Many of us who live in cities want a deeper connection with nature. There is a charm to being close to greenery and enjoying its benefits. One way to do this is to install greenhouse windows. These are also known as garden windows. These are installations that extend from your house to create an area where plants can be grown. They are designed to let in as much light as possible, from the ceilings and sides. Think of it as a small garden inside your own home.

Should you go in for greenhouse windows, and how should you care for them? Let’s find out.

Why Choose Greenhouse Windows?

The lucky few who have enough garden space adjoining their houses can set up small greenhouses to grow plants, fruit, and flowers. Many of us do not have this luxury. A greenhouse window is the next best thing. With a greenhouse window, you can be in close contact with nature while sitting inside your own home. It’s a convenient way to cultivate and care for small plants and other natural produce.

This is a zone that is calm, bright, and green. With proper cultivation, you can grow flowers, herbs, spices, salad plants, and small vegetable varieties. You can gift these and use them as ingredients in your dishes to create culinary magic. Clearly, then, a greenhouse window is more than an aesthetic choice. It can also be a way to be closer to nature and cultivate small batches of flowers and other produce. So you get both style and substance.

small greenhouses to grow plantsThings to Keep In Mind Before Creating a Greenhouse Window

Obviously, the first step is to consider whether you have the space to create a greenhouse window. However, there is no fixed size that fits all needs. You could install a small garden window or create a larger space that adds character to the entire area. It all depends on the size of your house, and how far you can extend the window outwards from the façade.

Ideally, the window needs to be on the side of the house that is exposed to sunlight for as long as possible. Typically, this is the south-facing side. Once you have made these decisions, you should think of what plants you want to cultivate. For a start, you can find out more about the love and care they need. For greenhouse windows, herbs are a common choice. If you have more space, you can think of other vegetables such as cherry tomatoes.

For some people, it’s important to have flowers and greenery. Fortunately, you have a wide choice. Be it roses, orchids, lilies, violets, or more, you can grow them all with the right preparations and care.

small garden window

What Are Greenhouse Windows Made Of?

Now let’s turn to more practical considerations. For a start, what material is used to create greenhouse windows?

For the frame, people generally use the same material that is used for other windows. That means steel, aluminium, fibreglass or wood, for example. A greenhouse frame needs to be durable, load-bearing, and unaffected by exposure to sunlight and moisture. So if you use wood, make sure is it treated or engineered for these properties.

Now, let’s look at the material of the windows themselves. Glass retains heat and humidity within the area and allows almost all the light to pass through. It can be more expensive and, of course, can crack if not handled with care. There are other options such as fibreglass, which is more impact resistant. You can also look at rigid plastic panels made from acrylic and similar materials. These options are more durable and often cost-effective. They come in different grades, allowing you to choose between aspects of toughness and transparency. Finally, you will need to select the right type of pots. Again, it all depends on the size of the window, and what you are planning to grow. They can be placed in racks, or you can even use hanging planters and baskets.

greenhouse frame

Tips for Creating and Maintaining Greenhouse Windows

Many shops and online stores offer greenhouse seed starter kits. These often come in reusable trays, with soil pods. Other places will offer you seeds for specific plants and flowers. Obviously, you will need to organise the plants as well as create the right conditions for them to grow. Create a watering schedule and a method of checking the growth and soil.

Many people label the pots, so that they can easily identify what is growing where. That way, you can also prepare for cutting and replanting in advance. As mentioned earlier, the window needs to be in a place with unobstructed sunlight. If this is not possible all of the time, don’t worry. One option is to install plants that do not need much sunlight. You can also choose grow-lights, which will provide constant warmth and light for plants. These come in handy during seasons when there is less sunlight, such as monsoon and winter.

maintaining greenhouse windows

Once you live in a house with a greenhouse window, you may even wonder how you ever got by without one. For other enticing ways to make your home an even more wonderful space to live in, do check out HomeLane’s Design Journal. Or get in touch for a free design session with our experts.

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