Today, earthy tone colours are taking over the home interior space. People are going in for earthy tones not because of how beautiful it looks but because it offers a cosy and warm feeling to a space.

You can never go wrong with an earthy colour palette. Shades of dusky pinks, taupe, greys, warm mustard, and browns mixed with wood, gold, and creams can bring on a sense of serenity and well-being.

If you’re looking to experiment with earthy colours, then read on for a quick guide to using these classic earth shades in your space!

The Effect of Earthy Tone Interiors at Home

Earthy tones are the best colour therapy you can get when you get back home after a hectic day. Earthy colours are said to be inviting, friendly, and contemporary. They include a mix of tans and browns that can be included with richer shades such as green, yellow, orange, red, blue, and purple.

These tones are functional and appealing and are also considered to be settling and warm.

Earthy-tone interiors look extremely beautiful and can be used in spaces such as family rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. They provide a very comforting feeling that calms one’s mind and also does not make the space sombre.

7 Ideas to Implement Earthy Colours in Your Home

Earthy colours can vary, and choosing the right colour for your space may require some experimentation. Here are some ideas on how to choose earthy tone wall paints and décor to set the mood of your space

earthy tone interiors

A Rustic Kitchen Scene

An earthy-tone kitchen can do wonders for your home. Since the kitchen is a place that’s used a lot, it’s important to get in the mood while you cook.

Busy mornings can cause a lot of stress, and making your kitchen inviting and calming with the right earthy colours can help.

Choose an all-taupe palette that gives a rustic look to your space. Include wicker baskets to place fruits and vegetables on the countertop to create a pretty sight.

Natural wooden shelves and wooden kitchen tools like chopping boards, dishes, trays, and spoons can lift your space and give it a timeless appeal. Dark wooden flooring and earthy-tone carpets are also good ideas.

rustic kitchen scene

Earthy Colours in the Bathroom

Another space where you can include earthy colours like taupe and beige is the bathroom. Take it a step further and include natural accents like pots and wicker baskets in shades of brown to make the space relaxing and calming.

Natural wood is great to include in your space, giving it that earthy feel. So, make sure to choose a colour that will complement the natural materials in the room.

earthy colours in the bathroom

Beige for the Sitting Room

Including earthy tone colours in the sitting room is also one way of playing around with these shades.

Wooden beam ceilings are perfect if you’re looking for a natural and rustic look, and the sandy lime plaster finish on the walls can add to the rustic tone of the space. Add furniture and seating in shades of greys, browns, and warm mustard for a cosy and inviting feeling.

Additionally, placing wooden accent pieces, baskets, and trays to arrange items around the house can complement the earthy colours, lift the space and bring in those calming vibes where you can relax and unwind.

earthy tone colours for setting room

Charcoal and Chocolate

If rich greens and bold terracotta shades are not to your taste, then do not worry; there are many neutral earthy colours that you can pick for your space.

For example, charcoal and chocolate are great colours to use for that earthy feeling.

Using varying brown shades and a cream mix with a pop of charcoal is perfect for a cosy and chic rustic look. It’s an understated palette to add to your home for that extra warmth.   terracotta shades

Mustard Bedroom

Adding earthy colours like shades of brown with mustard-coloured walls in the bedroom can help keep the space relaxing and cosy. A touch of beige and brown here will enhance the look further.

Brown furniture with soft cream and beige linen is fantastic for bringing about the perfect vibe you need in a bedroom.mustard-coloured walls

Spiced Red and Latte

When it comes to earthy colours in wall paints, coffee browns and spiced reds offer a rich colour tone with a lot of warmth. If you’re looking for a dreamy aesthetic look, then going in for a combination like this can work wonders for your space.

Adding brass metal accents and wood finishes balances out the rich shades perfectly well. Choosing the right linen and floor rugs with the same colour combination will complete the fabulous look!earthy colours in wall paints

White, Black, and Ochre

Ochre is a beautiful and unique earthy tone that can make your space feel luxurious. It can stand out beautifully due to the use of white and black.

The combination of white, black, and ochre is a great example when it comes to creating a comfortable space.

A palette like this can make your space feel sophisticated and vibrant. unique earthy tone


These were some of the design ideas based on earthy colours that you can use for your space.

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1. What Colours Are Earthy?

Earthy colours are essentially a mixture of different tones of earth browns and tans. You can also incorporate richer colours such as orange, green, red, yellow, purple, blue, etc.

Here’s the golden rule for earthy tones: The earth tone colours are generally way more muted and flat than other colours.

Some of the most interesting earth tone paint colour combinations you can use include:

  • Brown + beige + cool blue: If you are not too sold on earthy pastel colours, go for this colour combination to create a calming and rejuvenating earth tone bedroom.
  • Grey + brown hues: The earth brown colour is one of the most versatile colours that you can use in different variations. For instance, by pairing a grey (cool) colour with a brown (warm) colour, you can lend an effective contrast to your earth colour living room.
  • Tan + white + grey: This is a perfect example of neutral earth tones that comprise earthy white, charcoal grey, and tan hues. This classic colour palette adds tons of visual interest to your space and empowers you to embrace an earthy look in all its glory.

When it comes to earthy colours, the combinations are virtually endless. We suggest you consider your room’s interiors and aesthetics and pick earth colour tones that speak to your design sense.

2. What Are Warm Earthy Colours?

Warm earthy colours refer to warm earth browns such as chocolate brown, mustard, terracotta, etc. They refer to earthy neutral shades that take inspiration from (and are rooted in) nature.

If you want to create calming, soothing, relaxing, and comforting vibe, go for earth brown colours without a second thought.

Some of the most unusual examples of warm earth tones include the following.

  • A warm shade like honey lends the space a greater sense of openness, airiness, and vivaciousness.
  • Neutral earth tones such as taupes and browns can be used in conjunction with cooler grey shades to add layers of flexibility.
  • Earthy orange colours and brown hues allow you to create an autumn-like look and feel within the confines of your home.
  • Neutral hues such as warm beige and white create a laidback and relaxing vibe at home.
  • Warm earthy white, chocolate brown, and deep red creates a wonderfully-balanced and dynamic look to the space.

3. What Do Earthy Colours Represent?

Earthy tones are representative of contemporary, warm, and inviting vibes. Some of the most common earthy paint colours include earthy greens, earthy blues, earthy red colour, earthy yellow colour, earthy browns, tans, and more.

In terms of significance, it has the following characteristics.

  • It comprises any colour that contains earth brown hues or shades of the ground or soil.
  •  Since it comprises natural colours, or colours that are typically found in nature (think; green leaves, brown soil, red sun, and more), the earthy colour palette is representative of building a warm, nature-centric atmosphere at home.

4. What Colour Is the Earth Element?

Typically speaking, the earth green colour and brown colours are considered to be the colours of the earth element. Basically, any colour that makes you think of the earth or soil is the colour of the earth element.

Some of the most common earth element colours include rust, deep navy, marigold, terracotta, sage, burnt sienna brown, turmeric, and more.

If the colour has brown undertones, it can be considered an earthy colour. If you want to add a subtle sense of vibrancy and want to create a nature-inspired space, earthy hues are for you.

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