Are you looking for some design inspiration for your kitchen? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some popular kitchen décor themes that you could possibly glean some ideas from!

1. Classic Chic

White-on-white kitchens have a quiet elegance that is charming and timeless. Combine white with pretty glass shutters, and you have an effortlessly light and airy aesthetic that speaks to the minimalist in you!

elegant white kitchen theme

2. Back to the Basics

This tiny bedsit has just the bare essentials of a basic kitchen, perfect for a student or someone who doesn’t do a lot of cooking. The bare exposed brick walls behind the cabinets add a certain rustic charm to the whole décor. The cabinets store only what is needed and no more.

red brick wall kitchen designs

3. The Industrial Look Kitchen

Continuing with the ‘Less is more’ ethos, this industrial kitchen is all about shining stainless steel that is stark and strictly utilitarian. This metallic palette is sleek and uncluttered with a focus on the materials.

industrial kitchen design inspiration

4. Two-tone Palette Kitchen

If monochromatic themes are not your style, try a dual-tone palette. We love the raw grains of muted veneer that are combined with soft pastel shades in this kitchen. The open shelving showcasing an interesting collection of ceramics creates a point of interest.two tone kitchen design inspiration

5. Sensuous Black Kitchen

This sensational kitchen takes advantage of the gorgeous view with an oversized plate glass window that literally brings the outdoors in. If you look closely you will see several shades of black, with many subtle nuances in shade and texture bringing the spaces to life. textured brown and black kitchen design

6. Turn on the Charm

Yellow has a warmth that’s quite unlike any other colour, and this sunny kitchen is endearingly cheerful. The straight lines exude simplicity and understated style. If sunshine yellow is your thing, take notes for your décor inspiration! You should also check out HomeLane LookBook Yellow Kitchens for more ideas.

yellow kitchen with Mezzanine

7. Bold is beautiful

Spice up your kitchen with glossy red cabinets and make a bold, attention-grabbing statement! This showstopper kitchen dilutes the brightness of the red with frosted glass cabinets on either side of the black chimney. For more inspiration for your red kitchen check this out: HomeLane Lookbook: Red Kitchen

kitchen design inspiration

8. Add Vintage Vibes in Your Kitchen

Vintage will never go out of style, as indicated by these elegantly proportioned cabinets with classic lines. The wickerwork pulls out baskets embrace an informal yet cosy appeal, and the old-fashioned flooring lends extra vintage inspiration from Vintage

HomeLane comes up with the latest modular kitchen designs and custom curated theme for many colours, material and finish. Get in touch with our interior design team for more custom-curated themes and ideas for your dream kitchen.

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