An unfettered view of the scenery from your balcony is just the thing you need when you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee. However, safety can be a concern, especially when you have small children in the house. 

The words balcony safety grills conjure images of prison-like bars and an ugly metal contraption that defeats the concept of the perfect view. However, safety grills can be babyproof and pet-proof, without making a nasty statement if you select the right material and design, without compromising safety.

There is no denying the importance of safety proofing your balcony, and you need not restrict your balcony grill design to the standard fare of black metal bars that you see in umpteen houses dotting the city. Materials like glass, marble, textured concrete, or steel grills are some of the options you can consider. Let’s look at the different styles and materials you should think about before you take the plunge. 

balcony safety grills ideas

First, the Safety measure checklist:

  • The National Building Code specifies that any balcony or slab that is 2 metres or more above ground level requires a safety grill.
  • The grill should be not less than 4 feet.
  • Avoid balcony safety grill designs that have horizontal rods that can be tempting to climb on.
  • Maintain a gap of 4 to 4.5 inches between rails.
  • Place furniture that cannot be shifted away from the edge of your balcony.
  • Make sure the locks to your balcony access are out of reach of children.

balcony safety ideas

The Right Design can Make all the Difference!

You can do a lot on a balcony; apart from the tasteful furniture, you can consider jute throw rugs, mesh on the sidewalls for a vertical garden, and planters to bring the outdoors into your space. You can opt for wrought iron or a staid marble wall mounted with metal trimming for that eclectic look. Let’s look at some classic styles you can choose from.

The Aristocratic Look

The balustrade! Classic and traditional; the perfect blend if you have a large terrace or balcony. Nothing beats the elegance of the ideal balustrade, especially when you couple it with lots of plants and flowers. 

Do you have a small balcony? No need to fret! The balustrade is perfect for that cosy Mediterranean appeal!

small balcony safety grills

The Vintage Look

For a rich, ornate look, there is nothing better than patterned wrought iron. The intricate pattern of the grill is just perfect for an old-fashioned look. You can embellish with wrought iron planters and chairs if space allows. Perfect for entertaining!

To give it a bohemian touch, add wood furniture and some vibrant cushions; just the thing for a relaxing Sunday evening!

vintage balcony grills

Go Rustic!

Wood is a material you can never go wrong with, especially if you are looking for country charm! The sturdy wood railing will not only enhance the beauty of your balcony but will add to the beauty of the room inside! Wicker furniture is just right for this elegant nook! The potted plants will do the rest!

rustic balcony grills

The  Contemporary Way

A great option for the urban setting is a contemporary railing for your balcony. This grill will work wonderfully with wicker or wrought iron furniture. If space is at a premium, indulge your green thumb! Use the sides to go north with a vertical garden! Vines and creepers are great too!

Wind chimes will add character to this gorgeous space!

contemporary balcony grills

The Minimalistic Approach

A combination of toughened glass and metal is just the thing for a sober, minimalistic décor. The glass affords you an unhindered view of the scenery, giving you a floating sensation, especially if you are a few floors above ground level. This eclectic theme gives you the freedom to choose the style you want, but plain metal furniture will work best with this setting. 

minimalist glass balcony grills

Brick or Marble Wall

A Marble or brick balcony; lends a patio feel to your space. If you are using grey marble or cement, your area will have a contemporary look in combination with metal railings. A lot depends on which stone you want to use; and whether you are looking for rustic appeal. To achieve the rustic feel, keep the finish on your stones rough. Stone also affords a lot of privacy; you can look at the stars without the fear of voyeurs peeking in!

marble balcony grills

Total Privacy? Concrete is the Way to Go!

Concrete will not find easy mention in the top design ideas for balcony grills. However, concrete has a lot going for it. It is not only sturdy and lasting; it is weather-proof too. You can paint the concrete in the colour of your choice or leave it rough for the rustic look. One thing’s for sure; your space will be utterly private!

concrete walls for balcony

Take it up a notch!

A raised grill, did you say? Yes! Your space will have vertical elevation, allowing you to use that area wisely. The raised grill will provide you with a modicum of privacy; while leaving your view open. You can use either wicker furniture or metal chairs for the area. A sun umbrella would add just the right touch to this adorable space!

There is a lot you can do with your balcony. Once you have zeroed in on the theme you want, all you need to do is select the perfect grill design. The team at Homelane will be glad to help with design ideas and your balcony furniture.

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