Colour is one of the most powerful ways to change how we feel. The colour of items or decor in your home can make you feel relaxed or tense and even change how you feel about your home. Highlighting the right colours can also make your home appear bigger and more open. If you are one of those who love to decorate your home, a colour combination with sea green is one of the best options. A sea green hue has a calming effect on the eyes, and a sea green colour combination makes you feel fresh and energised. So here we have listed out some of the most interesting green sea colour combinations you can use to decorate your home.

  1. Sea Green and White: Sea green colour and white is a fresh and soothing colour combination that brings to mind the ocean and sandy beaches. This combination can be used in a variety of settings, such as coastal-themed living room interiors. White walls and sea green accents, such as pillows, curtains, or furniture, can add a pop of colour and give a fun and relaxing vibe to a room.

    sea green and white color combinations for house

  2. Sea Green and Yellow: Sea green colour combined with yellow gives a vibrant look that can add a lively and cheerful touch to master bedroom interiors. While the sea green colour evokes the colours of the ocean, yellow adds brightness to any room. Here are a few ways you could incorporate this colour combination into your interior design:

    • Use sea green as the main colour for the walls, and add pops of yellow through accents such as throw pillows, artwork, or rugs.

    • Choose furniture pieces in shades of sea green colour and yellow, such as a yellow sofa with sea green throw pillows or a sea green armchair with a yellow ottoman.

    • Use sea green and yellow as accents in a predominantly neutral colour scheme, such as adding a yellow vase or a sea green throw blanket to a room with white walls and neutral furniture.

    • Create a cohesive look by incorporating both colours into window treatments, such as sea green and yellow striped curtains or a yellow valance with sea green drapes.
      sea green and yellow color combinations for house

  3. Sea Green and Navy Blue: The combination of sea green and navy blue in interior design can create a serene and elegant atmosphere. You can use this colour scheme in various spaces, including modern living room interior design and small bedroom design.

    • In living room interiors, using sea green colour as the main wall colour and pairing it with navy blue accents in the form of throw pillows, curtains, or artwork can create a sophisticated vibe. Adding touches of white and natural wood tones can also help balance out the bold colours and bring a sense of warmth to the space.

    • In a modern bedroom design, a sea green and navy blue colour scheme can create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. Using sea green as the primary wall colour and incorporating navy blue through bedding and accents can add a classy touch to the space. Adding pops of white and natural wood tones can help to soften the look and create a cohesive design.

    • In a bathroom, incorporating sea green and navy blue can add a sense of luxury. Using sea green tiles or a sea green and navy blue patterned wallpaper in the space can give it a bold look and attract attention. Pairing these colours with white fixtures and accents can give the area a fresh and clean feel.

      sea green and navy blue color combos for home

  4. Sea Green and Coral: The light sea green colour and the coral colour combination is perfect for creating a coastal or beach-inspired interior design. The sea green colour is a calming and soothing hue for a 1 bhk design that evokes tranquillity and relaxation, while the coral colour adds vibrancy and energy to the space.

    To incorporate this colour combination in your interior design, start by painting your desired wall in a sea green colour wall paint. You can then add coral accents through throw pillows, rugs, artwork, and decorative accessories. This combination works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, creating a cohesive atmosphere.

    To balance out the boldness of the coral colour, add natural elements such as wood, wicker, or stone to the space. This will help create a sense of balance and harmony within the room.

  5. Sea Green and Grey: The sea green and grey colour combination can give a serene vibe to your 2 bhk design. This combination works well in a bedroom or bathroom and is soothing to the eye.

    In the bedroom, use sea green on the walls and grey on the bedding and curtains. This creates a cohesive look that is both calming and stylish. Similarly, use sea green on the walls and grey on the tiles and countertops in a bathroom.

    This colour combination can also be used in living or dining rooms. Use sea green on the walls and grey on the furniture and accessories.

    green and grey color interiors

  6. Sea Green and Salmon: The sea green and salmon blend beautifully and make any space stand out. The sea green colour can bring a calming and refreshing atmosphere to the 3 bhk design, while salmon adds a pop of warmth and energy. This colour combination can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

    • Accent walls: Use sea green as the main wall colour and add salmon accents through artwork, curtains, or throw pillows.

    • Furniture: Choose sea green furniture and add salmon cushions or throws for a fantastic look.

    • Kitchen: Use sea green cabinets and countertops with salmon backsplash tiles or appliances for a bold and striking kitchen.

    • Bedroom: Use sea green bedding and curtains with salmon accents through throw pillows and artwork for a stylish bedroom.

To Sum Up

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on sea-green colour combinations that could be incorporated into your home decor. You don’t have to go overboard with this colour to create a great design. The most important thing to remember is that you should use this colour as an accent rather than the main colour in your room. To learn more about how you can achieve this, explore Homelane and get in touch with our professional designers. We’d love to help you turn your vision into a reality!


1. What colour is sea green?

Sea green colour is a bluish-green colour that is similar to the colour of the ocean.

2. Is turquoise green or blue?

Turquoise is a blue-green colour.

3. What does sea green mean?

Sea green colour is similar to the colour of the sea on a sunny day. It is a shade of blue-green that is often described as calming and refreshing.

4. What other colours can I pair with sea green in my living room?

You can try a pink colour combination with a sea green colour. To blend these colours into your interior design, use sea green as the dominant colour and add pops of pink through accessories and accents.

For example, you could paint the walls a sea green hue and add pink throw pillows, artwork, and decorative objects to bring the look together. Alternatively, for a bold and eye-catching look, you could use sea green as an accent colour, with pink as the dominant hue.

5. Is it okay to use sea green as an accent colour in a kitchen with white cabinets and granite countertops?

Yes, sea green can be a great accent colour in a kitchen with white cabinets and granite countertops. It adds a pop of colour and a beachy, coastal feel to the space. Just make sure to balance sea green with other colours and accents to avoid overwhelming the space.

6. Can I use sea green in a traditional style home, or is it better suited for a more modern design?

Sea green colour can be used in both traditional and contemporary style homes. It is a versatile colour that can work well with both styles, depending on how it is incorporated into the overall design. In a traditional home, sea green can be used as an accent colour in furniture or decor or as a wall colour in a more muted shade. In a modern design, sea green can be used in bolder shades as a statement colour in furniture or accessories. Ultimately, choosing to use sea green in a traditional or modern home will depend on personal preference and how it fits into the overall design aesthetic.

7. Are there any specific patterns or textures that work well with sea green in home decor?

Some patterns and textures that work well with sea green colour in home decor include:

    1. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and wicker

    2. Soft, fluffy fabrics such as linen and cotton

    3. Bold geometric patterns and prints

    4. Textured fabrics such as bouclé, corduroy, and velvet

    5. Rustic, distressed finishes

    6. Nautical themes such as stripes and anchors

    7. Neutral shades such as white, grey, and beige balance out the boldness of the sea green

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