Small bathrooms are a challenge on their own. You have to accommodate all the fixtures, ensure proper ventilation, and find ways to funnel maximum natural light. By the time you get the most of it, you will have made several compromises – bid farewell to the bathtub, sink cabinets, or a full-size window! However, some shrewd small bathroom ideas can change the game entirely. These combine charm and practicality to make the most of the available space and resources.

So why wait? Let’s check them out!

1. Colour Me Bright

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of colours in making a room appear spacious or constricted. And since this is a small bathroom we are talking about, the best way to make it appear roomy is by painting it in light and bright shades.

While cream and beige are the first conventional options that come to mind, don’t feel boxed in if you want to take the road less taken. Think of all the pastel colours currently in trend – from mint green to blush pink to powder blue – these light colours can light up the small bathroom and make it look airy. Plus, this is one of the small bathroom ideas that are wildly cost-effective and easily modifiable!

2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

This small bathroom idea is the oldest trick in the book. Install a wall-to-wall mirror in the small bathroom and watch the space miraculously double! The mirror can even compensate for the lack of a window or when you have a smaller window.

Not to mention that a bathroom in the mirror is pretty functional. If having a mirrored wall may seem too much for your preferences, you could also use a set of decorative mirrors and hang them like a collage on a wall to add to the bathroom aesthetics. This works particularly well for bathrooms blessed with natural light as it will bounce off these mirrors and make the space look larger.

3. Space-Efficient Storage

Sure, you’ve had to kiss goodbye to your favourite floor-standing vanity. But that does not mean you will have to leave your toiletries on the floor (clutter will only make your small bathroom look smaller)! There are several space-efficient storage options available that outdo their bulky counterparts. Wall-mounted cabinets and vanities or mirror storage units will offer you more room within the bathroom while accommodating all your items.

Install them a little above your eye-line, and you can also create the illusion of having a taller ceiling! If you are redesigning your small bathroom, it would be a great idea to set aside niches or internal shelves to house other (unsightly) items such as toilet brushes, cleaners, etc.

4. Doors, Don’t Block

In addition to the storage, the small bathroom ideas should also account for other space wasted and discover better alternatives. And considering that swinging doors can be quite a nuisance in a small bathroom where space is already a premium, consider replacing them with pocket or sliding doors. These compact doors snugly tuck into the walls and offer the same degree of privacy and robust build as your regular doors. The arced areas surrounding the door, which typically go waste, would now be accessible as you can put the walls and corners to better use!

5. Light It Up

By now, it must be evident that making a small place seem bigger is just a play on light and colours. As such, smart bathroom lighting could make a small bathroom appear more spacious (and cosy). First, if you have natural light streaming into the bathroom (lucky you!), then avoid blocking it out in the first place. Invest in translucent curtains that will add a whimsical and dreamy quality to the look and feel of the bathroom. You can orchestrate a similar effect through layered lights for those not so fortunate. Integrated light fixtures can be an excellent way to achieve shadow-free, flattering light. Alternatively, you also have the option to install backlit vanities, false ceilings, and mirrors for a sense of dramatic moodiness.

6. Upside-Down, Inside-Out

What do luxurious spas and uber-stylish hotel bathrooms have in common? They are uniform through and through! Matching the wall and floor tiles can make your bathroom look sophisticated, classy, and palatial. Such an effect is made possible as the resulting borderless design amplifies the feeling of spaciousness. In this case, pale coloured tiles will work wonders as they will reflect more light.

At the same time, large tiles or slabs will hide the seams and make the bathroom look less patchy. Once again, if you want to make your bathroom look playful and quirky, you can choose patterned tiles to make the bathroom look larger than it is. You could even wallpaper the walls in a pinch and pull off a similar look.

The small bathroom ideas shared above can help you get started and make the most of what you have. After all, if your bathroom holds the throne, it should make you feel like a king or a queen!

Feel free to connect with HomeLane experts if you plan on giving your bathroom a complete makeover. We take pride in building unique designs for every home. You can also check out our line of space-efficient furniture and accessories that can aid you in decorating your home without blocking out space.

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