Rattan is a climbing vine native to palms of the tropical jungles of Malaysia, Asia, China, and the Philippines. This vine’s inner strands are used to weave wicker furniture, while the outer bark is utilized in caning products. 

Rattan’s Attributes

  • Rattan is popularly used to make furniture as it is malleable. Easily curved or bent and woven together, Rattan makes for excellent and long-lasting outdoor and indoor furniture. 
  • It features a light golden hue and gives a feel of tropical islands
  • The material is lightweight and nearly impenetrable. It is easy to move around and able to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and insects.
  • The Rattan material is considered nature’s artwork with strands or stems packed together in perfect position and natural design. The material is desired for its form and design. 
  • Rattan is more inexpensive and cost-effective than other wood or cane furniture. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some considerable advantages of getting Rattan material furniture, but there are some disadvantages too. 


  • Versatile – Can be used for almost any furniture
  • Sturdy – Lasts for generations
  • Natural, eco-friendly, sustainable material

  • Uncomfortable, although the hard weave can be covered with colourful cushions
  • Loosens over time – The weave needs a good construction and reweaving
  • Does not accommodate style change with times

Trending Use of Rattan Furniture 

From traditional to mid-century or eclectic, Rattan can be made into almost any piece of furniture. Here are some ways to blend Rattan into any home space for a natural look. 

Living/Dining room

  • Sofas
  • Coffee tables
  • Easy chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Stools
  • Serving trolley
  • Flower potholders
  • Folding screens

trending use of rattan furniture


  • Headboard
  • Accent chair
  • Bed-stand
  • Laundry box
  • Lampshades

rattan bedroom furniture


  • Study table
  • Bookshelf
  • Chair

rattan study room furniture


  • Garden chairs
  • Table
  • Tea trolley
  • Potholders
  • Hanging lamps 

rattan outdoor furniture

How To Style Rattan Furniture

Refresh Your Living Area

Rattan material can be woven into any furniture, including chairs, accent tables, sofas, folding screens, etc. Since rattan is cheaper than other furniture materials, it is an ideal option for budget-friendly décor. It offers comfort and a casual style to the living room. Accentuated with cushions, plants, plush rugs, rattan furniture, and accessories in the living area can give it a cosy and homely atmosphere. The designs, colours, and textures offer the space a natural and fresh feel ambience. A rattan pendant over sculptures or painting can be used as a drum lamp shade. 

rattan material

Pair with Different Styles

This natural material can be paired with a boho-style décor or a shabby-chic look. It brings warmth to the interiors, giving the space an easy-going feel. It goes well with plenty of plants and botanical prints or nautical décor themes. The use of wood or jute along with rattan furniture gives the space a natural aura. Metallic accents and mid-century furniture contrasts with rattan to provide the room with an eclectic accent. 

wood with rattan furniture

Caned Rattan Furniture

The outer bark of the rattan plant is used for making cane furniture. It features a multi-directional open weave pattern and makes for gorgeous designs. It gives the furniture a light and airy appearance, and it is perfect on the patio or outdoors in the garden. The caning technique is ancient and unique and boosts timeless beauty and style. 

caned rattan furniture

Use for Storage 

Rattan baskets are great for storage. These storage baskets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs from clothes to toys, laundry, books, blankets, linen, etc. The woven baskets are well ventilated and can fit into any space. They can fit under tables and beds, kept inside cupboards, and used to store-away almost anything. 

rattan baskets

Modernize with Paint or Stain 

Modern designers find innovative ways to spruce up your furniture. Just like wood, rattan can also be painted or stained to any shade. A fresh colour coat can change the entire look of the furniture and the room. You do not need to discard the beautiful rattan furniture in case you are redecorating. Spray-paint the rattan pieces with splashy, bold colours, or paint them a classic white. 

beautiful rattan furniture

Energize Neutral Spaces

Neutral spaces are often ignored, but rattan furniture can add energy and good vibes to these spaces. The textural contrast dominates whites, wood, and other neutral tones. Rattan offers unique silhouettes with a variety of shapes and elegant designs. It adds character to an otherwise bland area—lamps with an open-weave design light up the area in a subtle yet bright way. Accessories can adorn the walls. 

Use in the kids’ Rooms

Rattan furniture is lightweight and easy to clean. They are durable and sturdy and safe for children. Be it chairs to sit or climb on or baskets to store things in, these low-cost, low maintenance offer style and comfort to the kids’ room. A hanging rattan chair with comfortable cushioning can provide a beautiful reading space for the child. Rattan light fixtures draw eye-catching attention to a single focal point and make attractive and useful reading lights.


Rattan should be treated with a lacquer coat if you are planning to use it as outdoor furniture. This will protect it from soaking up water which could spoil the natural vine. 

Boiled linseed oil can be brushed onto cracked, dry, or split rattan. When the furniture has absorbed maximum oil, wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Let it rest, dry, and harden to keep the furniture maintained. 

Home décor is a whole industry now, and the options are galore. Rattan material furniture looks trendy and stylish and adds a touch of a casual recluse to your home. HomeLane has a plethora of rattan furniture that can help you decorate your house in splendour with minimal cost and hassle. 

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