Modern lifestyle trends look for the joys of the countryside, and the growing popularity of industrial style interiors clearly shows people’s preferences. Industrial style interiors create a perfect blend of sleek modern styling with old-world charm. The perfect play of contrast is attracting city people to experience the essence of organic living. Read on to know what industrial bedroom design means and the ways to make it look interesting without using heavy-handed themes.

When people think of industrial style they usually associate it with lofts that feature oversized black metal windows, exposed brick, and unfinished wood. However, in reality, this design theme applies to all sorts of urban settings. In this article, you will find out how to decorate a bedroom in Industrial style.

What Does Industrial Style Mean?

Industrial bedroom design features a distinctive clutter-free and minimalist design that fits perfectly in apartments and lofts. It also looks great in residential homes. The industrial design theme primarily focuses on mixing and matching raw and rough materials with clean decor and furnishings. When designing an industrial style bedroom designers stress on keeping the space airy and open along with incorporating showpieces that closely relate to fabrication and industry.

These are some interior styling elements that one must consider when opting for an industrial look. Elements like lighting on the wall, furnishings, flooring and other decorative items must have a rustic feel. Usually, industrial decor is considered masculine but you can also give it a feminine touch by making use of the right accessories and colours. At the time of selecting decorative items like light fixtures ensure that they go with the industrial theme of the room. Chandeliers and pendant lights in shades of black or white metal look great in industrial-style bedrooms. Always use soft lighting to create a dimmer ambience and soothing glow.

When you plan for an industrial bedroom design or a living room, always prioritise comfort. Everything should project a minimalist look. Choose furnishings in neutral colours and natural textures to contrast with rough surfaces.

grey theme industrial bedroom

Why Do People Love Industrial Style Design?

  • Industrial interior design is surprisingly flexible. It mostly uses natural materials that focus on creating unique textures. Pulling off the design style is relatively easy with the use of furniture, decorative elements, and lighting.
  • Despite its minimalist design and simplicity, the industrial-style interior decor looks bold and attractive. It creates a soothing blend of modern and rustic themes that are spread across multiple layers.
  • Industrial interior design is an environment-friendly approach to interior design as it makes use of salvaged items and recycled materials.
  • Designers do not require any kind of cosmetic tricks to create an industrial theme. The entire theme mostly focuses upon the adoption of natural materials and bare finishes.

rustic bedroom

The Beginning of Industrial Style Decor

Very little is known about the beginning of industrial-style interior decor. It is believed that the trend started in the initial years of the 20th century. By the end of the second industrial revolution, globalisation became more evident. Numerous manufacturing facilities closed down and moved their operations to other countries. As a result, there were scores of vacant industrial buildings without much use. This left behind an endless resource of high-quality materials for the designers. 

As the cities became more and more populated during the early Nineties there was an acute shortage of residential properties. Eventually, converting industrial buildings into residential neighbourhoods became a viable solution. Instead of concealing the exposed beauty of industrial buildings, architects and homeowners took an interest in converting them into industrial-style décor. It paved the way for the ongoing style of using bare walls, architectural details, and mechanisms for the interior.

industrial style bedroom

Key Characteristics of Industrial Style

When trying to design an industrial bedroom design consider the following characteristics to ensure that you get the perfect look.


Always pick neutral pallets for your industrial-style bedroom. Shades of grey, white, and black create the perfect backdrop for rustic design elements. You can also choose to add moody layers with the use of darker hues. Add some of your personal touches with the use of art that creates a contrasting ambience for the otherwise masculine theme.

industrial style colours


Keep away from picking plush fabrics with industrial theme furniture. It is best to go with utilitarian materials and look for salvaged furniture that can be used for a second time. Look around in antique shops for furniture made from iron, aluminium, wood, steel, and copper. These materials help create a desirable industrial decor. Distressed metal elements, stone countertops, bare steel beams, and wooden floors are the core elements of industrial style decor.

industry style material


Shapes for industrial style decor mostly include straight lines and block shapes that help create a utilitarian ambience. You can also use abstract shapes and curves but try to keep them to a minimum to preserve the rustic theme.

industrial style shapes


Keep the use of accessories to a minimum when you are creating an industrial-style bedroom. When decorating the interiors keep surfaces clutter-free and clean. Look for furniture and accessories that belong to provincial times with contemporary design. Use abstract wall art, salvaged items, and metal structures to give your interiors the utilitarian theme. The overall look of the bedroom should be cool and muscular with unique surfaces.

industrial style accessories

Industrial-style interior design can have many forms and shapes. Its true beauty lies in the hands of the decorator. Try the above-mentioned styling tips to give your room the perfect industrial ambience. The best part about how to decorate a bedroom in Industrial style is you can easily replicate it and create your own space using a minimalist theme. It focuses more on aesthetics than the quality or price of the material. If you feel that you need some guidance in creating a perfect industrial bedroom design reach out to the experts at HomeLane.

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