Have you been looking for ways to adorn your wall with aesthetically pleasing interior decor that can instantly transform your space into a work of art? If so, you are at the right place.

That is because, in the sections below, you will be privy to an impressive variety of specially handpicked artistic wall hangings, with each wall hanger design more impressive than the last.

These designs will help you showcase various aspects of your home, such as your vintage hat collection or other works of art such as frescoes etc.

Continue reading to know more on the same.

artistic wall hangings

1. Decorate Your Living Room with a Large Beaded Macrame Wall Hanger Design for a Bohemian Touch

A Macrame wall hanger design has an effortlessly stunning look that can instantly transform your living room into a warm and welcoming space. This well-crafted piece of art is handwoven from cotton and suspended from a wooden dowel, which lends itself to a simple yet visually alluring bohemian design.

The decorative beads stitched around the tassels of this design add artistic depth to your living room interior design, while its thoughtfully cut fringes highlight its free-spirited bohemian appeal.

The white colour of the macramé beautifully blends into the background, highlighting the other aesthetic installations while ensuring that it commands an equal measure of attention. You can pair it up with lush green indoor plants and wall paint of your choice for an added touch.

large beaded macrame wall hanger

2. Brighten Up Your Living Room Wall with Minimalist Macrame Plant Holders and Artistic Handmade Portraits

Ever since the rise of the art of interior decor, people have preferred using something known as the mix-and-match formula to spruce up their living room walls. It essentially refers to using a variety of colours or tastefully-arranged accessories for an aesthetic variance on their living room walls.

If you are a nature lover, you can showcase your taste by opting for a unique wall statement theme with the help of this wall hanger design idea that combines exclusivity with the help of its minimalist approach.

The design above is distinguished by its use of DIY art pieces that highlight greenery, from miniature potted plants to imprints of leaves and stalks etc., which can also be suspended from them with the help of simple and durable strings. Designs like these also accentuate the quality of your portraits while helping bring to life the earthy ambience of your greenery.

minimalist macrame plant holders

3. Embellish Your Living Room Wall with Verona Tarnished Arrows For a Fashionably Medieval Look

This bespoke wall hanger design adds royal grandeur to your living room wall. You can decorate the wall with a pair of archery arrows plastered with a golden finish that makes them look as if they were wrought of an alloy of ivory and amber.

You can position both of them facing each other for an enhanced visual appeal. These tarnished arrows go best with a white-tinted wall.

You can also decorate the surrounding with aesthetically soothing accessories like white gauze curtains, antique wooden stools and simple yet elegant furniture such as the round table-top with burnished edges in the image above.

archery arrows plastered with a golden finish

4. Add Life to Your Wall by Hanging Succulent Planters from Adhesive Hooks

Hanging plants is a quick hack to fill an empty wall as it helps usher in colour and life to that space.

A plant wall hanger design is something that you can integrate in the front of your kitchen window or your dining room, as it adds another dimension or layer to the space.

The profusion of these succulent plants hanging from artfully designed adhesive hooks, either in your kitchen windows or dining rooms, also has a soothing effect on your eyes.

This is because they help bring Nature closer to you, which your guests and friends will surely appreciate.

hanging succulent planters from adhesive hooks

5. Decorate Your Wall with DIY Eclectic Wall Hangers Showcasing Minimalist Crockery

This wall hanger design is an example of minimalistic artistry and creativity. It is unique in design and easy to make at home. Tie a wooden plank to a circular ring using fine-quality thread and hang it from adhesive hooks.

The swing-like fixture can be used to display your trendy crockery collection. However, ensure you use only lightweight items for the same, or else the hanger threads may snap due to heavy pressure.

You can pair these wall hanger designs with modern yet minimal aesthetics for a classy set-up that exhibits a serene charm.

diy eclectic wall hangers

6. Upscale Your Bedroom Interior Decor by Hanging Artistic Plates on the Wall

Abstract and quirky designed plates with bright colours have the potential to transform your wall into a scintillating piece of art. Since this wall hanger design is made with the help of multiple plates, the intricate art present in each of the wall plates is distinct and has a story to tell.

You can get creative with various themes or styles of art on your plates, such as a floral theme for example, which makes you feel close to nature, whereas an abstract art theme ushers in a more modernist vibe. Decorate a corner of your bedroom with this ethereal wall hanger design for intriguing visual appeal.

hanging artistic plates on the wall

7. Add Depth and Elegance to Your Bedroom Wall with an Embroidered Jute Wall Hanger Design

Have you been looking for a creative wall hanger design idea to decorate your bedroom wall? This elegant jute wall hanger intricately embroidered to reflect artistic depth is the perfect pick for you.

It is made from fine-quality jute and painted with vibrant colours. The embroidered design depicting a house by a lake against the magnificent vista and colourful landscape makes this an exclusive art piece.

This wall hanger design can also be introduced to one of your bedroom walls for a chic ambience. You can pair it with colourful linen bedsheets with earthy tones for a soft, layered look.

embroidered jute wall hanger design

8. Decorate Your Wall with Rustic Wooden Cabinets Exhibiting Artistry

Spruce up your living room wall with a set of two rustic wooden wall hanger designs. These are tiny adorable open shelves that can be used to decorate light-weighted items like a quirky vase or a small planter.

Make sure to place the hangers in the proper orientation to create visual interest. Pair it with handmade art pieces and indoor succulent plants for a soothing ambience. You can also hang your vintage camera using a hook to create an artistic vibe.

rustic wooden cabinets exhibiting artistry

9. Decorate Your Wall by Showcasing Your Fashionable Vintage Hat Collection

Hat galleries are a thing of contemporary fashion and a trendy way to decorate your wall. You can easily hang your vintage hat collection using adhesive designer hooks for your wall.

This artistic design idea serves two purposes for you. Firstly, it prevents you from having to demarcate additional closet space and secondly, the decor reflects your fashion statement with an additional visual appeal.

You can either place them in a grid or juxtapose them in an ideal way that covers the wall for a casual and warm vibe.

showcasing the vintage hat collection

10. Add a Star Hanging Decor to Your Evolving Living Room Interior to Create Scandinavian Ambience

Create your own dreamy Scandinavian living room decor by choosing the right wall hanger design. Instead of focusing on uniformity, try the timeless mix-and-match technique for an avant-garde creation. You can opt for a bright textured DIY star hung from a sleek wall hook design.

Pair it with an elongated chic mirror and Kahlo small Macrame wall hanging. The light textured Macrame goes well with bright-coloured aesthetics. You can decorate the space with lush green indoor plants and crisp furniture for a classy ambience.

star hanging decor to create scandinavian ambience

11. Decorate the Wall in Your Hallway With a Bespoke Wooden Hanger for Keys

This Key hanger design is made from textured wood. It is an exclusive decorative piece divided into two segments with a mid-panelling. The upper section serves as a shelf to place a light-weighted planter or showcase your coffee mug collection, while the lower section hosts pointed hooks for hanging keys or other items like lanyards.

This wall hanger design is made from fine-textured wood, which embodies a rustic charm and eclectic beauty. Pair the space with wooden furniture and soothing lighting.

bespoke wooden hanger for keys

12. Revamp Your Wall into an Artistic Space by Hanging Boho Jute Baskets

Lend oomph to your interior decor by hanging chic boho baskets on the wall. Latest tribal designs of baskets in earthy texture call for a dramatic appeal. You can use a large group of multiple-sized indigenous baskets made from fine-quality jute. These handcrafted wall hangers come in a wide variety of designs.

You can combine coiled, plaited and twined baskets to create visual interest with this wall hanger design. Pair it up with Multiple macrame plant hangers, lush green indoor houseplants and an exclusive wicker egg chair to add character to the cosy bohemian ambience.

hanging boho jute baskets

13. Transform Your Wall to a Miniature Celestial Space With Silver Star Wall Hanger Design

If you are a lover of all things celestial and never tired of gazing at stars, then it is time to let your interiors reflect your inner astrophile. Decorate your wall with silver metallic star hangers.

You can use strings to hang them from hooks. However, having a dark-coloured accent wall is essential as a prerequisite. Silver star wall hangers can be distinctively visible in contrasting wall colours.

Black and navy blue are the recommended wall paint colours for a perfect star hanger setup. You can pair it up with opulent lighting in the room. This wall hanger design adds luxe and sophistication to your wall decor.

silver star wall hanger design

14. Add an Element of Creativity to Your Wall With Textured Macrame Wall Art Hanger

Decorate and spruce up your walls without ideally inserting elements that create a stark contrast. You can opt for these handmade macrame art wall hanger design pieces that add colour and texture to any interior space. Simple characters and elements of nature, like leaves hanging from a branch, express creativity and simplicity subtly.

You can use light colours to develop a soothing ambience. If you wish to impart a sense of rustic aura to your living area, this wall hanger design are for you.

textured macrame wall art hanger

15. Hang Circular-Shaped Geometric Decorative Wall Mirrors in the Hallway for a Classy Aura

Decorative wall mirrors can be used as wall hangers to create a funky and classy aesthetic in any room of your choice. This wall hanger design idea consists of multiple circular-shaped decorative mirrors of the same size.

They create a visual appeal and significantly expand transitional spaces. These elegant mirrors with round metallic frames are a bespoke creation that enliven your living room interior decor. Pair these mirrors with unique furniture, a neutral-toned accent wall and the appropriate lighting for a vibrant ambience.

circular-shaped geometric decorative wall mirrors

Wrapping Up

Incorporating the right Wall hanging design is an excellent way to upscale your home decor. You can pick from a wide variety of styles, patterns and designs. From DIY portraits to stunning mirror designs, choose the one that resonates with your personality.

However, you need to keep in mind the wall paint colour, lighting style and space before deciding on a specific wall hanger design for your house.

If you are still unclear regarding which design will best suit your needs or taste, then you can opt for a free design consultation with our experts at Homelane right away!

wall hanger design for your house


1. What Is the Rule for Hanging Pictures on a Wall?

Hanging pictures on a wall is a brilliant way to accentuate and add value to a bare wall. You need to ideally follow the thumb rule while hanging pictures on the wall.

The thumb rule states that the distance from the centre of the artwork to the ground level should be 57 inches, as this reflects the standard eye height of an average human. Hence, this level perfectly aligns the wall picture/painting with the eye level of the viewer.

2. What Is the Purpose of a Wall-Hanging Design?

A Wall hanging design or a wall hanger design creates a focal point for the attention of those who enter the room to get a sense of the interior style. Wall hanger designs enhance your living space by adorning the wall in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

3. How Much Space Should Be between Wall Hangings?

Ideally, spacing between pieces of artwork should be 3 to 6 inches when placed on a wall. However, if you are placing frames, the thumb rule is to leave a space of 2 to 5 inches between them.

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