Indian homeowners have been accustomed to a ubiquitous plain white ceiling for ages. While it holds a simplistic elegance, a creative, functional ceiling design can transform and reinvent your interior décor. Also known as the fifth wall, the L-shape false ceiling design is a prominent trend in contemporary interior decor.

You can uplift the look of your living room interior design with such a ceiling. It might require you to invest more effort and time when you set higher aesthetic standards for a room, but thankfully we’ve got you covered!

l shape hall false ceiling design

What Is an L Shape False Ceiling Design?

An L-shaped false ceiling design is one of the most popular false ceilings. It is built on the perimeter of the original ceiling and maintains the same height as the actual ceiling. Several varieties are available with the help of which these false ceilings can be constructed, including POP, metal, wood, gypsum, etc.

l shape false ceiling

10 L-shape False Ceiling Design Ideas for Living Room

The concept of four walls in home interiors is a thing of the past and adding a fifth wall to your living room décor is the new generation design scheme you need to upgrade to!

Keep reading to learn more about 10 inspiring L-shape false ceiling design ideas:

1. Opt for a Ceiling Medallion

A ceiling medallion refers to a decorative disc on the ceiling. Commonly, it is paired with a chandelier, but you can also choose accent light fixtures that create a show-stopping statement. This glass medallion adds style and a sense of depth to the L shape false ceiling design. The medallion is about the same diameter as the light fixture hanging underneath it, heightening the aesthetic appeal.

l shaped false ceiling

2. Provide a Simple Ceiling Tracery with Plaster

This modern-day sitting room is accentuated with clear-cut geometric patterns making the L shape false ceiling design take centre stage. A uniform white paint for the ceiling and wall creates a sense of cohesiveness. Although the colour is neutral, the ceiling commands viewers’ attention without overshadowing the room’s beauty. The colours in the room are subtly coordinated with hues of red and blue, giving the room an elegant appeal.

simple l shape false ceiling design

3. Use a Patterned Wooden Ceiling

A wooden L shape false ceiling design offers versatile options with its natural texture. You can choose painted wood, natural wood, grey-shaded wood, or reclaimed wood to create unique patterns and designs. The coffee-coloured wood L-shaped false ceiling design against white painted walls adds dimension and depth to the living room. Adorning the border with lights gives the ceiling form and function while keeping the space bright.\

wooden l shape false ceiling

4. Create a Sense of Depth with a Coffered Ceiling

The ornamental design of coffered ceilings dates back to the Ancient Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles. This classical elegance can be recreated in contemporary homes using the popular L-shaped false ceiling design.

Being built with a series of recessed panels, this ceiling design creates a sense of depth with its 3D decorative squares or rectangular grids. It is also practical because it absorbs sounds and divides sections of the house to create a larger space.

A coffered L-shaped false ceiling design is also a great way to cover up architectural oddities like pipes or beams that cannot be removed. Painting the coffered ceiling off-white creates a timeless architectural charm, or you can pair it with a colour that complements the rest of the wall.

coffered ceilings

5. Add a Fun Dose of Luxury with POP Ceiling Design

A custom-made POP L-shape false ceiling design adds a vibrant element to your ceiling. Lights installed in simple linear patterns give the ceiling a sense of order and accentuate the room’s décor with a warm glow. Adding decorative lighting like a chandelier to this POP L-shaped false ceiling design would also add dimension to a larger space. It brings a sense of sophistication to the ceiling as well.

pop l shape false ceiling design

6. Accessorise with a Crown Molding

If you want an elegant finish at an affordable cost, you should go for this head-turning crown moulding design. They create an interesting visual effect and work best on high ceilings.

Crown mouldings can make a small room look more prominent because the eyes are drawn toward the ceiling and away from the walls. The L-shaped false ceiling design of crown moulding thus lifts the space, making the ceiling look much higher.

One of the most popular ways to install crown moulding is by mounting it between the wall and the ceiling, as crown mouldings are meant to cover the gaps and imperfections between the ceiling and the wall. Plaster and wood make the most popular choices for L shape false ceiling crown moulding designs.

crown molding false ceiling design

7. Add to The Aesthetics with PVC Ceilings

PVC ceilings are a popular choice for L-shape false ceiling design. They are available in a variety of patterns and colours. The white PVC ceiling contrasted by coffee beam-coloured wooden beams infuse warmth into the living room and create a classic yet contemporary appeal.

The rich coarse-geometrical patterns with a statement chandelier add depth and dimension to the ceiling, creating a one-of-a-kind layout for the L-shaped room false ceiling design.

pvc l shape ceilings

8. Find Inspiration with a Tray Ceiling Design

This ceiling design gives the impression of an inverted tray. A tray L-shaped false ceiling design in the centre of the living room elevates the surrounding perimeter by several inches. Therefore it sits higher than the rest of the ceiling.

This unique character of the tray ceiling design provides several possibilities for décor, making it ideal for hiding lighting fixtures or wires. Because of its distinctive design, which creates a sense of depth, the tray ceiling takes centre stage as it draws the gaze upwards. A tray L-shaped false ceiling design can give your room a unique appearance.

tray ceiling design

9. Experiment with Mixed Moulding Designs

Different types of decorative ceiling trim designs add to the beauty of the L-shape false ceiling. The ceiling borders are an ideal combination of delicate simplicity and intricacy. Adorned by a statement light fixture for the embellished ceiling medallion, which is punctuated by an equally ornate decorative crown moulding on the borders, brings an exquisite look to this L-shape false ceiling design.

l shaped room false ceiling design

10. Straight Linear Pattern for Modern Homes

Adding a few wooden planks in a linear pattern can bring a sense of sophistication to the L-shaped false ceiling design. The effect of the dark wooden slabs against the sultry grey colour of the wall complements the room’s aesthetic. The pattern of straight lines punctuated with a grand chandelier beautifully frames the L-shaped false ceiling design.  This further creates a sense of sophistication and a unique attraction in this sitting room.

straight linear pattern ceiling design

Benefits of an L-Shape False Ceiling Design

L-shaped false ceiling designs offer several benefits, such as accommodating light fixtures, minimising dust, improving resistance to water and heat, and preventing termite infestation. Detailed below are a few of the advantages which you can enjoy with an L-shaped false ceiling design:

1. Great for Sound Proofing: A room gets better acoustics when an extra layer is added to the room’s original ceiling. L-shaped false ceiling designs make for the perfect interior decor option due to this reason. If your living room has a home theatre, you can binge-watch or listen to loud music without worrying about the sound reaching your neighbours.

2. Adds an Aesthetic Appeal: You can choose between numerous false ceiling design ideas. There are several ways to create a minimalist look with clean lines or to recreate old grandeur with a classic L shape false ceiling design. The availability of various designs ensures that people with different preferences can satisfy their aesthetic requirements.

3. Concealing Wires: When you install an L-shaped hall false ceiling, it is a great solution to hide the mess of wires, pipes, cables, and other service lines that cannot be removed otherwise. A sunken or raised L shape false ceiling design is the perfect place to conceal all the additional light fixtures and their wiring. This would make your living room interior appear much tidier and put together.

4. Creates a Sense of Height: Creating an L-shaped room false ceiling design for your living room is a clever way to restore the room’s proportions. A false ceiling can give the space an illusion of a higher or lower height, as required. You can add to its aesthetics by using vertical patterns or accessorising it with lights or chandeliers.

false ceiling for l shaped living room

The Final Word

To install a false ceiling, you need precision in calculation, design, shape, and wiring, along with the appropriate selection of the appropriate materials. The installation of an L-shape false ceiling design should not be mistaken for a DIY project, and you must take the help of experts.

In certain areas, you need advice from an expert to install false ceiling material or even for lighting fixtures. Luckily, HomeLane is not short of interior design ideas and can help you create an attractive ceiling that will become the focal point of your living room!

ceiling design for l shaped living room


1. What is L Box Ceiling?

The L-Box fall ceiling is the most popular type of false ceiling. It is built around the actual ceiling’s perimeter, maintaining the original height of the existing ceiling. Among other benefits, the l shape false ceiling design is an effective solution for soundproofing, thermal insulation, cable and pipe concealment, etc. A few other popular false ceiling designs include cornices, flat, and one or twin-bar ceilings.

2. Which Type of False Ceiling Design Is Best?

Different types of materials can be used for an L-shaped false ceiling design. Among POP, wood, metal, and plasterboard, gypsum board false ceiling are one of the most popular choices for homeowners, given its many benefits. They are more environmentally friendly and resistant to heat and fire. Furthermore, they are also easier to install and contain a non-combustible core.

3. What Is the Latest Trend in False Ceiling Design?

Every homeowner intends to decorate their living space as per their aesthetics, preferences, and budget. However, several homeowners choose L-shape hall false ceiling designs with glossy surfaces, which has been trending lately. This design easily draws attention, tricks the eye, and makes the room feel more spacious and elegant, especially if it is painted with lighter colours.

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