Rugs add the elements of subtlety and elegance to the overall beauty of the room in which they are placed. Explore some tips for the perfect placement of rugs in the different rooms of your houses.

Placement of rugs at home, whether it be in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, or even the bathroom, is the work of an expert. The question is quite tough to answer but pops up in every person’s mind who has just bought a rug to place it in their home? The ideal spot for rug placement is that it will look extravagantly good and match the surroundings because the rug shouldn’t become an odd one out element of the room.

Rugs come in all sizes and shapes, apart from all the vivid colours and an uncountable number of designs that they are available in. Some rugs are short while others are long rugs; some are oval, while some are rectangular or square. After the challenging task of having bought one such rug for decorating your house comes the second most challenging task of finding the correct and the most appropriate place to place it. That is so because once you have found that perfect spot, it becomes unchangeable for years and sometimes even for decades if the rug is well-maintained. That is why it is essential to find the perfect location to place the rug at once.

It is said that if any task is broken up into parts, then it becomes much more manageable; the same is true for rug placement as well. If we divide rug placement tips based on the room you’ve decided to place them in, the task becomes much simpler.

Rug Placement Tips for Living Room

The living room is one of the most ideal places where rugs are placed. They give a nice classic look to the entirety of the room. If in case they are placed near a hearth, a classic Victorian look. Mostly they can be found below the main table of the living room but ideally, is it the best place for them? The perfect place to place a rug in the living room is under all the furniture. If you can’t include all legs of major furniture under the carpet, then at least the front legs should be covered. On the other hand, if you have a relatively short rug, you should place it under the table such that it is evenly distributed and there are no creases anywhere on the rug. It would be better if you have a glass table because then the rug’s beauty would be easily visible.

Rug Placement Tips for Bedroom

Another common place where rugs are placed in a house is in the bedroom. They cover much of the area of the room, so it would be ideal to have a rug in the bedroom if the bedroom is large enough for the rug to be placed in it. But that doesn’t mean that your small or medium-sized bedroom can’t have a rug in it. Shorter rugs are made for that purpose only. The perfect place to keep a rug in the bedroom is in front of the bed. Placing rugs makes the room immune to echoes and, at the same time, creates a lot of warmth in it because of the quality of the rug. In a large room, instead of placing a long rug, you can place multiple shorter ones as well in order to highlight certain key locations of the room.

Rug Placement Tips for Kitchen

Not a usual place to keep a rug in a home is the kitchen. One major defect of keeping a rug in the kitchen is that it might become prone to getting dirty soon and would need to be cleaned more often, but on the plus side, it makes even a place like a kitchen look beautiful. Mostly, rugs are placed under the dining table, if there is any in the kitchen. As an alternative, rugs can be placed below any of the shelves to give a vintage look to the kitchen.

Rug Placement Tips for Bathroom

A place where a rug looks elegant in a home apart from the above-mentioned places is in a bathroom. It sounds impossible to imagine a rug in the bathroom, but it is in practicality one of the best places for keeping a rug. Imagine keeping your bare feet on the soft carpet as you come out of a shower. Feels good, doesn’t it? That is why we recommend you place a rug in the bathroom just in front of the shower or the tub if you’re planning to buy one. An additional benefit that the rug provides is that it can save you from slipping on the wet floor.

To make a long tip short, keep long rugs or multiple shorter ones in big rooms, keep shorter ones in shorter rooms. Place rugs under the furniture in a living room and keep long rectangular ones in bathrooms and kitchen.

There are plenty of places where rugs can be kept at home, and we have attempted to summarize some of them for you in this blog. So don’t think twice before buying a rug because it is useful and amplifies the beauty and the overall look of the room it is placed in. You can find much more information about rugs at HomeLane.

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