One of the fundamental steps in home décor is choosing the right double curtain design and window treatment.

Curtains dress and ornament the windows and doors of the house. They are versatile, exotic, and innovative in providing a finishing touch to the space and magically transforming the area’s interior.

The right choice of curtains adds character to the interior and offers privacy, comfort, and warmth.

These curtains exude brilliance with varied patterns and colours that suit their surroundings. Double-curtain designs are more popular these days. Adding an extra curtain rod and fabric facilitates the process.

The outer layer of the curtain is of elaborate and heavy fabric, whereas the ones close to the window are thin and filmy.

This combination of double curtain design elements offers many advantages, such as filtering the sunlight, making the space feel cozier and more spacious, accentuating the height of a room, etc.

Let us discover original and creative ways to decorate your living room with double-curtain designs.

right double curtain design and window treatment

Traditional Double-Curtain Designs

Traditional double-curtain designs are timeless, classic, and one of the best options for living room interior design. They are elegant and pre-designed with rich fabrics, tassel fringes, and matching tiebacks.

The magnificent design of the curtains is a feast for the eyes, and their gorgeous appeal also adds a romantic touch to the living room.

traditional double-curtain designs

Designer and Decorative Double-Curtains

Tastefully decorating the windows with designer and decorative double curtain design elements can help to add vibrance and luxury to the living room.

Double curtains with the perfect colour combinations, tones, and patterns, supported by matching or contrasting furniture pieces and upholstery, will offer an elegant frame and instantly transform the look of the entire space.

designer and decorative double-curtains

Colourful Striped Double-Curtain Design

A colourful striped curtain is a great choice to add vibrance and create a decorative frame for a dull living room. Colourful curtains add structure and character to the room, making it more cheerful and energetic.

You can create a pleasing contrast between the bright colours of the double curtain design and the rest of the interior design by using white, neutral, or nude palettes.

colourful striped double-curtain design

Double-Curtains for Small Living Rooms

Choosing the right set of double curtain design elements for a small living room that is cluttered and cramped can be a daunting task.

The primary purpose behind choosing the right pair of curtains for a small space should be to create an illusion of more space.

Subtle white curtains, along with minimalist wooden furniture pieces, can magically make the living room look spacious and more elegant.

double-curtains for small living rooms

Simple Double-Curtains for Larger Living Rooms

The trend of double curtain design ideas in your living room helps incorporate a personal touch and style. Going for subtle and simple curtains like the one in the above image adds an element of drama and makes the space look elegant and modern.

Also, the neutral tones of the furniture elements and other decorative items, along with the double curtains, make the living area airier, brighter, and more natural.

simple double-curtains for larger living rooms

Contemporary Double-Curtains for the Living Room

Contemporary-designed double curtain design elements paired with voguish furniture pieces offer the whole living room a modern look.

Stylish motifs on a creamy background curtain lift the entire look of the interior and are visually appealing.

The delicate patterns add a brilliant design element to the space, transforming the overall beauty. Additionally, this choice allows sufficient ventilation and natural sunlight to filter the room.

contemporary double-curtains for the living room

Unique and Stylish Double-Curtain Ideas

There are endless options for living room drape ideas.

If you wish to upgrade the look of your living room, one of the most effective ways to do it is to choose double curtain design elements with scalloped or ruffled edges.

The image above shows how the wooden window frames and the nude-coloured curtains create a striking balance and offer visual harmony, beauty, and simplicity.

unique and stylish double-curtain ideas

Double Colour Curtain Design for the Interior

Double-shade curtains amplify the living room’s ambience and add a touch of glam and drama to it.

But double curtains with double colour shades multiply the effect further. The ombre effect signifies the visual gradation from a dark hue to a light colour and vice-versa, marked by inherent mood swings.

With double-colour curtain designs, you can create a visual feast for your guests who visit your place. In addition to being soft, they can also be durable.

double colour curtain design for the interior

French Country-Styled Double Curtains

French double-layer curtain designs with floral patterns instil a sense of comfort and warmth. Double curtains with tiebacks offer a distinct French vintage vibe and add a feeling of beauty and cheer to the living room.

These curtains are perfect for inviting air, freshness, and brightness into the living space.

You can add sophistication and elegance to your area by adopting a French country-styled double curtain design if you have light or neutral furniture or decorative items.

french country-styled double curtains

Boho-Scandinavian Curtains for Living Room

The living room can give the impression of being immersed in nature with tropical-patterned curtains and perfectly matched wall colours.

Minimalist design and simplicity are emphasised in this living room, while neutral-shaded tasteful furniture and patterned double curtain design elements contribute to the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

In the image above, the subtly designed boho-Scandinavian white double curtain radiates a calming natural feeling.

boho-scandinavian curtains for living room

Retro Designed Double Curtains

Retro designs for interior designing are trending these days. Experiment with bold prints, geometric shapes, and patterns and implement them into your double curtain design to get a cool retro feel in your living area.

Personalise the look of the double curtain design elements further with bold, dramatic prints or neutral tones with shades of vibrant hues like orange to give a retro feel and vibe of the 70s.

retro designed double curtains

Soft Colour Touch and TiedBack Curtains

Adding soft and pastel-coloured curtains to the living room gives it a relaxed yet upbeat feel. Adding a soft colour brings the space to life and lends a visual illusion of more space.

A casual tieback creates a natural and effortless beauty effect that is both subtle and full of character.

The soft and light colours and casually tied backs of the double curtain design elements create a relaxing atmosphere. A balance between softness and dramatic looks is in fashion and is highly on trend.

soft colour touch and tiedback curtains

Sheer White Double-Curtains

Here, the curtains’ soft and white fabric perfectly complements the window’s colour, the wooden background, and the monochromatic carpet patterns.

By combining the double curtain design with plants, modern furniture, and accessories, the curtain perfectly fills the space, adding depth and completing the look of the living room.

The floor-to-ceiling white curtains make the living room look subtle, spacious, sophisticated, and grounded.

sheer white double-curtains

Curtains with Red Luxe Fabrics

Light, soft-coloured simple double curtain design elements have been the most common choice for living room interior design. However, dark-coloured velvet curtains are also in the spotlight, adding a luxe feel to the interior.

Elegant, rich jewel colour tones are ultra-modern and are a popular choice for walls and curtains these days. Fabrics such as silk, velvet, and wool provide a rich look, while modern furnishings provide opulence and grandeur to the room.

The luxurious yellow tones of the furniture with the vibrant red curtains in the image shown above reflect a dramatic personality to the eyes of the beholder.

curtains with red luxe fabrics

Solid Coloured Curtains for Your Living Room

Bright and colourful double curtain design elements are eye-catching and classy! Pairing with the right furniture and accessories enhances the living room’s character.

There are innumerable colour options based on your personality and mood that you wish to exude in your living room interior design.

If you want to bring a cheerful and rustic charm to your space, you may opt for orange double curtain design elements. In contrast, a curtain in green is visually pleasing and creates a sense of peace and harmony in the home.

It also gives the room a sense of belonging, healing, and comfort. Alternatively, you can choose purple curtains for an elegant and stylish look for your home décor.

In addition, you can choose royal blue curtains for a contemporary look and sleek furniture that makes the living area visually captivating.

solid coloured curtains for your living room

Concluding Remarks

Don’t overlook the idea of installing double-curtain designs to spruce up your living area if you are searching for innovative and creative home décor ideas.

No matter how well your home interior is designed and decorated, the power of appropriate curtain choices should never be underestimated.

Selecting the most suitable double curtain design colour combinations, patterns, and fabrics for your double curtains can be challenging.

Nonetheless, HomeLane is here to help you choose the right drapes and curtains for the windows of your living room with an in-depth understanding of various styles.

most suitable double curtain design


1. How Do I Double My Curtains?

Layering double curtains have numerous benefits and are a great choice to implement for home décor. It is an easy and pretty decorating idea for the living room that adds colour and depth and enhances and beautifies the space.

Not only that, installing double curtains is a great way to double the privacy of the home and filter the sunlight from pouring into the room directly.

Also, layered curtains lend extra insulation, increasing energy efficiency and lowering your home’s utility costs.

There are various ways to layer curtains and sheers. You can add a solid curtain over a sheer or vice-versa, or even add sheer over vertical or hang readymade overlays on top of the other.

Following the valid layering techniques for double curtains will perfectly finish the window treatment and transform the space aesthetically.

Choosing the right and upgraded hardware, including the curtain rods, clips, etc., is essential as the standard ones take longer to install, require complicated tools, and can even cause damage to the wall.

2. Can You Put Two Pairs of Curtains Together?

Yes, you can put two pairs of curtains together. Place the curtains side-by-side and pin their vertical edges together. Depending on the fabric of the curtains, you may choose to sew or clip them.

When working with patterned curtains, you must ensure that the patterns and texture of both curtains match before and after putting them in place. You can install a single rod to layer the drapes with the help of curtain rings or with clips.

You can clip one ring to a solid curtain on top and another ring behind it to clip the sheer panel or lightweight gauzy curtain.

This will create a double curtain in your living room. Alternatively, you can also align the solid and sheer panels next to each other and clip them together for living room interior design.

The entire process of choosing, coordinating, and hanging double-layered curtains can be a bit tricky and challenging for some. Nevertheless, it is simple and easy to integrate into the living room.

3. What Is a Double Curtain Pole?

Although very similar to single curtain rods in their design, a double rod curtain design allows you to layer more than one curtain or drape.

This creates a more dramatic and enhanced look in the interior.

Usually, to block the light from outside and to beautify the interior of the room, a sheer curtain that is thin and translucent is hung on a single rod close to the window, followed by a heavier curtain with intricately patterned or solid-coloured fabric on the other rod.

A single curtain rod is a classic and popular choice. Nowadays, double curtain rods are also becoming more common because they offer more options for privacy and light control and creative decorating options.

While they may not be as simple as single curtain rods, the results will undoubtedly be worth it.

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