look.

modern sofa designs

Loveseat: When Two is Company Enough!

This loveseat says it with hearts. Made of rough-hewn logs of wood, the backseat of this piece spells out your love. Place it anywhere in your home, and it can be a great conversation starter. Cosy and warm, this sofa is the perfect gift for your sweetheart on your anniversary.

Double seater sofa designs

Sleek and Stylish Sofa Design

Ergonomically contoured and with a graceful, elegant outline, this grey two-seater can find a place in any modern home. Cushions and throws can soften the lines and add to the warmth of the otherwise stark design.

sleek and stylist sofa design

Say it with Pinstripes

Pinstripes are a match for any style of décor, whether it’s classic or contemporary. This boxy sectional sofa uses understated upholstery with pinstripes. Add layers and texture with cushions in contrasting patterns.

Pinstripe design sofa

Comfortable Chesterfield Sofa

This modern take on a Chesterfield sofa uses luxurious cream upholstery and simple quilting to achieve a look of comfort. Add a super soft throw to soften the harsh classical lines of this sofa style.

chesterfield sofa designs

Shades of Grey

Grey is a colour that complements just about any colour palette. Here, an open-plan home uses grey shades and patterns in grey to create texture and rustic look. The sectional sofa is in a practical style popularized by IKEA; easy to assemble, maintain and refurbish.

Grey sofa

Futons: Extra Comfort for Overnight Guests

It’s always good to be prepared for unexpected guests, and this stylish futon allows you to do just that. This futon, upholstered in lush green velvet, comes with a metal frame that you can pull out with minimal effort to create a sleeping space for two.

stylist futon sofa

Scandinavian Sofa

Clean, simple lines and natural wood finishes are the hallmarks of this Scandinavian sofa that could fit right into a forgotten corner of your home. Create a cosy reading nook by throwing in some comfy pillows and a warm throw.

Scandinavian sofa design

Zen Inspired Sofa Designs

This no-arm, white sofa seating speaks of Zen minimalism, with just the bare essentials and no more. With colours and textures as neutral as they come, every line of this sofa exudes a deep sense of peace.

zen inspire sofa design

Luxury in Leather Sofa

This grand Chesterfield uses plush leather for the upholstery; those who are against the use of leather can opt for a rexine lookalike. The quilting on the backseat ensures that the fabric never gets crumpled. Be warned; leather requires regular maintenance to keep it in the best condition.

leather sofa design

Minimalistic White Sofa Designs

This white sectional sofa can be used as a daybed or to accommodate unexpected guests. An extension to one side functions as a side table. Try using colourful cushions rather than white for a more vibrant spin on the décor.

minimalist white sofa design

Bamboo Sofa: An Eye on Sustainability

Sustainability is what everyone’s talking about these days, and this bamboo armchair fits the bill perfectly. Bamboo is an environmentally viable resource that grows quickly and needs very little maintenance to thrive.

bamboo armchair

Outdoor Sofa Designs

Looking for outdoorsy sofas that look great and can withstand any weather? Resin wickerwork chairs in black perfectly match the coffee table in white. Use this trio on your outdoor porch and enjoy your steaming cuppa!

outdoor sofa

Rattan Splendour

Rattan is another fibre that’s high on the sustainability quotient. Here’s a pretty rattan loveseat that will tick all the right boxes on your environmental sensibilities.

Rattan sofa design

Pastel Sofa: Fit for Gentility

It’s easy enough to imagine genteel ladies from the Victorian ages drinking tea from dainty cups in a lovely parlour, while seated on this beautiful sofa. Straight out of a bygone era and as graceful as they come, with pretty pastel upholstery to match; this sofa is a throwback to the days when women still carried parasols and powdered their noses.

gentle Vintage sofa designs

Are you still confused about your sofa options? Chances are that you’ll be living with your choices for quite a while, so make sure that you pick something you really love! If you still can’t make up your mind, do connect with a HomeLane designer who can help you make the right choice.

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