In today’s fast-paced life, having a dedicated gaming haven to play your favourite games can relieve stress. Whether you like to sit and enjoy your video game, want a fun pool game with friends or prefer to sit on the floor and immerse yourself in the world of the best board games, you can bring your overall gaming experience to life with our list of game room design ideas.

comfort of gaming room

This post has curated a comprehensive list of the best gaming room design ideas to transform your gaming experience.

1. Keep Comfort at the Centre While Choosing the Furniture

The importance of game room furniture is immense when it comes to enjoying your favourite games to the fullest. Think of adding plush, comfortable sofas, gaming chairs, couches, and easy recliners, as shown in the picture below, to give a true character and aesthetic to your

furniture of gaming room

Remember that in contrast to the rest of the house, your game room is one space that needs the utmost comfort and luxury. This is especially relevant for extended gaming sessions where you do not want to get tired easily or strain your neck and back by sitting in an uncomfortable or awkward posture for a long time.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the best furniture to be placed in front of your gaming system where you can sit comfortably for a long time and play the games of your choice.  

Also, ensure to include high-quality game room speakers that complement the space’s furniture. This is primarily because a nice sound system is essential for gamers to feel immersed in their video or computer game experience. There are multiple options here, such as standard speakers set up around your TV or computer or building surround sound into the ceilings and walls

2. Focus On Ambient Lighting

Lighting can play a key role in defining the overall ambience of your gaming room. To enjoy the gaming experience fully, you must ensure to establish a relaxing setting and lighting. The right lighting here will not only add ambience but also keep any screen glare to a minimum so you can see your video game.

The best way to do this is by considering the appropriate lighting choices for your gaming room setup design. When choosing the lighting for the best gaming environment, natural light is not the best option as there is always a risk of their brightness detracting the gamers from gameplay.

Instead, shocking pink and blue lights coupled with some checked roof designs, as shown in the picture below, can have a mesmerising effect on the entire room. Also, think about adding comfortable game tables and seats to enhance your gaming experience further.

lighting of gaming room

3. Add High-Quality Wall Cabinets

When you are a game lover, you will inevitably want to have a good collection of gaming DVDs, consoles and other gaming items. To give your space an organised feel and enjoy playing simultaneously, it is important to include wall cabinets when planning the interior design of the gaming room.

High-quality wall shelves, as shown below, and wall-installed gaming systems also help you save some space if you have dedicated seating space in your room with big tables, sofas, recliners and seating areas.

interior design of the gaming room

Apart from this, you may also consider hanging gaming-themed wall art or wall stickers to create an eye-catching impact by combining different game environments. Alternatively, you might think of dividing the gaming room wall design into different sections representing different themes, as in the picture below.

gaming-themed wall art

4. Sound Proof Your Gaming Setup

The gaming room at your house can soon get wild, whether you are playing Modern Combat, Asphalt or PUBG. Compromising with the volumes is not an option in such games, as realism is very critical to the success of the game system.

To ensure that others in the house remain at peace and you also get to immerse in the world of games, soundproofing the room while planning your gaming room design is a great idea.

sound proof gaming setup

Whether you decide to soundproof your walls and doors or re-design your room a bit and get some headphones, it is certain that this is a problem that you can easily overcome.

5. Make the Pick of the Home Theatre Wisely

When it comes to contributing to the gaming experience, most gamers make full use of devices and displays. These include the latest high-definition TV, good gaming consoles and others. In fact, gaming and movies make a brilliant combination.

This also makes it important to select the right home theatre system to accentuate the ambience of your gaming room design. Even if you do not want to splurge on a big television or computer monitor, you can easily settle with high-quality gaming and home theatre systems that fit in your allotted gaming space or on a computer desk.

home theatre for gaming setup

There is a range of options available these days for home theatre systems and entertainment centres for gaming. You may buy ready-made units from well-known brands or choose a DIY option to construct your own.

Overall, there are numerous possibilities where you can create a dedicated space to enjoy two of the most preferred activities simultaneously. A home theatre room will also provide a big screen for game viewing parties and offer comfortable seating to enjoy your most loved gaming tournament.

6. Do Not Just Plan for the Video Games

Unlike the popular notion that gaming rooms are only for video games, gaming is much more than that. An adventurous gaming session can be about multiple games. Right from your Nintendo to everyone’s favourite Mario or the more extensive role-playing board games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

It is important to accommodate the liking of everyone in the family when planning your game room design. The idea here is to make the gaming space a fun and inviting space for your friends and family so that you can spend some time enjoying, playing, and making memories together.

best design for gaming room

In the end, remember to design your game room and organise the setup to enable any kind of gaming, be it popular video games or fun board games. Make sure to turn it into a nice, vibrant, fun-filled space to sit and play every game under the sun, including Poker, Monopoly, Rummy, and more. 

7. Allow Adequate Natural Light to Flow in Your Room

If you are looking for gaming room design ideas that are cheerful, contemporary and not boring, think of ways to ensure a lot of natural lights flow in the space. Lighting is, in fact, one of the most exciting and important aspects of designing a gaming room, so you need to take this very seriously.

Having adequate sunlight not only improves the feel of the gaming space but also gives you the required amount of Vitamin D you might forget to catch up on your sleep. While natural lighting is definitely good sometimes, it can be a real pain to play and enjoy video games in a room with too much natural external light.

Whether it is sunlight directly entering through the windows or the door, it can make it very difficult for gamers to focus on the game. The issue can be solved with blackout blinds, shutters or curtains. You can also use blackout roller blinds here that let you adjust the height on each window easily, depending on facto such as the time of the day and your desired light level.

gaming room design in india

To further add life to your game room, you can get low-maintenance or low-effort plants that require zero to almost no care to survive. Some of these include the Chinese Evergreen and the Hoya plant. These plants are not only resilient but also do not require you to constantly care for them or worry about how much light they are receiving to grow.

8. Create an Exciting Environment to Play and Enhance Your Gaming Experience

When trying to create a unique game space that suits your taste, the most whimsical and best wall designs for the gaming room come from the games themselves. The picture below shows how a wall is designed innovatively, taking inspiration from the games.

exciting environment for gaming room

All you need to pep up your game room decor like this is to buy a few decor pieces in multiple colours and fix them to the wall to give a quirky yet bold statement to your play space. Also, make sure to play with different ideas, such as the smart use of contrasting white and fun pastels for both accessories and furniture to help further enhance the energy and feel of the space.

Further, you can also get a projector to accentuate your simple gaming room design and become the ultimate destination for fun gaming tournaments. This is especially useful when you wish to play multiplayer games with a huge screen, as it will maximise the gaming experience for everyone involved in the game.

9. Add a Refueling Drinks Station

No serious gamer would like to leave the space for a quick snack or a drink in the middle of an exciting game session. This can be taken care of by creating a small space in your game room design where you can add a bar or a small food station to ensure that you can quickly get snacks and drinks of your choice and continue playing.

This will also help create the ultimate gaming experience for you as this station will ensure that you can play games uninterrupted, as all you need will be in the room!

refueling drinks station

You can also think of this as a space you and your friends and family can further liven up the entertaining space. If you do not have enough space for a full-fledged bar, you can get a mini fridge and a small snack table to chill your drinks.

In Conclusion

Designing a full-fledged game room in your house requires fresh and unique decorating and design ideas. Playing with various gaming room set up design ideas, as discussed above, can completely transform your space to make the gaming experience much more enjoyable. And let us admit it, gaming in a cosy environment with your loved ones can be super fun!

interior design gaming room

The gaming room design ideas discussed above are easy to incorporate into your home space to give you the best gaming experience. Whether you are looking for home interior design for a gaming room or room design for boy gaming specifically, having an expert eye helps.

Take guidance from HomeLane design consultants to make the selection process easier from start to finish. Our consultants help you with everything from conceptualisation to execution for a unique yet modern gaming room design look.


How do you design your gaming room?

Designing a gaming room is no different from decorating any other room. All you need to do is to plan the design for the gaming room, make a list of priorities that you need to keep in mind while designing and work on decor and accessories before incorporating gaming arrangements along with your adding your creative touch.

What does a gaming room need?

Whether you already have a gaming room in place or you are working on building the perfect game corner in your bedroom, your game room needs items like comfortable gaming chairs, adequate lights, a gaming headset, keyboard-mouse combo, a sturdy cabinet for storing media, and a large desk to house your favourite games.

How much does a gaming room setup cost?

Depending on the items and quantity you include, doing a gaming room design in India can take anywhere from INR 30,000 to INR 2.5 lacs.

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