Thank you for choosing HomeLane to be your interior design partner! When you sign up with us, you also get unwavering support and service over five years after installation. No matter what the issue might be, there’s no need to fuss or panic or worse, run to a carpenter.

Our team of certified installers will take care of maintenance and repairs. You are eligible for one free service within 6 months of installation. Our online guide will also brief you on what other services you are eligible for. Just log in your service request and leave the worrying to us. We’ve got you covered.

Our Promise

Transparency in Terms and Conditions
Timely Service Guarantee
Reliability and Quality Assurance

Homelane Care is our Post-installation Service and Warranty Program. This covers all products manufactured, supplied and installed by HomeLane.

Please visit homelane.com/care and submit your details with a brief description of your problem.

Once you contact our Care Cell with your issue, depending upon the nature of service and the applicable warranty, our care representative will advise you on whether it is covered under warranty or chargeable.

HomeLane warrants to the original purchaser that all products will be free from any manufacturing defect like de-lamination, etc. The warranty only applies if the products are properly maintained and used for normal domestic use. The warranty period for hardware, accessories and appliances used for all our products will be the same as that offered by the original equipment manufacturer.

HomeLane does not warrant against and is not responsible for any condition of the product attributable to; or any damage to products caused by any of the following:

  • Wear and tear suffered through normal use (including scratches, dents and cuts) or damage caused by impacts or accidents
  • The warranty does NOT cover rusting of channels, hinges and other metallic parts. These could be damaged due to household chemicals and sprays. Hence, care is to be taken while using such products around hardware and accessories. Water leakage and seepage within the building structure and continuous dampness of the surface beyond:
    • 72 hours for BWP grade plywood (IS710)
    • 48 hours for BWR grade plywood (IS303)
    • 24 hours for exterior grade PB and MDF materials
  • Degradation, fading, etc, in colour, grain or texture of natural wood materials, laminates and other covering materials due to sunlight or other environmental factors; fading, discolouration or damage caused by exposure to intensive or excessive light, moisture or heat
  • Use of inappropriate chemicals, detergents, abrasives or other inappropriate cleaning agents that can damage the wooden surface of the products or rust accessories
  • Mistreatment, negligent use, misuse, insufficient or improper care (including but not limited to exposure to harsh weather conditions)
  • Alterations, modifications or use of products which is beyond or inconsistent with supplied product instructions and has not been authorised by HomeLane
  • Damage or stains due to water leakage and/or seepage and
  • Damage caused by any force majeure event (such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lightning, etc), environmental conditions (such as air pollution, solvent exposure, mould, mildew, etc), or staining from foreign substances (such as dirt, grease, oils, sprays, etc)

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