Using world maps as decor at home is a classic idea that can transform the atmosphere in whichever space it’s added in. And we are not talking about the maps you use at school – some interesting variations and options are available that can elevate any space at home.

Curious to know more? Read on to explore and select from one of these eight best world map decor ideas for walls we have curated!

8 Fascinating World Map Decor Ideas for Walls

Browse these world map decor ideas for walls and pick one that best suits your home.

1. Organic World Map

If you want to add a futuristic feel to your home, then you can go in for a 3D wall made completely out of organic grass to add a unique look that you won’t have come across.

It is much different compared to any of the world map decor ideas for walls you may have come across because it features real grass that you can set up as a vertical garden/lawn right within your living room. 

It will make your living space more breathable by acting as a natural filter and oxygen generator for your home. 

world map decor ideas

2. Wooden World Map

If you are a fan of the retro and classy look, then adding a wooden panel to your walls with an imprint of the wall map is one of the best world map decor ideas for walls you can implement.

This wooden world map wall idea adds a nostalgic touch, and a wooden panel covering the centre adds an awesome contrast to your living room design.

You can incorporate such world map decor ideas for walls for your study to give it a proper study room ambience.

wooden world map

3. Black World Map Decals 

Adding a black word map is one of the more unconventional but intriguing world map decor ideas for walls. It’s a great option if you want to add some spunk to your living space.

For a classic appeal, go in for a completely matte black wallpaper with white outlines of the world. But if you are thinking of experimenting more, you can play around with other colours till you find one that’s the perfect match for your living room. 

world map living room decor

4. The Classic World Map 

Nothing beats a design as timeless as the first-time explorers who started sailing in search of new lands. You can put up an ottoman chair and a small coffee table in front of the world map to create that perfect setup for your study.

You can also try putting it in your bedroom since it is one of the bedroom photo wall ideas that allows you to attach small polaroid photos of the places you have travelled.

Such world map home decor ideas for walls will add an element of history and even adventure to your room.

classic world map

5. World Map Jigsaw

This is one of the most unique world map bedroom ideas you may or may not have heard about. Unlike the wooden panel world maps, this one is a jigsaw where the pieces directly stick to your wall. 

The best place to put it is on the wall right behind your bed because having a close view of the world will inspire you to travel more.

If you want to accessorise the look further, you can add a few clocks showing the time from different cities around the globe.

world map bedroom ideas

6. A Map Made of Threads 

This is probably one of the world map decor ideas for walls that will take some time to make, but we promise you, the effort is worth it!

You will need a wooden panel, pins, and coloured threads. Nail the pins to the panel and carefully attach the threads to individual pins to create an impression of continents.

Or, if you are feeling at your creative best, you can divide that continent to reflect various countries – it’s all up to you to implement your world map home decor ideas for walls at home.

All in all, it’s one of the most DIY creative world map decors you can build for yourself as a bedroom wall design.

map made of threads

7. Glass World Map Décor

This world map decor idea for walls will look great on your kitchen counter. Glass can turn it into a stylish and elegant setting.

If you want, you can also add a few small pictures of yourself, your friends, and your family, highlighting the places you have been to. Align the photos in whatever way you choose to reflect your style, dreams and memories.

glass world map décor

8. Be the Creative You 

Do you know that by combining a compass, a few pictures, and crayons, you can create a customised world map decal that you won’t find in the stores? Just line up the image and the compass aesthetically, and paint different colours on countries and places you have visited.

Combine that with a little stylistic smudging, and there you have it- your customised world map decor ideas for walls! It would be a perfect addition to your bedroom design.

world map decor idea


The world map decor ideas for walls we discussed so far will give your home a unique look and inspire others to do away with their boring walls and try something new. You don’t always need to spend big bucks to spice up your living space a little; think creatively, and you can do wonders! 

And if you want a complete interior makeover, then you can check out Homelane’s exclusive end-to-end services for designs that are in a league of their own! 


1. Do You Like Maps As Wall Decor?

World map decor ideas for walls are for those who want to create a distinct look and give off a happy traveller vibe. So, if that’s your style, you should go for it. Browse the eight ideas we have created and pick one for your home!

2. What Are Some Unique And Creative Ideas For Wall Decoration?

Besides world map decor ideas for walls, you can try putting up asymmetric wooden frames and designs made out of metals with a matte finish, and you can also try building a vertical garden right within your home. 

3. What Are Some Of The DIY Wall Decor Ideas?

Other than world map decor ideas for walls, some of the simplest and beautiful looking DIY wall décor ideas include:

  • Glass candle holders fixed to a handmade wooden frame with either engravings or custom paint to give it a worn-out look.
  • You can also try creating an animal figure on the walls using colourful buttons of various sizes or maybe put up an artificial bird nest with fake eggs on the wall, with decals of flying birds around.
  • Make a collage with your most cherished pictures to place on the wall.

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