Cricket is, without a doubt, an immensely popular game all over the world, and cricketers are worshipped due to a huge fan following. Compared to the nineteenth-century, cricket in the current era as a game has transformed a lot. One-day or series matches, both of them have opened up a plethora of opportunities.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken T20 cricket and its fame to better heights. The event has also created a sense of unity and trust among international players. One of the major highlights of the IPL series is that the players have to be purchased through an auction by the owners of the team. Teams are owned by businessmen and actors – anyone who can afford to pay, sponsor, and manage them.

IPL matches are spectated with a lot of excitement and joy. And cheering for one’s favourite team is a form of impulsive energy that pulses through each cricket fan. Given the current situation, however, locomotive and proximity restrictions are of paramount importance, rendering popular stadium experience beyond bounds. The energy and the love for cricket is a force that has been ingrained within the very being of individuals and we at HomeLane acknowledge the urge and satisfaction of a perfect cricket experience. Therefore, we have put together this ultimate IPL house party guide for the ultimate IPL fan.

Some impressive ways to host the best IPL house party are as follows:

  • Invite all your close friends and relatives by sending them theme-based invitations. Search for the best digital invitations online for free. Deciding on a list of the people you want to invite at your place is the first and most crucial decision.
  • Use appealing colour combinations to decorate your interiors and coordinate them with match playing teams. Colours could be monochromatic/ neutrals or can carry both the teams for gatherings. You can also set aside a table for snacks with some balloons resembling team colours on the floor.

  • Keep a dress code to show up in a dedicated t-shirt of your favourite team. Cheer up for your favourite team and click snaps by wearing them. The entire watching experience will get memorable for you and your friends.
  • Increase a crazy vibe at the party by using some funky like masks of your favourite players playing, headgears, wrist bands, and any sort of merchandise. To keep everyone excited, fill up the surroundings with pom-poms, whistles, and even party poppers.
  • A comfortable and cosy seating arrangement will enable you to joyfully watch a match for a long duration of hours. One huge sofa along with some chairs are apt for accommodating your game-watching friends.

  • A view of a match should be arranged particularly on big screens with a good sound system. A projector with an ultimate acoustic system adds to the joy of watching an IPL match.

  • Ensure to keep your party complete in terms of refreshments. Make sure that your party is equipped with sufficient popcorns, cold drinks, and some delicious snacks. Use disposable crockery as it’s easy and eliminates the burden of cleaning—plan for cricket-themed music, food, and drinks.

  • Improve the aesthetic ambience of your interiors by using perfect lighting and accessories for your home. Play feet tapping music and select for inspirational songs from sports-based movies. This keeps everyone motivated and energetic throughout the game.

  • Plan some quizzes, games, and activities to do in between breaks for maximum cheer. This will keep you pumped even throughout the match. Duration of breaks can be utilised by doing so, and watching a match will not be a monotonous experience.
  • Apart from light drinks like soda and juices, you can also plan to have a cold beer while watching your favourite team playing.
  • Jersey of any of your favourite teams is the best dress code. You can also get cricket accessories such as shoes, gloves, and caps. You can arrange caps of different teams and give them to guests post their arrival.
  • When it comes to planning a food menu, plan for drinks and cakes shaped like the stadium grounds with little details like stumps, bat, ball, and wickets lying over the pitch.
  • Whosoever wins the game can be awarded by return gifts such as cricket-themed mug set, bat and ball keying or cufflinks, mouse mat and coaster set, ball alarm clock, and bat bottle opener.
  • When it comes to decoration, you can put helium balloons at the entrance. You can also stick posters of your favourite player in the hall.
  • Another creative idea to enhance the mood while watching is to change the look of your rooms halls with balls, bats, wickets made from craft papers, and hang through the ceiling.

As a party host, you should take care of everything right from decoration to food, games, etc. Hosting an IPL party at home is the best way to get along with friends. Convert your living room with chalk, so that it resembles the pitch; put posters of famous players. By organising a party at home, you can watch the IPL match in full swing. Now you can host a cricket party right in the comfort zone of your abode.

And when it comes to comfort, you can always choose HomeLane. Your guests will not only be impressed with the IPL party but also will never stop talking about the style and comfort of your beautiful house.

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