Wholesome simplicity, fine materials, and customised touches define a craftsman style kitchen. With a special focus on natural materials like real wood, this design gives a cosy, welcoming, and lively feel to the space. The best part is that this style never becomes ostentatious.

Like other kitchen designs, this style has also transformed over the years. Homeowners prefer to go for brighter hues, open spaces, and a more modern style now. On the other hand, shaker cabinets, a subway backsplash, and natural lights are still the prominent elements of this kitchen style.

Designing a craftsman kitchen in your home is not rocket science, provided you know the essentials of this style. Keep reading as we outline the must-have elements of a craftsman kitchen.

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Rich Cabinetry

An authentic craftsman kitchen is incomplete without a rich collection of cabinetry. But there is a catch—all cabinets must be made of 100% natural wood. Using artificial materials can hamper the final look of the kitchen.

Experts recommend leaving the cabinets unpainted and directly coating them in a deep stain for stunning looks. Oak is the most popular wood in this category. However, you can also go for indigenous species like pine or maple.

rich cabinetry

Simple Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in a craftsman’s kitchen. Experts say mica is the best material for pendants, sconces, and chandeliers. You can also go for Tiffany lamps if it suits your kitchen space.

You can also consider adding prairie-style or industrial lighting in your kitchen. It will act as a focal point by giving a modern-yet-traditional tone to the space. Whatever you choose, ensure that the lighting perfectly adds a visual flair to the geometric lines of the kitchen.

prairie-style kitchen

Lovely Deep Sink

A deep farmhouse sink is a prominent part of a craftsman-style kitchen. Although this kitchen design might seem a little rugged, it is incredibly functional. A deep sink adds to the aesthetics and practicality of the huge kitchen.

If you are planning to go for this kitchen style, ask the craftsman to design one or two deep vintage-accent sinks. It will make the kitchen look cosier and warmer. Another pro tip is to add some antique appliances to your kitchen countertops to accentuate their look.

Soothing Mute Colours

What is the colour palette of this design? Craftsman kitchens always have mute and neutral colours. You see, the craftsman palette takes inspiration straight from nature. So, when designing a craftsman kitchen, think of classic woodsy browns, mossy greens, rusty oranges, and deep golds.

Moreover, you can pick swan white oak with a grain pattern, cherry with red undertones, maple, and red oak. Use these colours in cabinets, accents, tiles, and wall paints to give the space a unique character.

Sophisticated Hand-Crafted Tiles

A craftsman-style kitchen is full of sophistication, elegance, and panache. That’s why hand-crafted tiles are integral to this design. To be honest, it is one of the primary decorative elements that should not be overlooked.

These hand-moulded, hand-painted, and intricately-detailed tiles lend a colourful charm to kitchen islands, countertops, and backsplashes. Experts recommend going for slate tiles for backsplashes and flooring. Soapstone and granite are preferable options for countertops.


Built-ins have been a popular feature of craftsman interiors for centuries. Be it chairs, bookshelves, or dining tables—they dominate everything. Homeowners can give their craftsman kitchen an authentic touch by installing built-in shelves, seats, and tables.

Experts recommend a built-in banquette for the best rustic and colonial looks. You can feature this setup in a nook or breakfast room. Make sure you approach a reliable professional for the best fittings and looks.

Two-Tone Paint

Modern homeowners are open to experimenting with the looks of their craftsman kitchens. It is where the trend of two-tone paint came into existence. This refreshing and unique concept is grabbing a lot of the limelight lately.

For instance, you can go for a combination of crisp white, rich midnight blue, and earthen tones. Moreover, the soothing wood element surrounded by plenty of herbs rounds out the aesthetics perfectly. Complete the look with statement wall décor and hanging lamps.

Natural Countertops and Beautiful Beams

Craftsman-style kitchens always have natural countertops rather than those made of artificial materials. Quarts, granite, and stone are the popular choices here. Apart from this, exposed beams are also a crucial element of this kitchen style.

These beams, when combined with deep sinks and shaker cabinets, offer plenty of character to the kitchen. It also makes the area look spacious. That’s not all—these beams play a significant role in making the space warmer and homier.

Someone rightly said that every craftsman-style kitchen is as comforting as a fireplace on a cold day. And these elements of the craftsman’s kitchen undoubtedly offer an appeal and charisma to any space.

If you are also planning to go for this kitchen style this year, check out HomeLane’s interior design solutions. Our designers can skillfully bring your ideas to life with quality materials and tons of creativity.

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