Love red but not sure how to incorporate it in your kitchen? Red is a beautiful, strong colour. If you are picking red as the primary colour in your kitchen, you may want to pair it with white to tone it down a bit. Red and white is not a combination commonly used in kitchens, which is why you should try it out for a unique look. Red represents passion and strength. White, on the other hand, signify clarity, purity and cleanliness. Together, they are the perfect colour combination a new kitchen needs.
There are numerous ways to include the red and white combination in your cooking space. If you are thinking red and white for your new kitchen, here are some ways to add them to your kitchen:

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets Red

If you are not brave enough to go completely red on the cabinets, go for it only on the lower cabinets in your kitchen. Choose white for the walls, backsplash, and upper cabinets. If you have a smaller kitchen, the white upper cabinets will make your kitchen look bigger and less heavy. The red adds a vibrant look to your cooking space while not being too loud at the same time.
red and white kitchen
Don’t like the idea of painting the lower and upper cabinets with different colours? You can choose a muted red for all the cabinets for a uniform look that isn’t too overwhelming. Throw in some white too, for a few drawers or just the backsplash and walls. There are many shades of red you can choose from. If you are getting your interiors done with an interior design company like HomeLane, you will be able to choose the colour and see how it will look using the design software so that it is not based on assumptions.    

Red Backsplash
A colourful backsplash can effortlessly make your cooking space lively. With the walls and kitchen cabinets painted white, a red backsplash is a perfect addition to the space. If you are not an ardent fan of colourful cabinets and countertops, backsplashes can help you add all the colour you want. You can keep the cabinets and countertops in a standard white colour and choose a red backsplash for your kitchen.  

Exposed Brick Red Backsplash

If you want a cool, loft look in the kitchen, you can get an exposed (red) brick wall like this stylish kitchen. Try to go for open shelves in this case so that the beauty of the wall is really seen.
Add in Some Red and White Kitchen Appliances
If having bright coloured kitchen cabinets isn’t your style, you can still embrace your love for red by accessorizing with it. Rather than going for the standard black for your utensils, pick out utensils, appliances and accessories in your favourite red and white combo. They’ll add the perfect pop of colour to your space.
red and white kitchen

Red Fridge

It may be tough to come by, but if you can find a red fridge, mixer etc, it will really make your kitchen stand apart from the norm. What’s cooler than a vintage find like the one below?

Red Door

An unexpected place to add red is the kitchen door. You can get yours painted completely red and highlight with gold handles to reminiscence an older era.

Red Dining Chairs

If you have an open kitchen with an extended dining area or a breakfast nook, you can bring in the red and white combo with chairs in these colours. This will definitely drive up the quirk quotient and also make your kitchen area look vibrant and youthful. If you can find a pair in a cafe style, like the ones below, there is nothing better to give your kitchen the cafe vibe to match your hipster self. 

If you have a little table in your kitchen, get a red and white checked tablecloth for a classic look. You could also get washcloths in this print and hang it over the washbasin or any handles. A touch of farmhouse-chic anyone?
Have more ideas of your own to bring in your favourite red and white combo, making your cooking space so much more cheerful? Comment here and share with others! Our experts at HomeLane would be happy to help you add your favourite colour to your cooking space!

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