You could be spending a lot of time lounging in your hall and catching up with your favourite television soap, but it is the bedroom that receives your tired feet and energizes you for the next day. If you agree with us, find out if your cosy room fulfils the must-have bedroom interior and design checklist!

Start with Bedroom Colour

Colours are therapeutic and can transform your bedroom into a soothing oasis. But this doesn’t imply that you immediately go colour frenzy and paint every corner with your favourite shade.  Cool blue, cream and lavender are clear winners while a sunny orange or funky pink would do great in your kids’ bedroom. Red or black could be your favourite, but not for your bedroom design. It is good to tone down the shades and make them as mellow as possible.

bedroom colour

Choose a Bedroom Theme

Adding a zing to your bedroom interior with a theme is an interesting option. Choose from a range of bedroom designs to make your room lively and complimenting the subtly shaded interiors. Black & white designs or geometrical patterns like circles or stripes are in. This means your upholstery and bedding could hold a theme matching the walls and the ceiling. The best part of a theme is that you can always go theme-less or change it into a different one, the moment you get bored.

bedroom Theme

Love Thy Ceiling for Bedroom

Walls in any room are lucky as they get constant attention from the house inmates. From posters being stuck on them to nailing showpieces, they sure have a busy life. But it is your bedroom ceiling that rarely gets the attention that it has been yearning for. As part of your bedroom interior makeover, take a chance to put an end to your drab looking ceiling. Delicate crystal chandeliers, beautiful silver-toned wallpapers or architectural structures like a heritage beam can undoubtedly make your bedroom interior look majestic and make sure your theme compliments your ceiling too.

Bedroom Ceiling

That Cosy Corner in Bedroom

If you are a bookworm or an artist or a poet or someone who likes to keep it creative, finding a quiet corner is a must to engage and explore those brainwaves. A well-stacked shelf of books and collectables, a comfortable leather couch or a bean bag or a cane swing and a small table to keep your stuff would be a useful addition to your bedroom design. Place a tall mirror on the corner and see your room appearing bigger and brighter. This also takes the attention off the bed, making your bedroom look complete.

Interior design for bedroom corners

Comfortable Bed Linens

A pleasing bedroom interior looks mundane when the bed is not given the right attention. Pampering your bed with a plush mattress, comfy pillows and bedsheets are ultimate necessities for a good night’s sleep. Bring in the lacy bed covers, pillow covers to give a vibrant touch to your bedroom design. Satin bedding does look opulent but it may not be the best when it comes to temperature regulation breaking you into a lot of sweat. Hence, comfortable cotton linens, by all means, are the best to make you fall in love with your bed and bedroom.

bedroom linens

For the Wooden Beauties

Overloading your bedroom interior with a lot of furniture can only add clutter and a tendency to leave your unused junk. A small table to leave your sundry items such as a watch, keys etc is useful while a concealed cupboard with several racks can hold your clothes and other items, making your bedroom design neat and presentable. You can also follow a furniture theme matching your wooden, metal and leather furniture. Metamorphosing your antique chest of drawers into an interesting piece with a stylish table lamp or a bonsai plant on the top can blend beauty and solve your storage problems too.

Wooden flooring for bedroom

You are now armed with decor ideas for a brand-new bedroom. All that it needs now is an implementation with a lot of zest. Sit in that cosy corner and start dreaming. You never know the interior designer in you would just spring out with tons of fabulous ideas. Check out HomeLane for more bedroom style and decor inspirations.

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    Megan Barnett Reply

    Excellent post Vidya! We all have one dream room in our mind that we wish to make real. With the right color, mix and match strategy and a theme in our mind, one can convert his/her ordinary bedroom into the dream bedroom of his life.
    Megan Barnett

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