Have you felt your home look blah of late? Homes that have been lived in for years, can seem jaded after a while. Homes with the same old arrangements, the same upholstery, layout, and furniture can become repetitive and boring. It is good to shuffle everything up every now and then – swap furniture, change the layout, swap photo frames, and rotate artwork to infuse fresh energy and life into space. Here are the top 10 ways to decorate your home interior by making these bold choices.

Create A Photo Gallery

Unless done all together, photographs often end up in empty wall spaces, nooks, and corners depending on whenever they are framed. Often they end up on the floor, stacked against a wall, or pushed into a crevice.

A photograph gallery not just puts everything together but also creates an interesting focal point. Gather a stack of your favorite ones, put them together on the floor, spread them out and decide the layout, and finally carry that over to the wall you want to decorate.

Add Drama And Quirk

Items with similar heights, colour and look create too much conformity to design. These tend to get boring over time. Items of different heights, colours, shapes, and textures. Accessorize your space with books, lamps, statues, bowls, flowerpots, and vintage pieces to create drama and build a story. Choose bold colours like classic blue to decorate with the copper texture wall accents.

Replace Furniture With Functional Items

Although the furniture has its own specific purpose, it can be replaced by items with a different design but similar functionality – coffee tables can be replaced with wooden crates, and sofas can be replaced with floor cushions, ottomans, futon. These changes will improve the overall look of the space and give quirky and eclectic vibes.

Re-arrange Book And Floating Shelves

This is one chore that does take time, but can dramatically transform your space. Taking everything off shelves and re-arranging them, gives you a chance to clean them. It also helps create different looks for your collection of books, porcelain, artwork and other knick-knacks. Arrange books using different ways, sort them by colour, size, horizontally and vertically to look in a cluttered way.

showcase designs for Living room

Change Curtains And Furnishings

It is never easy to change all the curtains of the home at once, but doing it every once in a while spices up the look. Although living and bedrooms often benefit from this, shower curtains in bathrooms also need an overhaul. A panel of new plastic or fabric curtains with designs or even a transparent look is very attractive.

Add Some Colours

If the regular furniture and similar colours are beginning to get on your nerves, go quirky and paint them in bright colours. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bright parrot green side table or a shocking pink set of nesting tables, these can always be re-painted or changed later. Go on, and take a risk, even playing with wall colours or furnishings if you like.

Place Mirrors In Unusual Locations

There is no steadfast rule that mandates mirrors only above dressers or sinks. To bring in that bright spark to a room, add mirrors in the false ceiling will give the glamourous look to space; either along one or several smaller ones. These can be placed in the foyer, on a bare wall, or even over kitchen cabinets, which reflect the light and make your space look much brighter.

Clear Kitchen Counters

When walking into homes, and especially kitchens, it is often noticed that countertops are kept occupied with several things. Appliances such as toasters, stray plates, and cutlery often stand around. Clearing the countertop, not only makes it look clean but affects the overall look of the kitchen. Re-assess the countertop every once in a while. Do away with the electric cooker if there’s no need or build hooks beneath cabinets to hang cups. Storage hacks like these can help.

Showcase Your Own Art

If you are someone who is into the art and craft these tips will surely help you to design in a frugal way. With plastics, spoons, and such waste produced in a home all the time, re-using them to make DIY crafts is such an interesting way to be creative. Used and discarded bottles can be converted into hanging lamps or art pieces for your garden, broken tree branches strung with a few fairy lights make a great choice for the accent light. Decorate your wall with art made by your kids on a special occasion which would be a sentimental item for you. These pieces look much more interesting than store-bought ones.

Mix Up Furniture

We’ve said this before, and it cannot be emphasized more. A mix and match of chairs and seating, whether in the living or dining room creates an interesting look and vibe. It also suits different purposes and individuals, whether it is an aged person who needs back support or children who are comfortable with smaller furniture. Add some Chandelier to amp up the vibe of your dining room and to give the look like a dinner date.

Your home can look boring only as long as you want it to. There are numerous quirky ways which when done every now and then will re-invigorate your space. Do let us know what do you think about it? Contact HomeLane for the custom-curated interior design and style of your choice.


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