A well laid out kitchen is every cook’s dream. It’s also the space that’s most likely to get messy and is the hardest to keep clean after. Besides, keeping it well organised can prove to be a nightmare. There’s always a pan that you never seem to find, spoons that go mysteriously missing, and containers with lids that don’t fit right!  
Don’t despair, help is at hand. Today’s modular kitchens come with cleverly designed accessories to ease all your storage woes. With everything in place and neatly tucked away out of sight, cooking can become a breeze! Here are our top picks of must-have kitchen storage accessories. These will help organise everything in your cooking space and keep clutter and chaos at bay.

1. Tall Units

The utility value of a tall unit cannot be emphasised any more. These sleek tall cabinets function as pantries in small kitchens. They are usually of the same width as the counter. They provide plenty of space to store away dry, non-perishable groceries and bulky kitchen items. Tall units work well when they are designed at one end of the counter, right next to the wall.
HomeLane offers a variety of accessories that can be used in tall units to eke out every bit of available storage. Here’s an indicative list of the units you could pick from. We have mentioned the prices along to help you make an informed decision.  




Starting Price (INR)*

Pantry Units Short Half Pantry Unit, Spitze (Soft Close)  for 600 mm medium-tall unit  44,760 (for semi-tall units)
Spitze Half Pantry 6+6+6 Basket for tall units 36,617
SP Larder Unit 6+6 Basket 1800-2000mm height 40,953
Everyday Larder Unit 45 cm 17,738
Pull Out Shelves SP Tall Pull Out 6 Basket 1800-2000mm height 41,017 (for tall units)
SP Tall Pull Out 4 Basket 1280-1480 mm height 33,432 (for semi-tall units)
Kitchen Trolley Internal Innotech Drawer System M height drawer (used as cutlery tray or plain drawer) +  D height drawer (to store containers) 9,406
Modular Kitchen Tall Units Available in different combinations, shelves only or shelves with tandem drawers, for semi-tall or tall units
*as on December, 2020.

useful kitchen accessories

2. Tandem Drawers

Tandem drawers, also called tandem boxes, are intelligent drawer storage systems. They can be used with flexible organisers to ensure the stored items stay put and don’t slide around. These can offer plenty of storage space when used wisely. Blum, Hettich and Spitze are premium brands that offer tandem drawer systems. These slide-out on soft-close metal sliders and can take the large capacity of loads up to 30 Kg. 
Here’s a selection of tandem boxes that our design experts at HomeLane use in our modular kitchen designs.

Tandem Boxes


Starting Price (INR)*

Hettich Innotech Pot N Pan Drawer  470 mm, 30 Kg 3,548
Hettich Innotech Drawer  470 mm, 30 kg 3,074
Spitze Slimbox  171 mm 2,987
Spitze Slimbox  88 mm 2,651
Hettich Atira (Anthracite) regular drawer 3,312
Hettich Atira (Anthracite) pot & pan 4,242
Blum Tandem Drawer Plus (M Height) 5,684
Blum Tandem Drawer Plus (D Height) 6,345
Antaro M-ht Silk white, 30 Kg 5,684
Antaro D-ht. Silk white, 30 Kg 6,852

kitchen accessories that are a blessing

3. Corner Solutions

Corner spaces in kitchens often pose a design and functional challenge. It can be hard to access the farthest corner below the counter, and whatever is stored there ends up never being used. Smart accessories like Leman’s Corner, Magic Corner, the Lazy Susan and other corner accessories help to access these hard-to-reach spaces. They come with trays that are kidney-shaped, circular, rectangular or half-moon shaped and can be maneuvered to slide out and in without blocking the access. Corner accessories are perfect for L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen layouts.
Here are some of the creative corner solutions used in HomeLane modular kitchens.

Corner Solutions


Starting Price (INR)*

Hettich Cargoman 26,760
Hettich Magic Corner 38,645
Spitze Lemans corner SS basket with a white solid base 22,593
Spitze Magic Corner SS basket with a white solid base 24,630
Hettich C-3/4 carousel SS basket with a white solid base – melamine coated white with non-slip special coating 24,794
Spitze corner carousel SS basket with a white solid base 21,509
Stainless steel everyday corner carousel  700mm diameter 7,974

kitchen accessories

4. Bottle Pull Outs

Bottle pull-outs are available in pre-determined widths that fit within your modular cabinetry. They are narrow and designed for easy access to bottles, cans, jars, juice cartons, cleaning agents and similar items. They are most effective when located near the stove, for easy access to oil, sauces, vinegar, and so on. All these items are otherwise on the counter or in open shelves near the stove, causing clutter. 
HomeLane offer bottle pull-outs at very competitive pricing: 

Types of Pull Out Drawers

Starting Price (INR)*

Everyday Bottle Pull Out 2,400
Hettich Bottle Pull Out 3,643
Spitze Bottle Pull Out 12,529
*as on July 7, 2020.

kitchen accessories

5. Cutlery/Cup & Saucer Trays

Cutlery trays are the most versatile organisers. They hold everything from forks and spoons to rolling pins and ladles in an organised manner. Flexible cutlery inserts come in steel, wood and PVC to suit your décor. They ensure that everything stays in place and is beautifully organised at all times. You’ll never have to search for that missing spoon again! 
Here’s an indicative list of cutlery organisers that can be fitted in your HomeLane kitchen.

Types of Cutlery, Cup & Saucer Plates

Starting Price (INR)*

Hettich OrgaTray 440 473
Hettich OrgaTray 560 2,509
Spitze-PVC Cutlery Insert 1,358
Spitze-Wooden Adjustable Cutlery Tray 3,100
Atira Steel OrgaTray With Anti Skid Mat 13,122
Blum Orga Tray 16,023
*as on July 7, 2020.

useful kitchen accessories

Once you are used to the convenience of a thoughtfully designed modular kitchen with the right accessories, you’ll never be able to cook in any other kitchen again! Our experts at HomeLane are just a call away!
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