Ever sipped a cuppa in a coffee shop and wished you had a similar vibe in your home? Why not create a café-style kitchen right in your abode?

We’ve drawn inspiration from the best cafes in the world to give you the coolest tips to recreate those retro, feel-good café vibes in your kitchen. Sit back, take notes, and get designing!

A Coffee “Counter”A Coffee Counter

An open kitchen with a half-wall would be your ideal space for a café-style nook, a coffee or drinks counter. You can install a wooden or granite countertop on the half-wall. Or get a ledge nailed on the wall.

If you can use this counter as a workspace too, it would be even better. Or use it as a stand-up laptop table, and your body will thank you for it, especially for extended hours on the laptop.

Bistro Chairs

Line up a few contemporary bistro-style high chairs or tall industrial stools next to the half-wall or the ledge – so it completes the “over the counter” look. Your friends will love chatting up with the chef as the cooking is in full swing.

Café-Style Breakfast Table

Cafe Style Breakfast Table

Place a small breakfast table and compact, foldable chairs in your compact kitchen. Got the luxury of a large kitchen? Then go for a bigger table and benches for a casual look. Let this eat-in nook be a special place for morning chai and evening coffee while you chit-chat about your day at work.

Chalkboard Wall

Cafe Style Sink

Installing a chalkboard, even a small one, will definitely add to the cafe vibe. You could get the chalkboard effect on one of the walls (or a part of the wall) or on a pillar in the kitchen. Use it to write down the day’s menu, inspirational quotes, to-do lists, or any fun message for your family. Or use it to keep your kids occupied with doodling on the wall as you cook.

Café-Style Artwork and Photographs

Café artwork is usually casual, quirky, and vintage. Think pop art or posters – old advertisements, musicians from yesteryears, vintage bikes, cars, and the like. Put up an art décor mirror or a large blown-up black-and-white print of your favorite travel photo. Or buy and hang a beautifully styled cooking shot taken by any of the incredibly talented food bloggers you find on Instagram these days.

Wall Mural or Wallpaper

Some cafes have large, beautiful mural walls. If you want one for yourself, commission a mural artist. They can do a botanical print or a pattern of your choice. If that is out of your budget, go for a pretty wallpaper instead.

Coffee Machine

Kitchen appliances Cafe Style

Invest in a cool coffee machine so that you can spin out lattes, mochas, and macchiatos like a pro. The buzz of the coffee machine, the coffee beans at work, and just the act of operating the coffee maker will take you back to your favorite café.

Swinging Doors

Install a swinging door with glass cutouts or motifs to remind you of waiters swinging the door open to bring in your dish.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Cafe Style FlooringCafes usually have bold patterned floors – the most classic one is large black-and-white chessboard tiles.


Cafe Style Lights

Pendant lights, and soft mood lights in the evenings, will ring in café vibes instantly. Flashy neon signs will also be a cool addition to your café-style kitchen.

Open Shelving

Cafe style open shelves

Open shelving is a common factor in all cafes. Show off your cool cookware, recipe books, and ceramic ware on these shelves.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tops and Appliances

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tops

Stainless steel or wooden kitchen tops give off a café vibe instantly. Get a stainless steel fridge, and other appliances to complete the look.

All-Black Kitchenrestaurant style kitchen at home

Modern bistros have a dominant colour – black. Recreate that boldly with black cabinets and gadgets. Keep the rest of the accessories minimal and sleek.

 Cafe Style Kitchen Cabinets

 Cafe Style Kitchen Cabinets

Pick the color scheme of your favorite café, and recreate that on your kitchen cabinets. Plain white, blue and gold, red and green, orange and blue – let your creativity take over.

Metallic Accents

How to make your home interior cafe style

Sprinkle a few metallic accents for a modern café vibe. Think of appliances, cutlery, or even waste bins like the picture above.


Cafe Style interior deecor

We sure can’t miss this out! Set up a compact music player or radio and let your favorite tunes play all through the day. Hum along while you stir fry, chop, or season the meal of the day.

Design Your Very Own Café-Style Kitchen

So, you can have your own little bistro, café, or brasserie right in your home! HomeLane can help create the look with these and tons of other ideas as well. Reach out to us today to talk to our design experts.

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