Technology, inventions, and other modern amenities have taken over our lives, there is no denying that. And while they have made our lives much easier, there is something charming and nostalgic about having a home that has a rustic, vintage vibe. If you cannot commit to an entire home that is reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s, why not design a vintage bedroom that is unique and elegant. Here are some vintage bedroom decor tips and ideas to create a comfortable and luxurious vintage bedroom.

beautiful vintage bedroom

What is a vintage style bedroom?

Old-fashioned and quirky yet functional and budget-friendly, vintage bedrooms are a great way to show off your creative side while keeping the bedroom practical and casual. According to experts, vintage items are those that are more than 20-years-old but less than a 100-years-old. When it comes to interiors and home decor, decorating your rooms in a vintage style signifies using colours, accessories, fabrics, and furnishing that were popular decades ago, especially in the 1940s and 1950s.

When designing a vintage bedroom, choose neutrals, pastels, off-whites, and soft-pinks as the colour scheme. If you do want to add a pop of colour to your bedroom’s decor, pick shades that are less saturated and have a soft, flat feel. Use furniture that has a wooden look and texture, look for beds with brass headboards and footboards, repurpose old furniture and fabrics, and let your creative juices flow.

vintage style bedroom

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Creating a vintage bedroom can be a fun passion project! From choosing a theme and mixing and matching old and new furniture to browsing through thrift stores for some vintage finds, a lot of thoughtful planning goes into creating a cohesive vintage bedroom. Here is a look at how you can design your very own unique vintage bedroom that’s equal parts old and new –

Start Small

If you do not have a layout in mind for your vintage bedroom just yet, start by making some easy swaps to your existing room decor. Add a couple of vintage throw pillows on the bed for decoration, place a sturdy vintage trunk at the foot of your bed to double up as storage for extra blankets and pillows, add a white or off-white curtain with a dainty, floral pattern. These simple additions to your current interior will slowly start adding up and will bring the room’s decor one step closer to a vintage feel.

vintage interior design theme for bedroom

Go Pastel

One of the easiest ways to bring an old-world charm into your room is by replacing all bold and vibrant hues with colours that are soft and easy on the eye. Any home decor piece with dramatic and intense prints and patterns should make way for accessories and decor pieces that have smaller prints of flowers, leaves, and other nature-inspired designs. Colours like white, off-white, pastel pink, soft-peach, lilac, pastel mint green, etc, work well for vintage room decor.

Vintage bedroom accessories

Change Your Light Fixtures

Instead of relying on futuristic and modern looking in-built ceiling lights, brighten up your room with vintage wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. The wall lamps are often made with sturdy metals that give off a rugged and rustic vibe whereas the table lamps make use of soft fabrics and tassels and pale colours to create a delicate and charming environment. Add a mix of both kinds of light fixtures to your room to maintain a balance or choose anyone depending on the theme of your bedroom.

vintage lights for bedroom

Add an Ornate Mirror

Another vintage bedroom staple, an ornate mirror is probably the easiest way to add a touch of nostalgia to your room without breaking the bank. Antique mirror frames with a rustic, chalkboard paint job are perfect for instantly transforming the space. Look for frames with a blend of pastel shades and gold tones to really amp up the vintage vibe.

vintage ornate mirrors

Four Poster Bed to the Rescue

If you are ready to step up your game and completely transform your bedroom and imbibe the true vintage style, you need to get your hands on a four-poster bed. And don’t worry, these beds are not as expensive as they seem. You can create your own DIY four-poster bed with rods and fittings that are easily available at any hardware store. Cover your canopy bed with majestic looking drapes, making the bed the focal point of the room. If your bedroom has low ceilings or you have a small bedroom space, this bed is probably not the right choice for you as it can make the room appear smaller and cluttered.

poster bed for vintage bedroom

No matter your budget and your personal aesthetic, vintage rooms are a great way to add timeless elements from olden eras and complement the amenities and luxuries of today’s time. If you have a vintage vision in mind but are not sure about how to bring it to life, speak to a home interior and home decor expert at HomeLane and create a design that will match your needs and style. Explore the different interior options at HomeLane and transform your bedroom into a vintage visage.

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