Farmhouse decor – A sleek mixture of rustic and modern is definitely hot in the interior design world right now. People love it for the warmth and character it creates in a home. Some call this country chic, others call it farmhouse decor. The current generation’s obsession with everything farm-fresh and organic could be the root of this love affair. Or maybe it’s about getting back to the basics.

You must be checking out this article because you are a fan of this style as well, right? Have you been saving such inspiration images on your board but are not sure how to transform your own home in this style? The best part about the farmhouse design is that its easy to replicate! And we are here to tell you exactly how you can master the farmhouse interior design look and pull it off in your home with a modern, personalized twist.

Rooted in rustic country style, the modern take on farmhouse chic has a touch of minimalism and industrial. At the core of this style is casual living. Similar to Scandinavian interior design, this style focuses on clean lines and is utilitarian in a way. The natural aspect is balanced perfectly with the sophistication.

While planning, remember, the functionality should be at the heart of your plan. Decorative elements should be below practical solutions in your list of priorities.

Modern Farmhouse Elements

Explore minimalistic and country chic elements while picking out your decor pieces. For the inviting, comfortable vibe you are trying to achieve, a fun mix of the old and the new will do the trick. We are talking heirloom hand-me-downs, thrift store finds etc.

famhouse home interiors

Natural Materials for farmhouse

Au natural! When you take the farmhouse route, think organic and natural for all the materials used. Your farmhouse kitchen should showcase industrial metals along with a practical, beautiful farmhouse sink and white marble countertops along with other farmhouse elements. Pick matte finishes and low-shine materials for that casual-but-sophisticated look that farmhouse is known for.

decorate your home in farmhouse style

Practical, Casual, Easy

It’s all too easy to get carried away in the modern farmhouse style. So before investing in pieces, really think about what purpose it will serve you. Remember, this style prioritizes practicality and casualness. In the end, your room should look effortless and cool.

modern farmhouse design

Colours to Get the Perfect Farmhouse Vibe

Neutral hues are all the rage in fashion and interiors, especially when it comes to the farmhouse look. Much like the Scandinavian design look, your colour palette for the farmhouse look should be mostly neutrals that you can easily interchange throughout the house. White should be the base colour in your home that ties everything together. It works especially well to brighten up space and balance heavier farmhouse furnishings that can otherwise make a room look cramped.


For a low-key luxurious vibe, mix old and new elements. The more traditional farmhouse decor included designs like gingham, but the modern version is more simple with clean lines and calm colours.

Natural Textures

While decorating, hunt for unique pieces that are handcrafted and organic. Using all-natural materials like linen, hemp, wood etc, helps bring the outdoors in for that relaxed spirit you are trying to imbibe.

Hardware and Fixtures

For a budget-friendly upgrade, our interior designers love to replace hardware that’s in sync with the farmhouse theme on existing furniture. That paired with rustic scones, oversized light fixtures, weathered faucets etc will all add to the sophisticated look you are trying to achieve.

farmhouse home decor

Marrying “modern” and “farmhouse” is a union that will stand the test of time because it’s so warm and simple. If you love this look, get in touch with the HomeLane team to make your home interiors an extension of your style.

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