With the spread of the pandemic, our cleanliness habits have also drastically changed. Safety and cleanliness are of prime importance now for the entire world. The best way to keep your home safe is to regularly sanitize it. Only wearing masks and gloves would not do.

In addition to keeping your house clean, you should also remember to sanitize the place from where the virus has the most chances of entering, your entryway. You need to be extra cautious while sanitizing it.

Here are a few tips on how you can sanitize your entryway and keep your home sanitized and protected.

Clean Your Doors

The door is the pivotal point of your entryway. A lot of people touch your doorway whether it is your maid, fruit and vegetable vendor, or even your family member. Therefore, it is important to sanitize the doorway regularly and clean your doors, especially if any of your family members is a corona warrior or occasionally steps out of the house.

To clean your doors, take a spare cloth, wear gloves and a mask to cover your face, and spray sanitizer or a mixture of soap and water on the door. Rub the door with the cloth for a few minutes. Make sure to clean all the corners and seams properly sanitize 

You may sanitize your hands, take a bath, wipe your floor but you are still prone to the virus until and unless your front door is sanitized. 

Sanitize Your Entryway

Check Door Knobs

One of the most crucial yet neglected parts while cleaning the door is the doorknobs. Anyone who enters or leaves your house will touch the knob. Therefore, while cleaning the doors, check out doorknobs and clean those with a sanitizer. In fact, you should clean the doorknob every few hours and as soon as any person enters or leaves your house. 

Even if you don’t clean the entire door, you should spray sanitizer on the doorknobs every few hours.

Sanitize Your Entryway

Leave Your Footwear Outside

Along with cleaning the doors and mopping the entryway, it’s also important to prevent any dirt or dust from entering your home. Therefore, all the accessories, bags, and other materials that you carry outside should be dropped outside the home. Do not take anything inside the house without sanitizing it. Even leave your footwear like shoes and slippers outside. Keep separate ones for home. Sanitize or wash it before you step foot on the entryway. 

You can keep a shoe rack near your entryway so that you can easily wear and remove slippers while going outside and coming back. It will keep your entryway sanitized as well as organized.

Moreover, don’t forget to safely dispose of used gloves and masks outside before stepping foot inside the house.Sanitize Your Entryway

Clean and Change Carpets/Rugs Frequently

No matter how much you try to prevent dust and dirt in your house, it will still get accumulated on your carpets and rugs. Therefore, it is crucial to vacuum or change the carpets and rugs on your entryway frequently. Sanitize it after every few days to keep your entry clean and disinfected.

Sanitize Your Entryway

Keep the Bags for Online Delivery

It is advisable to not order anything online during the pandemic. However, you cannot miss the essential items. Thus, you should keep the bags for online delivery. You can keep bags on your entryway to collect milk, vegetables, newspapers, or any other item that you have bought online. Ask the delivery person to not leave the item directly on the floor and rather to put it in the bag on your entryway. Then, remove the items from the bag and wash or sanitize those before use. 

If you hang the bag on the doorknob or any other point, don’t forget to clean that also. Refrain from touching the bags or items directly. Always wear a glove.

Due to the ‘zero contact with customers’ practice, it has become safe to order food online. You can simply ask the delivery person to drop the order in the bag so that you can pick it up safely, without any risk.

Sanitize Your Entryway

Keep Sanitizer, Soap, and Gloves on Your Entryway

Always keep a sanitizer, a bar of soap, and an extra pair of gloves on your entryway. Any person who wishes to enter the house can apply the sanitizer or use the soap to clean his hands before touching the doorknob, knocking on the door, or pressing the bell, so that your entryway is protected.

Along with your entryway, you should also sanitize all the corners inside your home. While you keep your entryway disinfected, HomeLane will take care of your home interiors. We offer a wide range of home interior solutions that do not accumulate much dust and dirt and are easy to sanitize. In addition to giving your home a modern look, our home interior products require minimal cleaning.


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