Hybrid working has become the new normal. Many employees are returning to the office, but virtual meetings are here to stay. When it comes to videoconferencing, there’s one service that almost everyone uses: Zoom.

Virtual Zoom backgrounds are a great way to express yourself. You can showcase your tastes and make people note your presence. From bookshelves to beaches, there is a huge variety to choose from.

For interior designers and others who specialise in décor, interior Zoom backgrounds can be an opportunity to display your aesthetic and flaunt your style.

Here are ten of the most beautiful backgrounds for online meetings. Which one will you use today?

1. Pretty in Pink

Youthful and sweet as well as very sophisticated. That’s the power of a pink interior.

interior design zoom backgrounds

2. Fresh Outdoors

Add a dash of freshness to your meetings with this plant-filled view.

backgrounds for online meeting

3. Sunny and Bright

Wake up your co-workers with a splash of sunniness.

bright zoom backgrounds

4. Minimal Mornings

Some meetings need a no-fuss minimal attitude.

5. Calm and Soothing

Dial down the workplace stress with this Zen-like meditative interior.

6. Busy Office Spaces

When there’s a lot on the agenda, show them you mean business with this inspiring home office.

7. Glam and Luxe

Meetings don’t have to be boring – in fact, they can be glamorous and very chic.

8. Beach Vibes

When you’d rather be on a beach, use this background to let others know.

9. Library Love

You can’t transmit the smell of books over Zoom, but you can show your love for them.

10. Terrace Views

Stay on top of it all with this breathtaking urban vista.

Tips for Using Zoom Backgrounds

  • Tailor your background to the type of meeting and participants. Switch to a professional interior with clients, and a beach vibe with colleagues and friends.
  • Don’t choose a background that’s too cluttered or distracting.
  • Make sure your face has enough light so that it stands out against the background.
  • The aspect ratio is important, so make sure you don’t use a vertical image.
  • Choose outfits that complement the colour and style of the interiors.

Whether it’s a Zoom background or actual interiors, the design team at HomeLane will be happy to provide you with more ideas and inspiration. Get in touch for a free online session today.


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