Various psychological studies have revealed that colour has a profound impact on our minds and is capable of inducing a certain feeling in our minds. Some ancient cultures believed that green colour could improve one’s health. Nowadays, a new type of colour, i.e., Pastel colours, are gaining popularity among people for their serene effect on their minds. 

Colours also reflect our personality and have a profound effect on our lives; therefore, when it comes to choosing the right colour for our living space, we need to pay close attention to different types of pastel colours and their effect on our personality.

Which Type Of Colour Is Called Pastel?

Pastel colours are those colours that are very light in the shade and have more proportion of white colours, i.e., high luminance in them. As the intensity of the colour is very low in pastel colours, it gives these colours a soothing look. 

Why Choose Pastel Colours?

Pastel colours are used at home to convey emotions through colours. The wide range of pastel colours is known to express strong emotions such as love, happiness, serenity, peace and many others. This is why these colours are ideal for baby products, wedding decorations, cakes and cosmetics. Nowadays, pastel colours are also used in colour therapy. 

Effects Of Pastel Colours

Pink, orange, yellow and green colour paints are the most commonly used pastels colours for houses. However, we can also see colours like lavender, blue, grey, cream, peach and brown gaining popularity in recent times. All of these colours are used to impart a specific effect on the mind of the viewer. So let’s understand the effect of popular pastel colours one by one. 

Romantic Pink

Pink is indeed the most popular shade of pastel colours. This colour is used in rooms where you want to create a romantic, affectionate or caring vibe.

Soft Lavender

If you are looking to impart softness to your home interiors, you can add lavender colours to your walls. This colour has a soothing vibe, which adds to the softness of your home decor items. 

Cool Blue

Blue Pastel is indeed one of the best colours, which can spice up the vibe in your room. This colour brings vibrance to your interiors and will never let you down. 

Refreshing Green 

The refreshing effect of green colour on our mind is not hidden from anyone. Green wall paints are also recommended by the Vastu Shastra, as the text says that this colour is essential for a sound mind and body.   

Happy Yellow

Yellow is used in living spaces to promote happiness and is ideal for places that do not receive natural light in abundance. 

Pastels Colours For Different Parts Of The House

Pastels colours are indeed a soothing range of colours. But these colours can also be divided according to the living space, where they suit. 

Living Room

Orange colour pastel colours are most suitable for living spaces as orange is a very energetic colour and it imparts energy to us and relaxes our mind. You can also have green interiors as this colour combines the calmness and joyfulness of yellow and blue colour. 


For your bathroom, you can either opt for yellow or blue pastel colour, as both of these colours are known to bring happiness and energy to one’s mind. And this is the type of energy that your bathroom should exhibit. 


Nowadays, a lot of people are opting for a green kitchen as this colour is known to bring good health to the family. However, you can also use colours like yellow, purple or light blue to add to the charm of your kitchen. 

Children’s Room

You can opt for pink pastels colours for your child’s room. This colour imparts the feeling of love and affection in the minds of children. Therefore, it is ideal for their rooms. 

Popular Pastel Colours

With the growing popularity of pastel colours, a lot of companies have been manufacturing a wide variety of pastel colours. Here we are going to discuss some of the pastel colours, which are very popular among people. 

Pastel Yellow

This colour has a slight tinge of orange and has a dull yellow outlook. Pastel yellow has 0-50% saturation in it. 

Pastel Pink 

This pastel colour has a soothing effect on our eyes, and hence they are mostly used for baby products and to paint the walls of nursery schools.

Pastel Green

Pastel green is a combination of blue and yellow colours. The colour that we find in a green bathroom is called pastel green. This colour relaxes our minds and keeps us happy and calm. 

Pastel Orange  

Pastel orange is a combination of lavender, green and red. This colour is predominantly used to keep one’s mind calm and gives you peace of mind after a hectic day at work.

Pastel Red

This colour is indeed a perfect choice for romantic occasions and can be used in bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces.  

All the aforementioned pastel colours will have a great impact on your mind and body, so you should do your own research before opting for any of these colours. To get a consultation on this matter, you can get in touch with HomeLane.

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