The first rule of every movement for change is this: begin at home. And what better place than turning your kitchen into an eco-friendly one? An eco-friendly kitchen does more than its bit to support the green movement, it also offers a more healthy, well-functioning and pleasant environment in which we live and co-exist. Having green in your home is a first step to make a change towards the environment.

Summer Plants

You can create your own urban jungle at home using different kind of plants which include, climber and creeper, Flowering plants, succulents, and much more. So let get started to create a ecofriendly kitchen.

1. Recycle Some Furniture


Recycling is the first steps towards the nature to reduce the deforestation, Having said that if your have any table, shelves, or any furniture that could go to waste, Try to recycle it. Convert an old dining table into a kitchen island, or  add some charming to open shelves with a rustic finish using old wood. Think up-cycle; a little bit of DIY scraping, painting and polishing can make something beautiful out of something old. Recycled wood is a good option for flooring, and it might cut down on your costs as well.

2. Choose Your Kitchen Appliances Carefully

The modern kitchen are designs with the technology driven kitchen appliances, like temperature control oven, food processor and many more. But do you know having too many appliances in the kitchen could be dangerous too for your health. The heat emitted from the fridge, oven make your surrounding hot. Before going to purchase any kitchen appliance make sure you asked these questions.

  • Do you really need that appliance?
  • Check energy rating: Do check energy rating before purchasing any product. Higher the energy rating, less electric consumption.
  • Consider Kitchen layout: If you have small kitchen like straight kitchen you need to choose appliances carefully while keeping kitchen storage space on mind.
  • Plan your Budget

This takes some planning. Do you need two refrigerators, or can you accommodate your needs with one large one? Does your dishwasher have an economy model? Can you make do with a smaller oven? Find kitchen appliances that meet your needs while saving on energy.

advantages and disadvantages of modular kitchen

3. Separate Waste


Recycle plastics, separate all food wastes and if you have a garden, set up a composting pit and use all those food scraps to make some organic fertilizer to feed your plants!

4. Say ‘No’ To Plastic Containers


They might be handy when it comes to separating those spices, but glass, wood or ceramic will stay beautiful longer and they also add this touch of old-world charm to your kitchen. Try to use ecofriendly utensils for the kitchen, avoid plastic container, instead you can use steel and glass jars which are more sustainable in the long run. Nowadays “terracotta kadai”, or what you called Mitti ki Handi will be trending. Now people are moving towards ancient trends like using copper, brass, and terracotta utensils, which has it own health benefits.

5. Think Long-Lasting

Cookware that can stand the test of time, a granite countertop that will look as good as new every night when you wipe it down. Cut down on the need to change, buy new, with solid, long-lasting kitchen utensils and materials.

6. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials

eco friendly cleaning material

The wonders of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning have been touted on the internet for some time now. Try and find cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment, and keep cloth napkins handy instead of over-using paper towels.

7. Use Natural Fabrics

When you’re buying your kitchen linen, curtains, tablecloths and so on, you’ll find that choosing eco-friendly products not only makes for better living but also better aesthetics. Even your tea-cozies, placemats, coasters, and so on will look better and last longer if you go natural.

8. Cook Eco-Friendly

Last but not the least, that is cooking, In order to cook healthy you need to make sustainable choices to eat better. And for that you need to cut down on the packaged foods, frozen foods, and preservatives like ready to eat food. Try to learn cooking from the scratch, learn cooking, grow your own vegetable garden, make or bake your own breads and home made snacks, this will create a positive sustainable habit.

9. Go for Zero waste Approach

Its good to go for the zero waste approach, segregate dry waste and wet waste, make the most use of the wet waste and use it for the organic compost which is very nutritious soil for your home garden. Recycle the tins and plastic boxes for the storage and DIY purpose.

Always Remember, going with eco-friendly kitchen is a lifestyle choice but it also add value to your kitchen interior.  So, get ready to check out various kitchen designs available in the HomeLane website, or Book free online design consultation with our interior design experts, who will walk you through the 1000+ kitchen designs of your material, finish  and colour combination for the kitchen that suits your requirement.

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