Gone are the days when painting the walls was just a part of the routine when getting a new home. One important aspect of curating your home decor is the colour, texture, and pattern of the walls. The walls should go well with the furniture and furnishings in the room.

There are so many options available to make your walls beautiful – one of the least expensive and quickest being stencilling.

Stencils – The Trending Wall Art 

Painting walls with the help of stencils is a great way to personalise walls. But what exactly are stencils and how are they used?

Stencilling is a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to update any surface in your house using different kinds of paints. You can customise walls, floors, furniture, ceilings, and fabric too using stencils.

 You need to have a few things handy to have a great stencilling experience. The first one is obviously the stencil of your choice. The stencil is a cut out made of a stiff material that is usually pasted on the wall to paint easily. Next, you need either stencil brushes or stencil rollers as your instrument to paint. You can use a variety of paints like acrylic paint, latex wall paint, or stencil creme paints too. 

You should use a dry brush or a dry roller that has no leftover paint on it for perfect walls. Leftover paint can seep in the stencil and can ruin your design.

Here is a list of some trending stencil paint designs you can take reference from – 

Easy Breezy Wall

The below image is a great example of a simple and classy wall paint using stencils. You can take a small stencil in the shape of a leaf or any other object you like (a cartoon character, a particular shape, an object of your choice, etc.) and place it at a reasonable gap. You can do this on any wall. A simple stencil, paint of your choice, a roller and you are good to go.

This type of stencil paint gives a new and fresh look to your room. It is super cool, as it doesn’t demand a lot of efforts, but changes the complete look of the room.

stencil designs for the wall

The Geometric Giant

The stencil paint design below is a geometric design. It consists of a single pattern made out of straight lines that have been repeated in a continuous manner to complete the design. This type of paint should ideally be done on any single wall in a room, since painting all four walls in a similar manner will look a bit too busy. It could make the room appear smaller and a bit congested.

geometric pattern stencil designs

The Mandala Mantra

This pattern is called a Mandala. A mandala is an art form – a geometric configuration of symbols. It symbolises peace, serenity, and spirituality. It can be used as a simple design form too. You can use a huge mandala pattern stencil to paint a mandala in the centre of the wall. You can also choose to space out a few mandalas placed diagonally to each other to create a flower-like pattern on the wall. Mandala wall paint brings a sense of peace and spiritualism to the house, which is good for the aura of the house.

Mandala Paint

The Vintage Vibe

Stencils are made to help you paint your walls in a creative and artistic manner. The above picture is another pattern in golden paint. This design is for those who want to add a royal and luxurious touch to their lives.

You can use these motifs in golden along with a maroon or even a purple background colour. This will give you a feeling of the Renaissance era, you can choose to paint one of the walls in the living room with this texture, and add some vintage objects to match the essence of the paint.

Vintage stencil designs

Paint Your Heart

Every individual is unique in terms of what they like, cherish, and enjoy in life. With stencils, you can get your favourite object painted on your wall. In the above picture, it is clear that the person is fond of coffee. In a similar manner, you can paint your favourite food, flower, etc.  This way, your walls will reflect your personality and you will have a more customised experience.

Typography Time

You can also try stencils designs that have words written on them, you can even make one yourself by drawing and cutting out your favourite quote, dialogue etc.

typography stencils designs

Want more decor ideas for your new home? Check out some more of our expert tips and tricks to be inspired. And if you would like HomeLane’s experts to take over and create a home that reflects your interests and tastes, do get in touch with the team right away.  

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