Are you someone who is looking for budget interior design, rather than going with the expensive one?

If you are still contemplating getting your home interior done but are worried that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to do it, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to. When it comes to budget interior design, all that you have to do is let your creative juices flow- experiment with different designs to achieve that dream home in a minimalistic yet classy way.

Here are 10 unique and doable budget interior design ideas you can take inspiration from.

Let’s get exploring!

Mix and Match Styles

While there is no denying that a home interior based on themes is more orderly and has more harmony, buying items around a theme or colour is going to add to your bills. Instead, try a mix-and-match budget interior design that cleverly marries various styles. You can play with patterns and elements that seemingly have nothing in common to create a cohesive look. The secret to making this interior design in low-budget work is to have a common thread running through the room that ties it together—it could be the colour palette that is repeating, as in the charming room below.

mix and match budget interior design

Garage Sales are Your New Best Friend

The next time you see a pamphlet that says “Everything must go!” from a neighbour who is moving out of town, do make a visit. Most items that are being sold may be in good condition, and if you can pick up some pieces of low budget interior design furniture that can be given a quick coat of polish to make them look like new, then go for it! Used electronic items or furniture that is chipped or creaky is obviously a no-no. Stained or worn-out upholstery can be completely refurbished to look like new at a fraction of the cost, but look out for chipped or broken legs that may not take repairs well.

garage sale for budget interior

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Your living-dining area may be crying out for a partition wall to add some definition to the spaces. Try adding a bookshelf cum storage unit as a room divider. This budget interior design will work to delineate spaces as well as give you the privacy you need. Add a few interesting interior design budget artefacts in between your books and you have a partition wall that is a conversation starter!

Expanding on the same multipurpose theme, items of furniture like this reading corner combine storage as well as seating and help you save space and money in an elegant way.

multipurpose furniture

Make a Visit to Your Mom’s Attic

Family hand-me-downs work pretty well in most cases. Spray paint vintage chairs to give them a new look, and add slipcovers to an antique chaise lounge. If you are furnishing your new home on a shoestring budget, you can always find a way to make it work for now. You can always replace it later when your wallet is more padded!

budget interior ideas

Tap into your hidden talent!

Have you ever tried your hand at art? Don’t worry, there’s always a first time! Get your canvas ready, pick up your paintbrush and let your imagination run free. If you end up in a disaster, just try again till you get something that pleases you. Paint-by-numbers kits are a foolproof way to make a start if you are planning to incorporate a budget interior design to design your dream home. You may just discover the hidden artist in you, and you will surely have fun while you are at it!

customize art for interior

Look for Purchases on Instalments

Many interior design companies or furniture shops offer items in interest-free instalments. So once you have a clear understanding of how much your interior design with low budget is, choose the furniture that you really like, keeping in mind your long-term budget interior design plan. Sign up for monthly instalments that don’t pinch your pocket.

interest free interior shopping

Create Your Own Curtains

Curtain material is expensive, to say the least, and tailoring costs can really burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, when it comes to budget interior design, adding curtains becomes a challenge no matter how much you like them. One to address this issue is to look for wholesale material that is cheap but hard-wearing. Simple, plain, cotton material that can be bought in bulk is a good option. You can also look for fabric that is thick enough to not require backing (which will add to your cost). Add a contrasting hem and simple loops which you could stitch yourself. That’s all, you can have elegant curtains that do the job perfectly well!

handmade curtains

Home Made Cushion Covers

Cushion covers can also be designed with simple elegance and stitched by a regular tailor in the pattern that you want. Just simple piping in a contrasting colour can give your homemade cushions a professional touch.

hand made cushion covers

Never Compromise on Material

A word of caution! Never try to cut corners by compromising on the core materials for any fixed cabinetry, like the ones in your kitchen. Skimping on the materials and trying budget interior design alternatives here will result in chipping, warping, or other forms of damage, and repairs which will be costly and time-consuming.

avoid compromising on materials

Quality Vs Price: Wardrobe

If you cannot afford fitted wardrobes at the onset, do buy cabinets that can be replaced when your budget permits. Do not, however, compromise on the materials and finishes for interior design low-budget wall-fitted wardrobes. In the long run, wear and tear on cheap materials is not worth the cost you might save while buying them.

Wardrobe for budget interior design

Best Material for Furniture

Any loose furniture that will be yours for the long haul, your dining table and cots, for example, should also be of the best material that you can buy.

best furniture materials

If you are planning to explore budget interior design ideas, keep in mind that creativity and the urge to experiment with different ideas can help you design your dream home.

Spend your money wisely but do cut corners where it is fine to do so. We hope that you now have a fair idea of where you can splurge and where you can save on the budget interior design! Visit HomeLane for more affordable low budget interior design ideas for small Indian homes.


1.  What Is the Budget for Interior Design?

The budget depends on the kind of interior décor you plan to install, the space that needs to be covered, the quality of furniture and fittings you want to fill your space with, and your taste and preferences. Normally for a 1 BHK flat interior design low budget or a 2 BHK design house or apartment, the budget for interior design could vary between INR 10,000 – INR 25,000. For a more lavish experience and for 3 BHK design interiors, the budget may increase to INR 70,000 – INR 1 lakh.

Please note that this range is subject to change based on your chosen materials, designs, and other factors. Therefore, budget interior design is subjective since affordability does not remain the same from one individual to the other. Make sure you research adequately and choose a budget interior design that fulfils your requirements and beautifies your space.

2.  How Do You Create a Low-Budget Interior?

Before you create an interior design budget, you must be clear about what you want and how much you need to spend on it. You must have a budget in mind. Let’s say you plan to shell out INR 30000 for interior designing.

Once you have the allocation, it becomes easier to evaluate your need, plan long-term installations, look for durability and longevity of budget interior designs, and plan all requisites accordingly. To stay well within your means, you must collaborate with a professional interior designer who will help you with interior design ideas for small homes in low budget.

3.  How Much Should I Spend on the Interiors?

As the experts say, if you want low budget interior design ideas for small Indian homes, you must consider a budget allocation of 5 – 15% of the home’s value for interior designing. You can get low-to-mid-range products on this budget, especially if you have a 1 BHK design or a 2 BHK design. However, if you want elite or designer-level interior designing and finishes, then you must allocate 25-35% of the home’s value to your budget interior design (mostly in the case of 3 BHK designs)

4.  How Do I Estimate an Interior Designer?

The estimation of an interior designer ranges between INR 10 per sq. ft. to INR 2,000 per sq. ft. based on the fees charged by the designer (which can be 5-25% of the total budget allocated to interior designing), products and materials used, and time is taken to complete the project.

5.  How Do You Design a Budget?

Before you design a budget for the interior décor of your home, you must:

  • Consider several factors like product availability, product quality, labour charges, shipping charges, taxes, and availability of funds.
  • Create a list of interior designing options, products, and services you want for your home interiors.
  • Calculate a tentative price list and make a subtotal

6.  How Can I Decorate My Bedroom on a Budget?

For a low budget bedroom 2 BHK flat interior design, you can add large wall art pieces, go for white bed linen, smarten up your bedroom with light-shaded flowing curtains, add classy rugs, layer your bedroom with plants, pile on some pillows, and create a reading nook to add the rich flavour.

7.  How Can I Decorate My Home Interior?

Some of the best interior design ideas for small homes in low budget are to go minimalistic and stick to the essentials. Go for greenery and add fresh flowers or green plants to your home interiors.

Another way is to paint the doors and windows in contrasting colours or get large wall art pieces to add richness to your living room low budget flat interior design. You must streamline your gallery walls and fill your home with interior design in low budget architectural details that look stunning!

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