Certain rooms in the house, like the bedroom, hold a special place in your heart. A lot of people spend a good chunk of their time in the bedroom. It’s where you relax and rid yourself of your day’s stress and fatigue That’s why you need the perfect bedroom; one that is inviting, cosy and serene. If you are in the process of designing or transforming your bedroom’s interiors, take a look at these budget-friendly tips for bedroom design.


Begin your project by discarding anything that you don’t need or use too much in your bedroom. It could be an armchair that’s just used to hold piles of clothes or some broken lamps that haven’t been working for a while.  Get rid of all of it and make as much space as you possibly can.

budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Get a Rack

If you want to keep a tab on the expenses, try getting a small rack. You can use this as a handy bedside table. Place a small lamp, your phone, a glass of water, a magazine and anything else that you would need after you climb into bed.

budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Get Some Pattern

Bare walls don’t do much for your interiors. Get at least one textured wall in the bedroom. You could opt for textured wall paint or simply install a beautiful wallpaper. Look for soft, pastel shades as they brighten the room and give it a fresh feel.budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Striking Contrasts

If you like big and bold, don’t let the minimalist wave hold you back! You can incorporate dark hues very easily in any room for a cool, moody look. Opt for black, maroon, navy blue or bottle green curtains, bed linen and rugs. Keep the walls and furniture colour more neutral to give your bedroom a striking contrast. budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Metallic Touch

A touch of metal can make a significant difference to the bedroom. Add a simple metallic lamp, a metal border around the mirror or just get some metal curtain holders. This is one of the best bedroom design ideas to add style to your room!

budget friendly tips for bedroom design


Sometimes, all it takes to give your room a refresh is a bit of rearrangement! Move your bed to a different place than where it’s normally placed. If it’s practical, try placing the bed next to the window so that you get a great view of the sunrise as soon as you open your eyes (that is, of course, only if you wish to!). Place your dresser next to your bed and use it as a nightstand. There is no right or wrong when it comes to furniture placements, so trust your instincts to create a quirky room that reflects your style.

budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Wall Mounted Headboard

Ever noticed how classy the area around the bed in even a basic hotel room looks? This is because of the wall-mounted headboard. Install one if you don’t have it already. The headboard will give a quick makeover to the bedroom and will also make your day-offs in bed a bit more comfortable. 

Reading Corner

This is a simple addition that can add oodles of warmth, style and comfort to your bedroom. Just place a comfortable armchair in one corner, preferably next to a window. Place a classy lamp next to it and you will see an instant transformation in your bedroom.

budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Wall Mounted Shelf

A wall-mounted shelf can serve many purposes. The wall-mounted shelf is ideal to keep your books and magazines. You can also place some framed photos and handmade art pieces. You can alter the size of the shelf according to the availability of space. If your bedroom is larger, a large shelf would look appropriate. Paint the shelf a contrasting colour to the rest of the room to make it the piece de resistance in the space. Alternatively, you could place bright coloured objects on the shelf to add some interest.

Something Vintage

Try to get something vintage pieces in your bedroom. If you don’t have enough space for a vintage bed, look to get a vintage mirror. The nightstand or bedside table could also be vintage. Even one piece of vintage furniture can add intrigue and style to your bedroom. A bedroom design project does not have to be too fancy or expensive.

budget friendly tips for bedroom design

Some minor changes here and there can do the trick. So keep these budget-friendly tips for bedroom design in mind and give your bedroom a facelift to reflect your style. You might just be surprised at what you can come up with! Good luck!

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