Love the idea of a cosy, edgy and fun living room? Then what you need is bohemian style decor that is best described as earthy and raw. All you need to do is find the right balance of colours and other design elements that come together to create the perfect bohemian living room.

What Does Bohemian Design Mean?

When we talk of bohemian living room designs, we often associate them with over-the-top colours, kitschy prints and furniture. While it is all true, there is a lot more to it. Bohemian designs offer a lot of scopes that allow you to be very creative. The only thing that you need to think about when it comes to this type of design is to keep it warm in its appeal.

bohemian living room

Top Bohemian Design Ideas

Here are some interesting ideas that help you create the perfect bohemian living room:

Choose furniture with warm colours

A statement sofa in warm colours like burnt orange is one of the best additions to bohemian living room designs. It instantly transforms the space and gives it a boho feel. Mix it up with several indoor plants to get that earthy feel. When you use statement furniture pieces in your living room, especially large ones, use mirrors on the wall. A large framed mirror gives your bohemian living room the illusion of space.

Pair this with rattan ottomans, side chairs and other scattered pieces of furniture to give it a tropical appeal. Pieces with ancient designs work best with a bohemian living room. The best thing about this design style is that you do not have to worry about using only matching pieces. A variety of furniture styles with one common element like colour or style of upholstery works well.

white bohemian theme living room

Add Woven Baskets To The Wall

Woven baskets on the wall are quirky and very economical as well. These baskets made from sisal and jute are extremely popular. They add a unique texture to the wall. This is balanced perfectly by a mid-century or ancient-looking coffee table or a jute rug on the floor. The idea is to use neutral tones in the space to add balance to the otherwise colourful bohemian living room designs.

beautiful bohemian living room

Throw Pillows and Rugs on The Floor

Large and small throw pillows are classic elements of a bohemian living room. Using throw pillows with botanical prints, textured upholstery and colourful weaved fabric add to the bohemian look of the room. Even if the walls are neutrally coloured, these throw pillows add to the free-spirited vibe that we want to achieve with this style of design.

In addition to this, woven rugs in different colours or even neutral tones fill up any free spaces in the room. This makes the room feel warmer and cosier. Rugs and throw pillows also make the room look a lot more casual, giving your guests more space to sit down and relax.

bohemian living room with textured rugs and accessories

Sparkling Fairy Lights and String Lights

Nothing adds drama and detail to a space like string lights or fairy lights. You can run it across the roof, over light curtains or even around windows to give that dreamy effect that bohemian designs and spaces are known for.

For your bohemian living room designs, choose string lights that are warm. Even daylight bulbs are perfect. The idea behind any Boho design is to keep things as natural as possible. This is why you must avoid any coloured lights unless you wish to accent specific corners or areas in your room.

bohemian lights

Textured, Colourful Upholstery

Colour is at the heart of any bohemian design. It represents hope and that free way of thinking that bohemian culture is so popular for. The best way to add colour to any room is to use the right upholstery.

As you already know by now, avoid anything synthetic for your bohemian living room. Natural fabrics like cotton work the best. They are available in a myriad of colours and patterns. Patchwork pieces like cushion covers and rugs are most popular when it comes to such living spaces as they give you a multitude of colours at once. You can even try some DIY projects using old clothing to make interesting bohemian upholstery.

As for the curtains, keep them light and airy. White chiffons, for instance, work best. They not only neutralise the tones but also let in a lot of light. You can have a second layer of thick textured curtains that can block sunlight when you want.

textured bohemian upholstery

Bohemian Artwork

Bohemian artwork usually represents life. It could be images of people, plants, animals or even landscape. When choosing Bohemian artwork, keep it as abstract as possible. You can use posters and interesting pieces for the walls. You can even look at adding vases, sculptures and other smaller accents to your space that represent the Bohemian philosophy.

Bohemian dream catcher art work

The only thing to remember with a Bohemian living room is to give it a nomadic appeal. It is a collection of things that you gather through time and put together to create a harmonious space. At HomeLane, we specialise in creating such spaces. Our skilled architects and designers capture your ideas perfectly and bring them to life, creating comfortable spaces that you will fall in love with.

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