What is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen refers to modern kitchen furniture that has been constructed in modules or units. These consist of cabinets with selected elements of standard sizes. A modular kitchen is usually a combination of wall units and base units. Modular kitchens are designed to maximize utility and allow for efficient space management, especially for the smaller spaces. Each unit is made from diversified materials and comes with modular kitchen accessories to arrange the things in clutter free way.


1. What are the advantages of a modular kitchen?

      • Kitchen Hygiene: Modular kitchens consist of wooden blocks that are specifically designed to keep your kitchen clutter-free and clean.

    • Space Management: Every corner of your kitchen is properly utilized and each modular unit is specifically designed for convenience. These units can be shifted or rearranged so that everything, be it the hob, the sink, or your work area should be reachable. Use every corner of your kitchen with the help of space saving kitchen accessories such as racks, baskets, holders, bins, and trays. Your design should be compact enough to maintain all the kitchen units.
    • Cost-Effective : As compared to the traditional kitchen modular kitchen are cheaper, as it is factory finished furniture and kitchen units are produce in bulk with minimum wastage and in more efficient way.

  • Easy Repair: The modular kitchen unit are easy to repair and replace as each unit can be detached and removed from a modular kitchen cabinets.
  • Customized: Unlike traditional kitchen units, modular kitchen units can be customized based on your need. You can choose the modular unit of your choice and a wide amount of kitchen accessories of your choice which is like handles, knobs, storage units, spice racks and much more.

2. Is there any warranty/guarantee provided?

Most modular kitchens exporters and manufacturers offer a standard warranty for their products. This may vary depending on your manufacturer. Usually, manufacturers will give you a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects but, as with any other product, it is unlikely to cover natural wear and tear.

3. What are the different type of material use in the modular kitchen?

Kitchen Cabinets and Shutter:

The external structure and shutters can be made of MDF, ply-laminated with veneer membrane or acrylic, or wood. External structures can come in a variety of finishes so you get to pick and choose what works best for you. The internal structure is usually constructed from MDF or plywood.

Countertop Material

Countertops are usually made from granite, tiles, wood or cement. Consider the cost of kitchen countertops per square foot before you invest and wooden or granite countertops, though popular, are more on the expensive side. It is a good idea to go for a water-proof countertop, to minimize the wear and tear in your modular kitchen.

  • When it comes to kitchen handles, you can choose from different designs and sizes; these are usually made from stainless steel and some even come with chrome-plating.

  • Modular kitchen accessories, such as baskets, bins, and racks are also usually made from stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to maintain.
  • Modular kitchen cabinet handle made of stainless steel. Most people still opt for wooden kitchen cabinets when it comes to designer kitchen cabinets. However, if you wish to do something different with your kitchen cabinet designs, you could also choose melamine, which comes in various vibrant shades.
  • The composite material is a cheaper option without any compromise on durability or quality. You could also consider a glass kitchen cabinet, which is durable and looks beautiful, especially in corner cabinets.  It’s easy to find kitchen cabinets online these days, especially if you know what you’re looking for.

4. What is MDF and Marine PLY?

Medium-density fibreboard is man-made refined particleboard. It is created by combining small wood residuals with wax and a resin binder. The whole combination is subjected to high temperature and pressure to form dense and steady panels. MDF was developed in the 1960s and has been in use ever since. Since MDF boards have a uniform structure, it’s easy to make furniture from them.

Marine ply is a type of plywood used for specific purposes. It’s made from durable veneers which have hardly any defects, which is why marine ply works great in humid and wet conditions. It also resists the growth of fungus and is ideal for kitchens. Of course, because it comes with all of these benefits, marine ply is expensive.

5. How is the kitchen designed?

Most manufacturers have standard design catalogs with modular kitchen interior design photos. You can choose one and have it customized according to your preferences and the amount of space available in your kitchen. A modular kitchen design catalog is likely to incorporate Indian modular kitchen designs as well as what’s trending around the world, to give you a variety of options to choose from.

Once you’ve decided on your modular kitchen interiors, after consulting your manufacturer and giving them the measurements of your space, the modular kitchen is assembled and finally installed. Each module is independently constructed keeping the aesthetics in mind and also optimizing storage space.

6. What are the accessories you can use in a modular kitchen?

Before you decide to buy modular kitchen accessories it is a good idea to find out a little more about them. The different types of accessories include:

Base units 

Usually modular kitchens come with at least 2 base units, one for your oven and one with drawers and shelf space, which you can use as a countertop for working in the kitchen. The base units are designed to accommodate the hob, which is basically your cooktop, and sometimes the kitchen sink.

Wall units 

These are placed on the wall according to your height and convenience so that your stored utensils and jars are kept within easy reach.

Wall and floor tiles

Most kitchens are equipped with ceramic tiles although wooden flooring and laminates are increasingly becoming more popular.


Kitchen countertop is the area where you usually do the cooking, which include chopping, grinding, mixing, and prepping of food. It’s a good idea to ensure that you choose a water-proof worktop.

7. Which Kitchen appliances you should choose?


Chimney, a kitchen sink, a hob, and /or a dishwasher

Kitchen shelves and accessories –

These can be made from various types of material such as durable glass or wire, although stainless steel is most preferred as it is durable as well as stylish.

Baskets –

The plain basket is the most commonly used in the kitchen, which is used to store cutlery, plates, and vegetables. You can customised the plain basket based on your need.

Partition Basket:

These  customised baskets are very convenient for daily use as they come up with drip and dry facilities; the extra compartments will added convenience. These baskets are coming in various shape and size which is ideal to keep smaller items to larger utensils.

Pantry units –

These are sturdy, large units, usually used in professional establishments such as hotels and restaurants. These are designed to fit inside larger cabinets. Pantry units come with compartments to make organization easier.

Kitchen Holders –

Items like round bin holders, napkin and foil holders, wine glass holders and spoon holders make life easier in the kitchen. These help you keep kitchen accessories within easy reach.

Pull-out shelves –

These shelves are ideal to store the daily used items like oil container, spice bottles, sugar or tea cans. Usually easy to reach items should be keep in the pullout shelves.

Tall units –

These units are very efficient for some one who want to utilized vertical storage of the kitchen. You can customized these units based on your preferences like inbuilt oven, loft space, multiple shelves and many more.

Modular Kitchen trolley

These are durable and large enough to accommodate large and heavy groceries. You could choose from a variety of kitchen trolly designs based on your preference as these trolley can be places inside as well as outside the cabinets.

Kitchen Carousels

These are usually placed in the corner to make sure every inch of your kitchen is properly utilized.

7. How can one make changes to the designs or the units?

If you are someone who is looking to renovate your traditional kitchen, modular kitchen should be your ideal choice to consider. As it will provide you the uniformity to your kitchen designs and break the monotony of your older kitchen. The modular kitchen cabinets are portable, one can easily disassemble and replace the kitchen units. You might be aware of that modular kitchen is available in different layouts, even adding a one kitchen unit makes a huge difference to the look of your kitchen.

8. How do I choose the grade of stainless steel in modular kitchen accessories?

Modular kitchen accessories are made up of high quality graded stainless steel which is durable due to its premium quality.  These kitchen are temperature resistant which make it less prone to damages. Our recommendation is to use SS304 as it is made up of Nickel which is used to prevent corrosion and could be a cheaper option as compare to other material. The cost of modular kitchen accessories made from the 200 series of stainless steel is less but, while they are food safe, they are less corrosion resistant and of lesser quality.

Stainless steel recipe book holder

The thickness of the steel rods varies from 5 mm to 7mm, depending on the design and intended usage.

9. Can I fit modular kitchens into a fixed platform?

Modular kitchen are consist of customized carcass and cabinets units where you can placed modular kitchen accessories.

  • If your kitchen already comes with supports, sinks, and cabinetry, it will be difficult to fit modular kitchen units into it. Get your kitchen ready by giving the modular kitchen cabinets and unit measurements to modular kitchen firm.
  • If your kitchen is absolutely bare, you will need a box-type, fully modular setup, which includes everything from cabinets to counters, pull-outs, and shutters.
  • If you already have granite counters or a kadappa (black limestone) framework, no need to completely alter the kitchen interior design; a modular kitchen can be customized and fitted into this.

10. Can modular kitchens sustain water damage?

Whether your modular kitchen can sustain water damage depends mostly on the materials used in its construction. Wooden floors, countertops, and cabinet shutters are less likely to withstand water damage in comparison to melamine, glass, composite material, and marine ply.

We recommend to choose a countertop made from a water-resistant material like BWP ply which is resistant to water damages. Having said that modular kitchen should be maintain with care, one should wipe the spill immediately and clean the countertop, cabinets, shelves, and accessories.

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