Are you looking for ways to make the best use of the space under your stairs? Harry Potter’s little room in a “cupboard under the stairs” in 4 Privet Drive may not have been a pleasant one. But in your home, you can transform this ignored, “tricky triangle” into something beautiful and useful like a kids’ playpen or a reading nook – with just a little creativity. And not let it gather cobwebs, or be a dump yard for old magazines, tools, and the like. Here are 15 imaginative ways to maximize the under stairs storage ideas for your home:

1. Home Office or Kids’ Homework Area

Under Stairs Kids Study Table
                                                 Under Stairs Home office

Create a neat workspace with storage, floating wall ledges, and proper lighting – calm, non-intrusive office space for working from home. You can make sure that there is enough space for files, papers, and other office supplies. Or create a bright, themed workspace for your kids to do their homework quietly. Enclose it with doors if you wish to.

2. Craft AreaUnder Stairs Kids Craft Room

Make a work desk for you to stay engrossed in your favourite craftwork whenever you find the time. Organize all your craft supplies on neat shelves, and there you have a home for your hobby.

3. Kids Play Area

Transform your under-the-stairs space into a neat little play zone or hideout area for kids. They would love a change of place to play their board games, dollhouse make-believe games, and so on.

4. Reading Nook

Under Stairs Reading Nook

For the small homes, converting the under stairs space into a cosy reading nook with a built-in seating, cushions and ample lighting.

5. Seating Area

Add extra seating with an armchair or two. Decorate the space with a side table, artwork on the wall, a plant or two and you have a lovely seating area here.

6. Bookshelf or Showcase

Under Stairs Book Case
Under Stairs Showcase Designs

Custom-build an open shelf to display all your books, curios, and collectables which were tucked into some drawer for lack of space.

7. Pantry

A kitchen storeroom is something anyone would wish for if you don’t have one yet. Create that pantry or storeroom under your stairs. Build smart, organized shelves and drawers and cover the entire piece with doors, so that it stays hidden when not in use.

8. Crockery Cabinet

Under Stairs Crockery Cabinets
If your kitchen cabinets or dinner wagon can’t hold your collection of crockery, here’s your chance – a custom cabinet with glass doors under the stairs to show-off your ceramics, glassware, silverware, and serving trays.

9. Bar Cabinet or Wine Room

Under Stairs Bar Cabinets
You don’t need to fret over the lack of space for a bar cabinet or a wine cellar anymore. Custom-build one with your specific requirements and measurements.

You can also make it a wet bar – complete with space for mixing drinks, a cabinet for storing spirits, and crockery, and even a small fridge.

10. Shoe Rack or Wardrobe

Under Stairs Shoe Rack Ideas
Build pull-out shoe racks to stash away all those extra pairs out of sight. Or install a sleek closet or wardrobe to add storage space for your clothes with cubbies, hooks, coat hanger rods, closed and open shelving. Apart from clothes hang your umbrellas, raincoats, scarves and other daily use items here.

11. Extra Storage Space

Under Stairs Storage Space
If none of these, simply build a set of drawers as extra storage space for any items which weren’t stored properly yet. Think gadgets like the vacuum cleaner, gadget manuals, shopping bags, sports equipment, school supplies, and so on.

12. Storage for Kitchen and Cleaning Supplies

Store your brooms, cleaning liquids, cleaning buckets, brushes in a neatly organized, enclosed space under your stairs.

13. Small Bathroom (Half Bathroom)

How about converting the space under your stairs into a powder bathroom? It could be just big enough to accommodate a toilet and a small washbasin for guests to use during a dinner party. Deck it up with stylish tiles, and you have a surprise hidden behind that door for all guests.

14. Foyer

If your staircase is right inside your home entrance, convert the space underneath into a stylish foyer. Place a console table, baskets for holding keys, hang some artwork, light it up elegantly, place a bench or a chair, and you have a welcoming foyer right there.

15. Pets’ Corner

Got a pet? Give it a small, warm den to retreat into instead of snoozing on your couch or bedroom floor. You can even build a spacious kennel or cage with doors if you have pets to be secured. Place a bed, toys, food dish to make it feel like home for your pet.

A neglected space, no more! With all these creative and unique ideas, you can make a stylish under-the-stairs nook in your home. Which of these did you like, or do you have a better idea? Talk to HomeLane today to best utilize that neglected space.

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