Krishna Janmashtami or Janmashtami celebrates Krishna’s birth as the eighth avatar of Vishnu, as per Hindu mythology. The day is no less than a celebration for devotees who celebrate the auspicious day with full vigor. From buying beautiful clothes for Lord Krishna to decorating the temples with flowers and lights, from the handi competition to dance-drama events like Krishna Lila, the day is celebrated with much fervor all over.

With the social distancing and lockdown norms in place this year, you might be wondering about how to celebrate the holy day the new way. Well, we have you covered. Here are a few home decor tips to help you decorate your pooja room or set up a beautiful corner to bring home Lord Krishna.

Welcoming the Lord Home

As you look forward to celebrating Janmashtami at home this year, bring home a charming idol of Lord Krishna. The idols are available in a variety of materials, from natural stones like marble to metals like brass. As you choose an idol of Lord Krishna for your pooja room, don’t forget to buy some dresses and accessories for the big day.

Janmashtami home decor

Janmashtami Jhula decoration ideas at home

Janmashtami is a beautiful festivity that allows one to decorate a special set up for their favourite Lord Krishna. A beautiful Jhula (cradle) is decorated for baby Krishna. The idol being placed in the Jhula symbolizes the birth of Lord Krishna. There is a vast choice of beautiful jhulas to choose from. However, if you want to avoid stepping out, you can make a DIY Jhula at home as well. All you need is a cardboard box, fabric, and a few knick-knacks. There are umpteen videos to guide you through the process.janmashtami jhula decoration ideas at home

Adding a ‘handi’ to Your Pooja Room

Well, what is Janmashtami without a handi? Of all the tales of Lord Krishna’s mischiefs, his love for breaking handis to get his hands on butter is timeless. These earthen pots or handis are the most important element of the festivity. These small handis symbolise Lord Krishna’s love for the buttercream and his adorable mischiefs. As you set up a small handi in your pooja room, make sure you decorate it with some small decorative pieces like mirrors, ribbons, flowers and fairy lights. You can hang the handi from the ceiling or at the entrance of your pooja room.Janmashtami home decor

Some Flowers and Lights

As you set up a Jhula and Handi for Lord Krishna, make sure you decorate the space around with flowers, lights and some colourful fabric drapes. Look out for those fairy lights lying somewhere around the house and put them up with some flowers to brighten up your pooja room. You can use some of your beautiful dupattas as drapes to add a beautiful charm to your pooja room. With this, we’re sure you have a charming pooja room set up to welcome Lord Krishna this year.

Janmashtami home decor

Decorate Your Home Entrance 

As you celebrate the festivity at home this year, make sure you don’t restrict the decor to your pooja rooms. A few small changes around can add a cheerful, festive vibe to your home. Decorate your entryway with some marigold flowers and leaf garlands and lights as you bring Lord Krishna home. Add a vibrant and happy vibe to your space by bringing out some bright cushions and sheets. Spray around some flowery scents in the house to spread the positivity all around!DIY Janmashtami home decoration

This Janmashtami, decorate a beautiful space for Lord Krishna with your loved one. Surely, the festivals are being celebrated a tad differently this year, but keep your festive spirits high as you decorate your home and pooja room to welcome Lord Krishna.

HomeLane wishes you and your family a happy and safe Janmashtami!

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