Bathroom décor reveals a lot about your personality and sense of style. This is why accessories like the relatively understated designer basin taps are significant bathroom accessories that can accentuate the entire space.

Investing in designer taps can help you redesign your bathroom and give it a classy makeover. With many sizes, styles, finishes, and types available, choosing the right tap design for your washbasin can be challenging.

However,  we’ve computed a list of some some of the trending bathroom tap designs that will help you select your desired aesthetic and imbue your bathroom taps with an aesthetic air:

designer basin taps

Trending Bathroom Tap Designs

1. Give an Elegant Look To Your Bathroom With This Monobloc Tap

These bathroom tap designs look as cool as they sound. These taps are increasingly used in contemporary bathrooms due to their minimalist style. They are also referred to as mono-basin taps in many places.

As seen in the image, this tap design requires only one tap hole and uses a single spout for cold and hot water.

You can regulate both the temperature and flow with a single lever. Few such bathroom tap designs have twin levers to manage cold and hot water separately, but they are less preferred.

mono-basin taps

2. Uplift Your Bathroom’s Look With This 3-Piece Tap Set

When it comes to designer taps for washbasins, there are several varieties that you can experiment with.

The three-piece tap set shown above is a perfect choice to make for your modern and chic bathroom. Moreover, its exemplary and lush design will blend effortlessly with any bathroom interior décor, modern, classic or conventional aesthetics.

As its name indicates, this tap design comprises three parts and requires three tap holes on your wash basin.

Though single-lever bathroom tap designs are easier to use, nothing can beat the beauty of a three-piece tap set. For the same reason, they are generally costlier too.

three-piece tap set

3. Install This Wall Mounted Basin Tap For An Affluent Look

For those wanting designer space-saving bathroom accessories, wall-mounted bathroom tap designs are the way to go. These taps are ideal for small areas and countertop basins as they can be easily mounted on the bathroom wall.

The wall-mounted basin mixer tap comes with a single lever (to control the temperature and the water pressure) and a basin spout.

With an ergonomic design and advanced technology, these bathroom tap designs taps add comfort to your bathroom décor and give it a graceful appearance.

You can also select among the various bathroom tap designs with or without a back plate to get the desired look. One essential point to be noted is that the pipeline for the tap must be buried beneath the bathroom wall.

wall-mounted bathroom tap designs

4. Give a Classic Look To Your Bathroom With This Pillar Tap Design

These traditional pillar taps are regarded highly in the tap design world. These bathroom tap designs is very famous in the UK. You can make your bathroom the talk of the hour with a classic pillar tap on your wash basin.

The picture shows this design has two separate cold and hot water taps. One significant benefit of these bathroom tap designs is that you can have distinct pressures for both cold and hot water as they use different taps.

In most cases, these Pillar taps are majorly installed on the bathroom basin as they are relatively short in height. They are very commonly found in traditional houses.

Therefore, these bathroom tap designs are ideal for your bathroom if you have an old plumbing system.

classic pillar tap on your wash basin

5. Make Your Bathroom Easy-to-use With These Push-Down Taps

Such basin tap designs are prevalent in public bathrooms. This basin tap design will add simplicity to your bathroom décor. Once pressed down, the tap releases a certain amount of water for a certain duration at a pre-determined temperature.

This duration generally lasts up to 20 seconds, and when the time is reached, the tap automatically closes, ceasing the water flow.

easy-to-use push-down taps

6. Modernize Your Bathroom With This Sensor Tap

Enjoy your everyday routine by installing this ultra-modern beauty in your bathroom interior.

These bathroom tap designs are currently a favourite among homeowners. All you need to do is place your hand under the spout, and water is released as soon as the tap senses your hand.

A touch-free automatic sensor tap prevents cross-infection, which is essential owing to rising pollution in recent times.

This sensor tap design works well with both battery and AC operation. A solid brass senor tap with a chrome finish can add much-needed sparkle to your bathroom.

touch-free automatic sensor tap

7. Renovate Your Bathroom With This Shower Mixer Tap

You can find many varieties of shower mixer taps in the market. A high-quality shower mixer tap can make your bathroom look exclusive.

You’re going to enjoy this one. This tap design includes two separate levers for temperature control and a distinct shower tap. Such taps are featured in many newly renovated bathrooms.

Although the tap design looks a bit complex, it’s an excellent choice for both conventional and modish bathrooms.

shower mixer taps

8. Give a Rich Look To Your Bathroom With This Gold Finish Tap Design

Do you desire to have a bathroom that has all things lavishing? Stun your visitors by installing a gold-finished designer tap in your bathroom.

This designer tap will make your bathroom décor look ritzy. You can opt for taps made of brass ingots with flawless copper casting for an elegant look.

It would be best if you always chose taps with robotic electroplating, as they will ensure that these taps last longer and look eye-catching.

gold-finished designer tap

9. Brighten Up Your Bathroom With This Designer Basin Tap With LED Light

LED light designs are the latest trend that has picked up a tremendous pace in the market. As seen in the picture, a LED lamp is installed in this tap design. It has a sensor to control the flow of water.

The light glows at your fingertips while you are washing your hands. These bathroom tap designs ensure you experience the pure beauty of nature when you step into your bathroom.

It outshines most types of designer taps with its exceptional design and state-of-the-art technology.

designer basin tap with led light

10. Give Your Bathroom a Stylish Make-Over With This Crescent-Shaped Designer Basin Tap

This basin tap design has the potential to be the most stylish element of your bathroom by making it look more appealing with its smooth and natural curve.

You can modernise your old-fashioned bathroom basin with this half-moon-shaped designer tap. Its graceful curve compares favourably with that of a swan about to take flight, which ensures that it is easy on everyone’s eyes.

half-moon-shaped designer tap

11. Upgrade The Level of Your Bathroom Decor With This Single-Lever Basin Tap Design

This classic tap design for your basin will simplify your bathroom’s wash basin. This is because the cartridge in this tap design facilitates drip-free operation and a user-friendly washing experience.

You can control water flow and temperature by simply swiping the lever making the tap very easy to use. Installing these bathroom tap designs can add an edge to your bathroom interior and make it stand out beautifully.

single-lever basin tap design

12. Give a Classy Look To Your Bathroom With This Vintage Bathroom Tap Design

A high-quality vintage-style basin tap design can add a lavish touch to your bathroom’s basin. This design has a soft-touch bubbler, creating a streamlined flow of water and reducing water splashing. Such tap designs are beneficial in saving water.

A vintage tap made from the highest quality brass can also benefit your hygiene and health. The use of brass also makes the tap durable and user-friendly. This classically designed basin tap is a safe and healthy option for family use.high-quality vintage-style basin tap

13. Add a Luxurious Touch To Your Bathroom With This Unique Basin Tap Design

You can experience the pristine beauty of nature while washing your hands with this cascading bathroom tap design. Its exceptionally unique design outshines most types of basin taps.

This designer tap has a copper body combined with a glass disk for a transparent effect. The single cascade efficiently controls the temperature and water flow. This makes it very easy to use.

Make your bathroom impressive with this designer basin tap.

unique basin tap design

Concluding Remarks

Bathroom tap designs are one of the most stunning aspects that effortlessly blend with any bathroom’s style, whether simple or luxurious. Essential consideration must be to select the right basin tap design from a well-established brand.

If you need further help with your bathroom’s interior design, please visit HomeLane. You will find multiple modern interior design solutions at the best prices here that will complement the elegance and beauty of your bathroom designs.

bathroom tap


1. Which Type of Tap Is Best for a Bathroom?

Four primary taps are available in the market that you can select depending on your preferences and bathroom décor.

  • Wall Mounted Taps: You can go for a wash basin tap design with a wall-mounted tap if you prefer something unique. It has a single spout and a lever to control temperature and water flow. This designer tap works well with all bathroom styles, whether classic or unconventional.
  • Widespread Taps: These taps come with separate controls for hot and cold water that can be installed on basins and countertops. This type of tap is suitable for large bathrooms.
  • Centre Set Taps: Centre set taps are usually 4” in diameter, which requires three tap holes in the basin and handle with a middle space of 4”. Some models have two handles installed on a 6” plate. These taps provide a classy look to bathrooms.
  • Single-Handle Taps: Single-handle taps are easy to use and come with simple yet elegant designs. They are convenient for controlling temperature and water flow.

2. What Is the Difference Between a Basin Tap and a Bath Tap?

A bath tap might look like a basin tap on the surface, but they are slightly different underneath. The difference between bath and basin taps is that a bath tap is usually attached to the water supply using a ¾” pipe. In contrast, a basin tap is generally connected to the water supply using a ½’ pipe, leading to a substantial difference in the water flow. This difference is sufficient to rule out the usage of a basin tap for bathing.

3. How Do I Choose a Tap?

It would be best to consider the following factors before selecting the right tap design; otherwise, choosing a basin tap design can be a testing task.

  • Pay attention to the required space: Consider the required walking space in your bathroom while choosing a tap design. The tap size should match the tap hole on your basin or the area where it will be fixed. Huge taps will make your bathroom look unaesthetic and unpleasing.
  • Prefer Excellence: Always choose high-quality taps over cheap ones. You might initially save some money by buying a low-quality tap, but it may not serve the purpose in the long term. Whereas a high-quality fixture might be expensive initially, it will be beneficial in the long run.
  • Select the correct brand: A bathroom tap is essential to uplifting your bathroom décor. Before you select the right designer, tap, it is imperative to select the right brand. Choosing a well-known brand that offers a wide range of designer taps is always best.

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