The most effortless style of decorating your house is to use eclectic or mix and match your home’s design. This trend allows you to combine the things you love for creating a tastefully designed home that reflects your personality. It is easy to fall into a specific trend like traditional, mid-century, or modern. The most impactful spaces are the ones that are inspired by multiple periods with different styles. A hybrid design shakes up conventional style and reshuffles the rule book to mix old with new. This style gives you room for a range of favourites.

To know more about mixing and matching different interior styles, we have created a post to help you pick the best ideas for your dream house.

Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of designing your house in a mix-and-match style.


  • You don’t have to follow definite rules.
  • Playing with colours becomes easier.
  • Existing furniture can be used with the new one.
  • It helps you save money.

  • Don’t go overboard by trying to adjust every piece of accessory.
  • Too many styles may look like garage sales.
  • You should be very selective since there are no set rules.

Tips For Mixing Different Design Styles

Here are a few tips to understand how to mix and match the different design styles.

Colour palette

Restrict your colour palette to subtle hues and pastels when it comes to fabrics and walls. Light colours always make the room look spacious. According to your furnishings, if you want to go bold, you can mix and match shades of green, yellow, red, or blue. The monotony of bright hues can be broken with shy pastels here and there.

Unifying pattern

Do not make the place overwhelming by piling up the patterns without any restrictions. For example, if you have floral wallpaper, avoid hanging murals or wall pieces as it will give a messy look. A self-themed wallpaper will do better justice to your wall pieces. Likewise, a heavily carved carpet should not be combined with patterned upholstery.


The eclectic interior draws its energy from contrast. You just need to create a common ground to make the space gel. Contrasting furniture of different periods like traditional and modern can be accommodated very well if they have the same wood shade. A simple dining table can be mismatched with varying styles of chairs, hailing from traditional to contemporary. Mismatched wood pieces can be brought closer to the same shade by polishing.

Focal point

While creating a hybrid design, there could be that one piece of design that may be hard to accommodate. Try to make that piece or a mirrored wall a focal point. Highlight it in such a way that it should stand out. Suppose it is a piece of antique chest box: use it as a center table piece by putting a glass top. Combining different elements methodically can work wonders if designed aesthetically.

Use a theme

Select a particular theme while doing your interiors. It could be a simple theme that runs around your house in uniformity. A successful hybrid design has innate similarity. Whichever theme or style you combine, colours are always a safe fallback point when detailing.

Functional pieces

Mixing design and style for creating a perfect interior can be flawless when done thoughtfully. While incorporating hybrid interiors, avoid going overboard by overcrowding. First, choose the most functional pieces designated for that room. For example, the most practical piece of a bedroom is a bed. Incorporate other furniture in the room, keeping in mind the aesthetic of that room.

Break The Rule

‘Don’t mix old with new!’ I think this is the most underrated statement. How boring would it be to stick to a single style or period? Embracing the old with the new should be your character’s trait, but this thumb rule can be applied while doing up your house. An easy way to go eclectic is to consider your room’s architecture.

  • If you live in a period house, then incorporate some contemporary lighting, accessories, modern artefacts, or drapes to highlight some contemporary features.
  • If you live in a modern highrise building, choose an antique mirror, a Persian carpet, lantern shades, and an ethenic chandelier. These features will add a touch of royalty to the contemporary backdrop.
  • If it is a standard house, you can use both modern and traditional pieces to give your house a new dimension. Practicality should be the key when you design a house. Your house should be a reflection of your personality.

An effortless combination of period furniture with contemporary style and accessories is an in-thing now. If your aesthetic allegiance does not allow you to follow a definite designing style, then a mix-and-match interior is your cup of tea.

To create a hybrid look, the designers take the best of period and contemporary fashion and incorporate them together for a novice look. If you want to create a mix and match style that appears cohesive and unified, visit  HomeLane. HomeLane interiors have the best tips to guide you on how to mix design styles like a pro. For an end-to-end execution of a well-designed house, explore HomeLane that offers you thousands of inspiring interior styles.

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