Bare walls lack personality and can make your home décor look boring. We’ve put together creative tips to make your walls pop. Are you a collector, a lover of art, or a gardening enthusiast? Turn your hobby into unique wall décor ideas, and add zing and zest to every room! Many of these ideas are DIY projects that can be completed over just a few hours or a lazy weekend.

Go Rustic

We love rustic décor, and it doesn’t get better than this rough plastered, whitewashed wall that’s low on cost and high on aesthetic appeal! Sensitive to the environment, this décor theme uses raw textures and organic materials for an earthy vibe.

Colours that Pop

A DIY mural breathes vivid life into this mostly white space. Just use black masking tape to create shapes on the wall, and use a flat brush to neatly colour block squares or rectangles with bright acrylic paint. Be careful to stay within the lines!

Get Creative

Plain paper plates become statement art in this creative wall cluster display. Juxtapose different sizes and shapes of paper plates and bowls that are spray-painted in solid tints of the same (or different) colours. An added advantage? You can pick the colours to go with your colour palette.

Are You a Collector?

Whether you collect stamps, masks, hats, picture postcards or statuettes of Ganesha, showcase your hobby on the wall as a stunning display. A lovely, stylish way to upcycle items you already have! This charming corner uses grass baskets and coasters to go with the organic theme.

Leaf Prints

Nature lovers will enthuse over this wall that celebrates the beauty of nature through a series of black-framed leaf prints. Carefully orchestrated non-symmetry in the composition creates a sense of abstract interest.

Very Dotty!

Here’s a very simple and charming way to instantly transform the nursery wall! Punch out polka dots from coloured craft paper and use bits of two-way tape to mount them on the wall. You can go with scattered dots or an organised arrangement that matches your décor style.

Fun with Decals

Peel-off decals are widely available in traditional and abstract prints in a variety of colours and sizes. Wrap a decal tree around your television set or create a world map on your teenage geography lover’s wall.

Use Your Hands!

Dip into acrylic paint and get handsy Use a stepladder for the higher part of the wall, and keep an eye on the spacing between prints so that it doesn’t look messy in the end.

Blackboard Wall Art

Chalkboard paint looks stunning on the wall, especially when you get crafty with creative chalk art! Put your personality on display for everyone to see. Chalk in pennants, recipes, reminder lists or messages of love for your family.

Try Grayscale

Give your wall the attention it deserves! This gorgeous digital print in shades of grey takes up an entire wall in the living room. The rest of the room is done up in natural, sustainable fibre, fabrics and materials.

For Book Lovers

Make an impact by combining functionality with wall décor! Book lovers can rejoice by transforming an entire bare into open shelves, a great way to add extra storage to any room. Leave some shelves bare and add art pieces and photographs for an interesting visual composition.

Colour Block

Solid colours can bring your spaces alive, and this striking blue wall grabs all eyes. Pick shades that speak to you, and use accessories in a similar colour around the room for design emphasis. Metallic or textured paints add an additional design element to your room and infuse a dose of character.

Line Portraits

If you have a friend who is an artist, commission a set of portraits that are done with just flowing black lines. Pale, neutral tones add to the simplicity and elegance of these images.

Go Retro

Macrame craft, very popular in the 80s, has made a comeback and its fringed and tasselled creations are now very popular. Embellish a bare wall with some DIY macramé magic.

Inside Outside

This designer has used green living walls both in the background and on the trellis partition. What a lovely way to blend the indoors and the outdoors!

Origami Power

Origami birds in pastel shades make for a striking 3D composition on the wall above the bed. Framed line drawings of origami folds adorn the adjacent wall, continuing the same theme.

Staircase Gallery

Quite often the wall along the staircase is ignored. This designer brings the bare wall alive with eye-catching family portraits that exude joy, laid out in a grid arrangement that nails the look of effortless sophistication.

3D Wall Art

What a lovely way to add life to a children’s bedroom wall! The folded paper plane is inked in with a marker straight on the wall, while the 3D cloud cut-outs are fashioned out of plain white card and pasted on the wall.

Fairy Light Décor

Add whimsy and charm to your room with the right lighting. A string of fairy lights, draped in any which way across a bare wall, can turn any room into a magical fairyland! Use LED lights to save on your power bills.

Fabric Walls

Lengths of lovely patterned fabric can be stretched out and fixed on the wall using flat wooden reapers. A lovely, creative way to get bespoke walls that are prettier than wallpaper! Pick patterns and colours that match your décor theme. Try to stitch matching pillows and quilts for a unique and very creative touch to your bedroom.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get started on your own wall décor ideas! For customised décor suggestions, do connect with the HomeLane team. We’re just a chat away!

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