A stunning entrance makes the perfect welcome for your guests and is the best introduction to your home interiors and even your personality. It is also a very functional space to hold your shoes, keys, bags and anything else you may want to grab when rushing out the door.

With the right mix of furniture, lighting, flooring, artwork, and plants you can make a great first impression of your home interiors. Go ahead and pick a few surefire ideas from below to design your own stylish and functional entryway.

Pick an Interesting Entry Door

After all, first impressions are important.

home entrance door

Decorating your interiors is bound to consume most of your energy, so people tend to neglect the front door. So make it a point to experiment with one of the various styles available today, keeping in mind that it is a very important investment in terms of aesthetic value and security. The options include single or double arched doors, split wooden doors, carved ones, and glass panelled doors reinforced with decorative metal accents.

Go Bold on Colour

bold colours for home entrance

Let’s start with the façade itself, the entry door, which we just spoke of. If your home goes by a theme, say Greek, paint your entrance door (no prizes for guessing this one) blue. Paint it beige or distressed white If you have all-white or beach interiors. If you have bold, dark interiors, don’t shy away from painting your door a bold and dark colour. For neutral interiors, keep the door in a natural colour, or add a pop of cherry red.

Try a bold shade like ochre yellow or plum for the entryway wall. Patterned wallpaper is a brilliant option as well. This is going to be an ideal backdrop for anything that you mount on it and will be an instant mood-setter.

There’s one more surface that demands to be pampered as well, the ceiling. Why not paint it a contrasting shade if the rest of the entrance is white or neutral? This can be a game-changer.

You can even play around with the same colour, just work on different textures in the same shade for a beautiful eclectic feel.

Pick Apt Furniture

Furniture design and tips for Home Entrance

Deck up your entrance and foyer not only to create an instant conversation starter but also to make it practical and useful. Choose functional furniture that suits your family’s needs.

Get a sleek or ornate console table with storage to double up as a shoe rack, or newspaper rack. Remember to allocate space for keys, bags, shoes, and more. Add a set of elegant wall hooks, or woven baskets to hold the miscellaneous.

Bring in seating like a sleek chair or two, an art deco bench, or pick a console with seating on the side. Upholster it in style with ethnic or designer fabrics, and arrange a few cushions for comfort.

Don’t Ignore The Floor

Flooring tips for Home Entrance

Laying patterned tiles is a fabulous design idea for home entrances. Opt for inlaid-stone floors or embossed patterns on cement tiles. For ethnic homes, traditional patterns or red or blue oxide flooring will work well too. For plain floors, pick a striking durable, non-slip rug that can handle wear and tear.

Add Statement Décor Pieces

Interior design tips for Home Entrance

Pick an antique or art deco knocker to make a serious design statement on the main door itself.

Mirrors are known to make spaces look bigger. Use that to your advantage in the foyer with a unique gilded piece, or a well-arranged few. Show off one or two pieces of your art collection at the foyer, be it a painting or a lithograph or a sculpture or your bone china. Go large with art or display a small collection, and it will pay off by grabbing eyeballs. Umbrella stands need not be boring either. If you find a quirky metal or ceramic one, make sure you pick it for this space.

Light It Right

Home Interior tips for Home Entrance

Lighting should be planned with the end goal of casting a warm glow on the space. Think of the lighting needs in the space first. Apart from ambient lighting, there could be mirrors, artwork or furniture that you may want to highlight.

You can mount a crystal or cage chandelier or a sleek wall sconce or a sculptural light fixture. Consider industrial pendant lamps, table lamps and recessed lighting as well.

Don’t Forget Your Green Friends

home entrance interiors

Plants are one of the most inexpensive, yet most welcoming décor elements you can use. So start right from your entrance or foyer itself. Try tall stately fiddle leaf figs, palm trees or succulents kept in brass pots or stoneware depending on the rest of your décor.

And nothing better than propping up a big bunch of fresh flowers to extend a warm, hearty welcome to your home. We hope these interior design tips will amp up the vibe of the home and bring positivity and styling look to your home entrance. Do tell us in the comment section, what do you think about it?

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