Whether it’s a beautifully proportioned wing chair, a lovely little side table or a statement bookcase, accent furniture can elevate your home décor from the ordinary. Our designers give you advice on how to incorporate these unique pieces in your home!

The Need for Accent Furniture

Strictly speaking, accent furniture is not really needed for a room to function well. It is definitely needed, however, for it to stand out from the ordinary! Every designer looks for a special pièce de résistance in every room; something that ties the look together while standing apart as the focal point. Accent furniture has personality and adds character to your space. In a room that’s monochromatic and minimalistic, for instance, the accent piece making all the difference could be a stunning multi-coloured side chair. These subtle additions can be made over time, and they are what complete the look and feel of your room, breathing life into your spaces.

Accent Furniture Look Book

Ready to get inspired? Here are some ways to get the look just right.

High on Style

A delicious accent piece that adds a wow factor to the décor! The clever lines and bare bones of this simple hanging chair are in direct contrast to the sumptuous fur cushions and throws and lend character to this modern loft.

simple hanging chair

Let the Light Shine

The right lighting transforms the room and creates moods with just the flip of a switch. A Tiffany lamp on a burnished side table is the hero in this living room, creating charm and character.

The Blues Have It!

The importance of colour in your home interior can never be underestimated. This study immersed in earthy tones, the deep blue couch adds vivid colour and vibrancy to the décor.

Cozy Nook

A quiet corner can be transformed into the focal point of your room by adding a statement item, like this stunning rattan armchair which is positioned just right to catch the morning sun.

A Vintage Accent

A blast from the past! This stunning bookcase in antique Asian style could be a showstopper in any room. Pay attention to the size and scale of the room and be careful to keep everything balanced.

Live in the Moment!

The bold black and white chevron rug is the hero of this contemporary living room, effortlessly grabbing all attention and tying the look together.

Pretty in Pink

Pastels are trending! The pale pink velvet accent chair in this delightful bedroom offers the colour cues for the bed covers and pillows, neatly wrapping up the minimalistic themed décor.

Statement Lamp

We think it’s the oversized lamp that’s making all the difference to this bold contemporary bedroom. Note how to designer has used light wood against dark hues to create a contrasting style statement, one that definitely works!

An Old Vintage Chest

Treasures from the attic, like this restored vintage chest, relate stories from the past and add layers of depth to any space. The gorgeous hydrangeas on the delightfully proportioned table alongside are popping with vibrant colour.

A nod to a Bygone Era

Pay your respects to a bygone era, in this focal corner that uses intricately carved mirror frames and a delicately carved table to create atmosphere. The wall sconces enhance the timeless ambience.

Not Just For the Elderly!

A rocking chair rocks any room! Pick the upholstery to suit your décor style and colour palette. We’re predicting that this could soon become your favourite corner of the room.

Accent Furniture: Tips and Tricks to Getting it Right

  • Accent furniture can be used in any space and doesn’t have to be confined to the living room, as many people seem to think. In fact, a lot of designers try to incorporate a focal point in every room; something that makes it unique and different from run-of-the-mill décor.
  • Think out of the box, and don’t be afraid to go bold. Your accent pieces should have an edge above the rest of the furniture in the room.
  • Your statement piece doesn’t need to fit in with the rest of the theme, but do ensure that you make it seem right for your space, by using colours or patterns that match.
  • Accent pieces do not need to be functional (but if they are, then that’s added value!). What they must do is to add pizazz and style to your room.
  • Pay careful attention to size and scale. While an accent piece can have larger proportions, it should not overpower the room. The supporting pieces should complement your focal point but at the same time should not be too distracting.
  • Pick patterns with care—no room should have too many patterns that do not go well together! Even if you choose to mix things up, patterns and colours are what tie the look of a space together.
  • Listen to your heart. The accent furniture you choose should be true to your personality. If you absolutely love a piece, work the rest of your décor around it.

Need customized designs for your home? Our designers will handhold you through your home décor, from conceptualization to implementation! Connect with HomeLane today; we’d love to make your home décor dreams come true!

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