You’re rushing to get to a meeting on time, and you just can’t find the mate to the shoe that’s perfect for your dress. After a frantic search, you settle for a pair of shoes that don’t really match. Yet again, you tell yourself that you really need to de-clutter and organize your shoes in a better way! Sounds familiar? If you’re looking for shoe and footwear organizing tips, you’re at the right place.

1. Three Level Shoe Organizer

Here’s an elegant wooden shoe rack made out of sustainable wooden pallets that can store up to a dozen pairs of shoes at your doorstep or in the foyer. Boots can go on the top shelf, while your slip-ons, pumps and sports shoes would fit neatly below. An added plus is that the slatted shelves do not allow mud to accumulate.

Three level shoe organisation2. Compact Shoe Rack

Short on space? Stack your shoes at an angle. This neat and slim shoe cabinet unit uses swivel fittings to create pull-down storage racks for shoes. Only compact shoes, like pumps, or slippers would fit here as the available space is limited.

Pull down shoe rack

3. For the Well-Heeled

If you’re a shoe lover who has to have matching shoes for every outfit, then you will need this tall, classic shelf unit that has defined spaces for knee length boots, ankle boots, stiletto heels, platform shoes, pumps and more. It’s easy enough to add another unit when your collection outgrows this one.

Tall shoe rack

4. Seating with Storage Below

Here’s a compact unit that doubles up as a bench on which you can sit while you lace up your shoes. The slatted shelves allow for proper airing of damp shoes, keeping them neat and clean even during the monsoons. It’s all you need in your foyer for your everyday pairs of footwear.

Shoe rack with Sitting

5. Multi Utility Unit

Here’s the one piece of furniture you cannot do without at the entry to your home. Minimalistic and strictly utilitarian, this sleek stand does multiple duty as a coat, bag, umbrella and shoe rack, without occupying too much of space. You can add a second shelf if you need more space for your footwear.

multi utility rack

6. Clever Canvas Organizer

This teenager has put the back of her wardrobe shutters to good use by hanging a canvas shoe organizer on the inside. A great way to organize footwear as you’ll never again have to hunt around for the missing mate to your shoe. Made of heavy-duty canvas, this organizer can be easily washed if it gets too dirty.

Clever canvas organisers

7. Shoe Box

We love the way that this homeowner has used plastic boxes to store footwear, two pairs in a box. You can see right through without opening the box, so it’s easy to pick the pair you want without making a mess. Pile up the boxes on the bottom shelf of your wardrobe and you can store shoes without any clutter.

shoe box for storage

8. Upcycle In Style

This DIY project has recycled cardboard shoeboxes into a tiered drawer storage system for shoes. The clear panel in front allows you to see the contents of the drawer without opening it out.

up cycle shoe box

9. Drawer in your Wardrobe

When you’re designing your closet space, plan for a drawer right below that can be used to store your most important pairs of shoes. Don’t forget to add air vents in the front panel so that your entire closet doesn’t smell musty, as shoes need to be aired regularly in order to stay dry and clean.

show drawers in Wardrobe

10. Pull Out Trays

This designer has made clever use of wire pull out trays, normally used in modular kitchens, to organize the shoe storage unit. You can create a standalone unit in the foyer, or make this a part of your bedroom closet.

Pull out shoe trays

It’s only when you are trying to organize your footwear that you may realize just how many pairs you have accumulated over the years. We hope these tips have helped you to get some ideas on how to organize your footwear collection. Need more help? Do connect with the HomeLane team for customized solutions for your home.

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